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Your first extended look at all new #TopGear, coming 5 March. See you there.

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Venomous Music
BBC is trying to revive something that died along time ago
mega beep
rock janky
anyone know what is the name of the song playing ???
Hifzullah Peer
what's the name of the song in the trailer
Lukas Gaming
I hate the new one that's why I usubed
David Griffin
Go away
ccateni WAN
Music in trailer?
luke w.
idk about other ppl but i watched top gear for the personalities of the hosts and it just feels empty without them
Braddles B
Rory Reid, the human seagull
Anand Kailas
It got the bling of old top gear but not the old trio , looking forward to see the end result
Luke AOD
I think people would like this show if they didn't call it top gear. Like give it a new name, same time slot. Everyone will know it's BBC's top gear replacement, but they wont be trying to pass it off as the same thing. If anything they should sell the name "top gear" to amazon, and they could just change it out with "the grand tour". I probably wouldn't even notice.
Sebastian Nieves
i miss old top gear sooo bad😭😭😭😢
Petrol Head
Never going to be the same without the 3 funny ones and not these new kids.
Yousef Kart
Aww cmon, I liked the old guys
I respect these guys and everything but i think mostly everyone is used to Jeremy, James and Richard. I will watch this but i will probably enjoy the grand tour better
Sorry Matt but Colin Must take your place
Chevy And Mopar Fan
I'm not sure if the UK Top Gear did it, but one thing that I noticed in the US Top Gear is that, for some of the challenges, they change out cars. They don't even try to hide it. I saw this one episode where they convert a short school bus into a monster truck and they start with a Chevy Van/G20 and then it's a newer Chevy Express, but they act like it's the same bus. In the episode where they take minivans off-road, towards the end of the episode one of the cars gets swapped with one a generation older, but they act like it's the same one. If you're going to swap cars mid-episode, at least get one that looks identical.
They must be panicking. BBC even called in Colin Furze to give them a publicity boost. (It will, but only while he's on).
bido C
The Stig should also have run away and followed Clarkson, Hammond and May.
Wow, that's an incredibly unlikable cast you have there...
Admiral Nimitz
the grand tour !
Kieron Wiltshire
They try to hard to be funny, it's absolute horse shit
TigerOfCanda Tutorial's
only 3 people watches it now and there are the new presenters
TigerOfCanda Tutorial's
bring back Jeremy, James and Richard

b ring
b ack
c lackson
Jahongir Fayziev
old top gear i miss you
It might be good...if they'd stop trying to be the old team.
Nothing will ever beat the original top gear, but this is pretty good if you concider the other tv shows...
Samuel Jacobson
Not my Top Gear!
Thèophile LEFRERE
This is not Top Gear for me...
HertZ Gaming
what is song used in video
The Bruh
0:15 This just sums it up doesn't it?
Didn't this series Die already ?..My god BBC.. let this horse die ...
Satsuki Large
Colin Furze sent me here
if they can't make an episode as funny (or funnier) than the reliant robin episode, then it won't be worth watching
Ignafiltro Sanchez
Its just the name, its really cool but not the same.
You know what? I think I don't mind the new guys anymore. Clarkson, Hammond and May get to drive around on Grand Tour while these new Top Gear guys show off cars.
Not the same without the trio. Clarkson, May, Hammond. ):
anyone come from Colin Furze?
Davin Van Haaften
What is the name of the song
Give it up already
Blake's Gaming PC
#bingbacktheamercian He made the show and you know it I don't care about his views on the gays, he was funny.
Top gear changed Hosts OMG , my life just ended here, i will miss those 3 folks so much. I will probably never see new sesons XD
we are gonna miss you old top gear, you will never be missed... but at least the show must go on!
Im only slightly okay with this
NEW Top Gear suck ass
Why replace the others?
At least give us the other siries on netflix
kita f1
something a man should never want to say "my knobs' come off" 0:43
Ill give it a shot bu I think it wont be as enjoyable
Teroli Zoneh
New Top Gear is the worst thing in the world! Don't ad this SHIT!!!
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