Chris Robertson
Streep you first got to pull your head out of your ass , then clean the shit out of your ears and listen , de niro , and all of your hollywood meat puppet buddies, have one job(if pretending is called a job)and that job is to be amuseing and entertain me when im not doing something important or constructive in my community .and trust me you are nether amuseing or entertaining so stepping in to a field(politics) where haveing a brain and doing your research are a must,......stick to pretending you stupid cunt.
Eoin Marx
When her personal opinions ruin her entire speech, what right do you have to say MMA isn't an art
Eoin Marx
What did she even win I haven't seen her in a movie for a while
fred eric
Hugh Grant and her girlfriend had cold reaction from the start to the finish. Isn't he the co-star of Meryl in Florence Foster Jenkins?
I love the way the liberals hate the Constitution unless it suits their needs. Actors are the most narcissistic group of people on the face of the earth. They use their fame,(which is from their fans) as a platform to spew their liberal agenda on their audience. The common person does not have this ability. This was expected. Every award show is nothing but a chance for them to get their backs patted and then rant about social injustice,(the new term for socialism).
Trin Binder
Why do people who voted for trump get mad when they are called racist? When you vote for Donald trump , you are basically saying that racism isn't a deal breaker.
I kept hearing about her speech and if she wants to speak out against a certain person than she can.
Mike Young
Wow haha This is the most disgusting speech I've ever witnessed. This old hag is so smug it's vile. She thinks her words are so powerful and that she is so important but she's just an annoying cunt
Chano Roriguez
What can I say? Beautiful speech. Right on the money. I support this message 100%. Every single REAL American should as well. Nothing of what she said was against the citizens of this state. The media NEEDS to be 100% by the people and for the people. People in power should NEVER use their position to bully anybody in lesser positions. The public mocking of a person with special needs is an EMBARASSMENT coming from a person of a position such as Trump. He should be ABSOLUTELY ashamed of himself, it's inexcusable.
Arnold Layne
A Clinton campaign email released as part of the Wikileaks data dump earlier today (10/11/2016) talks about the need to maintain political power by producing “an unaware and compliant citizenry”.

The email was sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta by former Clinton administration official Bill Ivey on March 13, 2016.

Yet more Proof of Democrat voters being mindless sheep...FACT
Lisa D'Arrigo
Meryl Streep speaks here of the press, her overpaid peers and foreigners. She has neglected to mention the fifty million Americans on food stamps. Perhaps she would like to feed them all? Would she also like to FOOT the bill for all abortions in The United States rather than those people on food stamps? Is she concerned about how the TPP affects countries like Australia? No, she is not. I wonder if she has managed to nail that Australian accent yet. Something she was paid too much money to do badly. She seems not to know of a country called Libya where women do not have the right to watch her films and abominably irrelevant acceptance speeches. Speak only for yourself please. I recommend paying attention to Susan Sarandon. A staunch liberal who could not bring herself to vote for HRC. A woman who has taken the time to learn the truth about the crimes of treason during the Obama Presidency. The point is: ANYONE BUT HILLARY CLINTON and that is now reality.
Tyler Brown
Wait, Wait, Wait!! look at these silver spoon fed wankers blowing each other's egos about their opinions on the underprivileged. politics aside, period. what the hell do you know of true loss and pain. sure, you may have problems identical to common folk problems. the only real difference is common people can't get on a plane for Paris and spend a month in a spa with ten of their spoiled crybaby friends. they can't dress up in shinny dresses and tuxedos to distract themselves from their pain. when an actor gets coverage of their addictions, it only brings in more cash/publicity for that individual. when a homeless vet gets coverage of their addictions, they are told to get a job and spit on. I pray for systematic failure so all you bitchy yuppies can feel real pain. pride always comes before the fall...that's an awful lot of pride in that room. and when that day comes (and it will), those who have been hardend through REAL life will fucking eat you winy asses alive. enjoy your oblivion while you can.
Tulio Souza
this old girl is ridicolous
Marielle de la Garza
She used her privilege, her power, to speak about something super important. She knew who is watching. She knows who is there. She knows what she's doing. Even if it was "her place" she took a stand. And used her voice.
stupid cunt.
I can't stand people playing the victim. Much more less if they're rich and powerful.
Tony Anastasio
20 Oscar nomination for Meryl now...somebody shoot this overrated fuck in the head. what the fuck is so special about Meryl? nothing at all. never been a fan of her or her movies
Wish Hollywood focused more on doing their jobs and less on patting themselves on the backs and preaching at us little people, Since their "art" seems to be mostly half assed cash grab reboots and Paul Blart movies.
oh no.. You better work on the dislikes Trump Supporters! the Filthy liberals are out liking your dislikes!!
M3rtyville - STOPP Ramstein
bombarding 7 countires - hollywood doesn't give a fuck
a president acting like he always does - end of the world
ilham rein
She's so classy, she didn't even need to directly say it was about trump.... Well all of trump's supporters don't like her, and insult her, i mean like it's no surprise, "I don't know why they behave like that "
Fro Ing
1:30 literally the south park smug face
Fro Ing
wah wah wah shut the fuck up, you senile old leftist, your ways don't work.
Reverend Saltine
"Trump. Trump. Trump..." the soft sound of Mighty Footsteps coming, with a big stick, for the hated, loathed, arrogant, snot-nosed liberals, who—like initial "survivors" of the Titanic—think they can just keep treading water.

