What The World Needs To Know About Ryan Higa

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YouTube superstar Ryan Higa hit the scene in 2006 when he began posting lip-syncing videos, but his online fame has blown up over the years. The Hawaiian-born Higa has morphed from a veritable unknown to an internet sensation, attracting millions of views per clip. We dug a little deeper into this famous funny guy's life and dug up some facts you may not know about Ryan Higa...

Black belt in Judo | 0:24
He'll never be on Dancing with the Stars | 0:54
Not much of a scientist either | 1:23
It all started on VHS | 1:59
Drama-free | 2:36
Horror movie star | 3:17

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Nicki Swift
What's the coolest thing that Ryan's done in your eyes?
blackheart prowess
he can't SING or DANCE?!!!!!!!!!! Wtf?! look at bga!
1.I know
2.I know
3.I know
4.I know
5.I know
I'm obssed with his channel.
kaitlyn zarr
Who is this?
Ace 69
I'm 15 and I love using VCR's
NOW YOU ARE RELATING HITLER TO SAUDIA..Wtf ..what do you know about Islam??have ever red Quran??if you had you'll realise Islam as most feminist religion in the world!!dont see muslims see Islam and Quran is Islam nothing else in Quran it is written never to mid behave a women and respect them and whoever will beat a women will deserve hell..now what you think about Islam??
Go back to Arab hitler??
Samyukta Nath
I love his down- to-earth attitude. I just love him.
Mustafa Siddiqui
He's not a YouTuber...
he's a legend.
Max Zeven
i died about that cow
Rebecca He
wow the cow thing isn't an "uuh ok" it's obviously a metaphor for going through the system, being milked of your talents, then dying and being consumed by the system. duh did you even take English class in high school??
Isaac Swiftlink
Luis Juan Ortiz
More proof Ryan is a good person
Saif Ahmed
The clickbait title
Josiah Delio
already knew all this
Idont Cares
You couldn't link his youtube channel?
bushra parveen
real lamps already know that. hanatee-hee.
Erana Fah
Damn, I was expecting to see how he accidentally became a kpop idol because of what started out as a joke 😂 BgA started out as a comedy skit, but now they're considered an actual kpop group with a fandom and everything
leo deepak
no one's "Just" a YouTuber
TheLol Wolf
Only someone that does judo would know that black belt in judo takes about 20 years to get
Kavya gera
first youtuber i watched
Ajinkya Patil
One thing is that he predicted that Beyonce is pregnant
elle flakes
he was mainly the reason why i started to like youtubers. and he still has the number one spot in my heart ❤️
Brajesh Parija
1:39 why does he look like Noctis?
But I'm 15 and I know what VHS is.
The funniest and most creative youtuber.The efforts he and his crew put in their videos are really admirable [ + no drama,no shade,just pure humour,weird conspiracy theories,dog interruptions and cooking...but not really]
When I saw the title I thought they were going to say Ryan was some serial killer or something.
Random Penguiness
What the world needs to know about Nicki Swift.
Kon Kade
Wow talk about a clickbait title
Click bait title much.
neha bilkhiwal
we all love him
Ziyad Al Qahtani
what about Saudi Arabia?!! don't be like the asses that believes social media and thinks that saudi women has no rights cuz I've been in Saudi Arabia and they have rights and studies in the best colleges in earth! just search about it prince noura college its only for women and it's has everything even a metro for only the college! and u think they don't have rights and make jokes!!!!!
I already know all the facts you said you can easily know the facts if you watch his vids at higa tv and what the f*ck are these facts
otaku 26
hands down the best youtuber 💜
Sean Meole
about being humble,he's a humble guy
Sam Pekofsky
Where is the interview posted?
what a click bait
i thought you were gonna expose him or some shit
Full Circle
at 0:14 they showed a clip of Kev Jumba like it was supposed to be Ryan. Coincidence???
shoz noor
lol just "Higa"
Not Ryan Higa
Jonathan Lun
I love his funny personality.
The Silver Fangs Jam101
Umm I'm 12 and I watch almost all of my videos on VHS
Lachlan Bassi
this is the dumbest video i have ever watched
Obito uchiha
Pretty sure his net worth is wayyy more than 2 million
all I can see in comment section is about BgA
Charlie Scene
Boi when i was little i had a gameboy till i was 7 im 14 we had vhs tapes for a while too LIFE WAS SIMPLE ask a kid if he knows gameboys they will say a whT?
He is Japanese
James Williams
What triggers me is when people say, you won't know what a vhs is unless you're 18. I'm 15 and I used to watch movies on vhs and then they say I don't know what they are.
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