GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 "Gamora VS Nebula" Trailer (2017) Sci-Fi Movie HD

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 "Gamorra VS Nebula" Trailer (2017) Sci-Fi Movie HD
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Joseph Stalin
Nebula is so irresistible.
Gumdrop Gaming
“just who do u think u are?”

Mijo Cee
In the comics, did Nebula really turns into a good guy? and stayed being a good guy?
__Tom Jones__
How the hell does gamora carry that massive gun
Rihana Giovana
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Master Of Recipe
I love it how there are like a million trailers for this movie yet they spoil literally nothing.
Saint Hugh Mungus
Superheroes, Adventures, Friendship, Space, sibling rivalry, PG 13 tree & aliens
Salam Kalam
I personally like Nebula more,
Blue chick is hot
Well, I mean you could easily put Groot in a garden, and Rocket without any guns is pretty much just a cuddly woodland creature with a mean attitude, so there's that.
Maryu Daiku
This is So Damn Crazy people. This is So Great and Epic. Damn Iconic. An Fucking Master Piece. Totally. Thanks.
So. Fucking. Cringe! This is a movie for 10 years olds.
Did I just sort of watch the whole movie?
Fate and the furious vs Guardians of the galaxy 2
Kameron Herron
0:23 y would they do that gamora is my favorite guardian
kylie perry
ayesha is my favorite
was that epic voice guy?
sheepy blacky
wasnt it..""look out.. sorry guys, i tried"? drax dialogue
Uhura vs Amy Pond...
The Tomster
One of the few Marvel films I like as a DC follower
Polynaki :-p
Don't worry guys. They're probably saving the best parts for the final movie. James Gunn is not the type of director to give away important parts and central jokes in the trailer. He himself has confirmed via his twitter that no important footage is shown that doesn't occur after the first 15 minutes of the movie.
Thats a lot of green screen use.
Zolisa Manana
Drax, Groot , GAMORA then i died xD
Jay Hanneman
This is gonna be so much fun, can't wait!
definately destroyed
when you see this, it only come in one thing.. universe is full of funny thing! nonsense right?
Junko Enoshima
Yellow Diamond
Cam Alft
i know....that almost hit me...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
This shits gonna have nuts in it
This shits gonna have nuts in it
Two things - my hype for this movie isn't very high, these trailers haven't looked great (to me). And I doubt a lot of the jokes appear in the movie, Gunn likes to put in random clips that won't be apart of the film.
Cr0ss0ver Studios
okay it is so out of character for nebula to think they were 'gardens' of the galaxy. she's not a four year old. she was a trained assassin, and she was dangerous, and powerful. I don't get why movie directors these days are deciding to make things comedic to the point where its stupid and doesn't make any sense.
When he said hit me with your best shot, I think that's a hint as to one of the songs in the Awesome Mix Vol 2!! And this is still gonna be an awesome movie!!!
Space Watermelon
What song was playing in the first trailer
anybody else think that it sounds like the honest trailers voice guy
Cole Davis
What song is used in this?
Very happy their relationship is getting some focus in this movie; they were underused in the first one.
Clayon Gayle
2:07, and that's where the Nova Corps comes in.
Clayon Gayle
@2:00 um...I don't know...THE NOVA CORPS!!!!!
Muhammed Ali Şekerci
o kadar cok fragman attilarki artik filme gitmemize gerek yok
So basically Nebula is RETARDED , she doesn't know what the difference between a garden and guardian is, what a great character :D Marvel nerfing their character for a quick laugh again !
angry little tree
I am the Anonymous
So is mantis going to die?
Man I can't wait to see Gardens of the Galaxy in theaters.
M /B
cautionary tale
dose anyone know the name of the song in this trailor?
Alejandro Castro
Smh please cut the garden joke from the film.
No-thing/Your Gods Favorite God
well thx for more spoiling
luis saucedo
rather watch the canelo vs Chavez Jr lol
David Bowie!!!
Nebojsa Milonjic
Would love to plow her garden anytime
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