👳🏻🤓👨🏻‍🎨👴🏻 If radical Islamists, or the Left, or the Euro-Weenies, or the Establishment Deep State's lips are moving, "they are speaking lies, clinical derangement, or delusions."

The same can apply to their supporters, enablers, and advocates. Also to their 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫Fake News, multi-millionaire, mouthy, "anchor" Faces. And to their spoiled brat, Islamist, Open Borders, One-World, Marxist-propagandized, demented, stupid, drug addict 👱🏼‍♀️👸🏽👨🏻 🤡 ⛹🏾"celebrities."

Don't buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don't go to their inane movies, don't visit their stupid sites, don't listen to them on the radio.

Don't watch them on their Fake News TV, don't buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don't watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist "shows." ❌

Don't believe any lying word they say. Ignore their lies. Defund them; block their plots.

"Find them; fix them in place; isolate them; and ridicule them." To paraphrase their sly, cabalistic, luciferian leader, Saul Alinksky 🦊

Could you maybe wipe them out or have them praising Trump, to survive financially—all in about 6 weeks? 👍🏼

Feel free—***you are freed now***—to reproduce this message and send it onward....

what an idiotic and ignorant speech
Lourdes Dodge
Meryl Streep Speech The Golden Globes 2017
Gene Llaneza
She should shut the hell up
Shelly Lawson
What a hypocrite! Forget Hollywood! WHO NEEDS THEM!
The mutual appreciation society.
Mark Harris
Billionaire producers, but have one stupid guy from Fallon band (probably getting paid same as a whole 6 piece) operating a DJ machine !! Even Hollywood puts live musicians out of work !! How really tacky ! Nothing against Meryl, though..
People clearly don't have enough going on in their own lives if they get upset that a celebrity criticizes someone they don't know and never will know. It is people with too much time on their hands, too much dissension in their own lives and not enough common sense, just looking for the most ridiculous reasons to fight anyone who disagrees with their way of thinking.
Martin Scholtz
my respect, she said what had to be said.
"Mixed Martial Arts are not the arts."
And Meryl Streep isn't a crusty ass cunt.
Sonic Gaming
merle streep needs to shut her pie hole
Meryl Streep just found the right words and hit the important points. Trump is a dangerous man as he has no empathy, no respect, he does not create anything good, but steers up hatred between people using lies and "alternative facts".
It will take courage to face him and not to let him split people into subgroups he can play out against each other.
Don't let him gain control over the press and public opinion!
Don't back down!
Larry Grant
i wish u didnt exist you are the most terrible acter i ever saw
Jay jay
why is it that we have a sick fixation on the people that provide little joy and less than meaningful performances that only adhere to the rich left... the sooner these dinosaurs die, the sooner we get to watch good young actors/ actresses play the rolls we want to watch
Saurav Bhasin
mixed martial art is not art?.
Maxwell Pollville
That's like a participation award for a job that some children are capable of doing. I go to a job I hate. I do it everyday. But i do it everyday. It's not a job a child can do. No one is handing a lifetime achievement award to an assembly line worker or a Walmart greeter or a forklift operator or a Dairy Queen manager. Making millions of dollars to make subjective art and then calling out everybody but yourself isn't very becoming Meryl. Keep your opinions to yourself and say thank you next time. Few things you have done can barely be called art. Point your finger where it belongs or somewhere it matters. You're now more famous than ever because you just got to vent to the whole world like your opinion matters. It doesn't but I guess being surrounded by yes men and makeup "artists" can be damaging to a humans ego.
Kirie 518
Meryl Streep the best actor of the world and a fantastic human being.
David Franciosa
"And the winner is... the liberal fascist hypocrite that slept their way to the top, and who will do anything for exposure while quietly self-medicating to forget their sleazy demons."
Maybe once upon a time, before my time anyway, entertainment based awards ceremonies functioned with some perspective or echoed with even a trivial amount of significance throughout educated and decent mainstream society, because for a very long while now, they have only ever existed as overexposed and embarrassingly juvenile gatherings forced onto global audiences. For too many years we have all been subjected to the seediest types of personalities, whose "talent" simply qualifies as having a face that happens to capture expression well in certain camera angles, or a body that can be starved into submission for a forgetful role...(or some low rent-type that lip-syncs sexualised dribble in leotards).
These people, along with those who ride their coattails, have successfully created their own fantasy world, which has extended to a pathological need to congregate at VIP events in an attempt to secure unhealthy amounts of recognition, while also shamelessly and perpetually fuelling a misnomer: that they actually have an extraordinary talent which is somehow exceptionally significant or relevant to humanity as a whole. Attention powderpuff diva, fascist liberal, delusional maniacs... you have little to no relevance outside from the attention and publicity you BUY. Doctors are relevant, as are nurses, scientists, rabbis, pastors, priests, teachers, actual composers, historians, painters, sculptures, authors, writers, lifeguards, firefighters, etc, etc, etc.
David #Frangiosa
#goldenglobes #emmies #oscars #academyawards #movieawards #filmawards #musicawards
Denise Spurlock
I took your advice and turned my anger into art. After several years of not sharing this on the internet, I felt now it the time to go for it. I am sharing some of my original songs on that was not considered good enough to be published. Please type Heartbroken Song Writer. That is my work from a while back. I know I am not at an artist like so many that I admire at the Golden Globes but you inspired me to share anyways. I am older now and I have peace with sharing a piece of my soul with you. Thank you for your encouragement and may God Bless you for spreading this message of turning your anger into art. I was so angry but now my anger is not so bad. I am still an activist against Trump and his hates, lies, and falsehoods but now I know when to turn in off a few hours a day.
Jingi jazz
Why does anyone even care?
You Americans should not hate each other or blame one another this is your country and you are the pride.
Ka Gala

