Derren Tricks Woman Into Thinking She's Dead 1/2 - Trick or Treat

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In a terrifying Trick Derren Brown convinces Trick or Treat contestant Juls that she has died in an awful car crash. All because she doesn't wear her seat belt when she drives.

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spoofers110 .dmix910
always take a piss on your dead body to be sure. if its an actor you will know haha
Raxes !
Was für ein selten dämlicher schwachsinn...
this is the 666th comment
Jeon Jungkook BTS
they are not tricking her into thinking that shes dead they are tricking the people watching this into thinking that shes not an actress
im a loner
David Harrison
I would have probably had a heart attack if this happened to me xD
Allijandra Smith
I would be fucked up after that!
Kitty 123
This couldn't be a real prank! I mean, who falls asleep while talking on the phone, then stays asleep while being put in a car and being stood up and moved around? And at the end she stood up by herself and woke up wide awake!!! But I must say this video is funny! Lol
oh that's so fake
Bean _ xoX
How did she fall asleep in the first place?
aidas adomonis
woow that was real hypnosis OMG so freaking scary and cool
Tord Larsson
this is so f*cked up
SUCCESS MOTIVATION: Love Happiness Health wealth
Like what if she tried touching the man this is obviously fake
Roy Crimson
jesus, i never knew this was a prank channel
Okay, timeout. How the frick did she pass out just like that? Like, what did you even do?

Yeah, this guy is clearly fake.
The Gaming Galaxy Girl
thats so creepy. i think imma have nightmares
Amy Hebblethwaite
Fake vid.
Good actors.
Nolram Ecno
he cant make me do anything
she should have tried getting his attention differently or touching him
maddragon Furs
Soooooo faaaaaakkkkkeeeeee
Dude when she was saying "Hello? Hello Hello" I would have definitely responded.
This shit is faker than pam andersons tits
Hello.... Hello.... Hello ......... Hello.... Hellos...... Hello.... Fuck me
ıllıllı Ani Maker ıllıllı
Ok so anyways everyones theories/obvious observations are good, but to top it off how the hell did they get the EXACT same clothes as this woman?
How did you get her to fall asleep in the car like that?
I had a dream similar to this. I was dead and everyone kept ignoring me. Like, they wouldn't answer me back. It was weird. And I reacted the same way she did.
Juan Fer Sarria Betancourt
so she gets a phone call and then she falls aslep? wtf
i find it hard to believe that there is a magical sound that makes people fall asleep.
Just go up and tickle the people
I think the biggest thing we can gather from this is that you shouldn't answer your phone while driving XD
Team Mystic
Derren, you are a sick piece of shit. You can rot in hell for this sick stuff you do on your show in fact you don't even deserve to have a TV show at all!
I'd hate to be that guy who pisses Derren Brown on one of his bad days, just to wake up in bead thinking I'm dead
Jonny John
i would make sure by punching one of the actors
This is a skit
Guy with a really long username corrupting comments
Derren you little...
Linda Sigurðardóttir
i would have went to the actor stand infront of him so i can see if he walks into me
Utaha - Senpai
Try to trick me and see what happen LOL. I will kick his ass right after he mind trick me haha. Fake shit
Creeper Universe
No one would wake up so calmly...ugh...
Creeper Universe
How the fuck did she fall asleep and then wake up standing? I call bs...
Creeper Universe
Oh, I thought he was gonna like use hypnosis 😂
This was incredible.
I've actually got a tear in my eye! I have no idea why though. Because I know it's all set up, and that she isn't actually injured at all.
seth carter
is he dead (derren brown)???
Activated Gaming
it is fake how els would there be a camera in her car
Jas 911
does that mean the girl at the car is a mannequin,??
Jas 911
thats scary
Sanoj Fil
i realy liked it could that have a negative impact to her brain somehow?
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