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Your first extended look at all new #TopGear, coming 5 March. See you there.

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Why is BBC beating a dead horse with a stick. They just can not replace the originals. Also bring back American top gear jeez.
I honestly don't think the new hosts are bad. but it's not top gear. top gear is james richard and jeremy. thats just how it is. It's surely a great car show, but it's not top gear. the only thing top gear about it is stig
Josh Spaghetti
I sincerely hope these three can resurrect the zombie we all know as Flop Gear, would be exciting to have two car shows worth watching.
Saifi Prabu
i want the old top gear back!!!!
alec salvador
this seems half tolerable
Cole Masters
On the count of 3 everyone do a Jeremy Clarkson impression
Jacek Dziarski
Barns Courtney, he needs his music in adverts, he is so epic and not popular - unfortunatelly
Tyler McCune
Skykiller Remastered
Just stop BBC top gear is dead
Brian Wakawaka
this I like not that sorry to say boring Chris Harris dude always exadarating excitement this is pure raw feelings I like and i definitely will watch it confirmed these 3 bloke's is enough the rest well...........
Job van Poppel
The new top gear is actual shiat
Daniel Chis
nobody wants that all want the old top gear
this would never be like the top gear we had before:(
Glenn Roulston
the old season was way better:'(
Finlay Mitchell
Top gear will never be the same without Jeremy, Richard and James, even if James was captain slow.
Maryna Poslavska
Does anyone know what song that is?
Krzysztof Dolecki
Imagine these cars, this budget and ideas with old presenters. Some things will be missed forever
Tom Ryles
My poo looks better
Only 2 Genders
I want Jeremy back
Pokki Pelaa
The new guys are idiots sorry but dont worry
1 million subs no videos challenge
Let's be honest, this still doesn't compare to the old Top Gear.
The British Empire
Not as good as before
no memes today Memes
Omg top gear will never be the same ;(
Okan Seringöz
whats Name is the melody?
Zac Crowe
It would probably be best at this point to cut the shenanigans and make Top Gear a realistic car show.
Norman Mont
You hateful imbeciles from BBC.
wasted acidzz
i miss the old top gear
scum sold our favorite characters filth creature idiots idiots give Jeremy the captain snail and 1 member of the team dislike evasion sold our heroes I am from Russia and ockene I loved this show while you you are fired them !
Donovan Campbell
This is miles better without Chris Evans, I actually watched it an enjoyed it.
Moo Moo N Speedster Productions
how come they aren't using Collin Furze Alex Kersten and Ken Block as the produces of this show...
Dumpling Gaming
I have enjoyed the show but these hosts are rubbish at working together, when they come together everything is so scripted and fake which makes it hard to watch. They do some good individual car reviews, but when they come together for a challenge or are talking in the studio I just want to stop watching. I also HATE that they have made the celebrity portion of the show longer, I always hated this part of top gear in every series but now we have to sit through more painfully scripted rubbish.
Inocentiu Budau
karl warren
"let's go racing." nah mate
k7799zzRR 5
Top Gear I think... that this series... Was Awesome!! I can't wait for the next Awesome series! Or a Christmas special with those three!

For those who don't like this TG, in the last episode they made a boat out of a CAR!! How can you not like that?!

I still don't like sabine schmitz or Eddie Jordan. I just about stand Eddie but not sabin, I know a lot will agree with me but I think we'd stuck with them for another series they likely got contracts. If it was like Evans they will have 3 years so they should have 1 year left. And then THE BBC can get rid of them.

I said it before and I'll say it again Mat, Chris Harris and Rory Reid who have earth the right to be called Top Gear Presenters!

Well done!
wallace hung
whats the song call ?
George Alcock
This isn't top gear
Why is there an american there? Doesnt sound right
Arash Fattahi
juuust jeremy clarkson Richard hammond and james may
Legend Of Power
The old top gear is better
Riad Ouaquil
Ain't nobody watching this bruh
Bogdan Kyuchukov
who thinks "we want James, Jeremy and Richard back!" also ?
Dominick J
Grand tour.
Grand tour.
Grand tour.
Grand tour.
Grand tour.
KS Daniswara
what is the song
Stig's Brazilian cousin
It will never be like the old top gear
Luke Morris
CHANCERS i cant stand you lot lol
E Gb
what about the British one? 😭💂🇬🇧
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