-Predominantly male, white and privileged

-Predominantly casts us minorities to play stereotypical, degrading roles

- Predominately MIA at "Black Lives Matter" & "Dakota Pipeline" protests(2pts for Rosario Dawson, Mark Ruffalo & Shailene Woodley).

- Predominantly supportive of Polanski( Rape is never okay), much less of a child.

-Predominantly silent about all the LGBT homeless youth in Southern California

- Casts straight people to play LGBT roles instead of letting them play themselves

-Predominantly silent about Skid row in LA

-They also like to keep this country's military industrial complex going and then play saviors by "saving" "poor foreigners" from shit our governments started or supported 🙄 & no, I'm not snobbing all military personal, as I'm sure most of you signed up for the right reasons and don't always have control of the crap our government starts and/or agree with it. Most military people I've met are very nice people, with good intentions and that is exactly why they don't deserve to be thrown in a war for big money interest.

-Hollywood is extremely culturally stupid on foreign countries, but they're always telling foreigners how to pick their governments & policies

-Do they stand in front of Planned Parenthood facilities? Where I live, volunteers are needed outside of Planned Parenthood facilities to protect women from anti-abortion protestors who harass them for their life choices...and no, I don't live in the south, I live in the 3rd largest city in the country...where most people vote Democrat.

-They say they care about human rights and support Clinton, who thinks Henry Kissinger is some sort of hero. Yeah, the guy who used to install bloody dictatorships in Latin America like Chile's Pinochet

One can point out Hollywood's hypocrisy and be far from being a Trump supporter or conservative, so don't come at me with that bullshit.

Hollywood can spare us their crocodile tears, as they have been missing in action at almost every protest coming from the people they supposedly deeply support.
Chris Carrow
she's naming off these Americans that she said were outsiders. lol what??
Manuel Bernet
How can anybody not feeling what she's saying here. It has nothing to do with her status as an actress. She is talking about what is going wrong in this world. How could you not get this?? If i would have the same stage as a Plummer. I would exactly say the same. I love her for having balls to to that. She has a voice and it's absolutely fantastic that she uses it. Because most of us can't. And she is a good woman, with a good sense if socialite and humanity. I look up to here. I loved that speech. And just because you people refer to her as 'just an actress' - she has more integrity, than this 'president 'will ever have. Because she DOES kNOW BETTER. Period. And of course she is rich. But I don't think that changes your perspective for your personal believings. This is JUST WRONG. And money won't make a different. Well for trump it might be different, money is first. And then women, and then foreigners and the minority's. But FIRTS POWER AND HIS OWN MONEY!! How can you refer to some artist, they shouldn't have the rights to say what's on their minds! I'm terrified by these comments.
Jaclyn Lindsey
Meryl could not have deeply touched me more. Donald Trump will never be a decent human being. He will always be one to aim fire at those who challenge his arrogance and ego. This presidential election should serve as an example to be a decent human being and to respect everyone, to show the government that with love and care and kindness, we are most powerful.
Ester Gomes
She has reached a level that even if it is to interpret a toaster, will win a prize.
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