Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona 2-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - Copa del Rey 05/01/2017 HD

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Copa del Rey, Season 2016-17.
High Definition.

Barcelona started off 2017 in frustrating fashion with a 2-1 defeat to Athletic Bilbao in the first leg of the Copa del Rey Round of 16 first leg on Thursday night at the Estadio San Mames in Bilbao.
Yvonne Aizle
1:22 skip intro if you want 😊
i o n mirena
Ni barca ni Madrid ni su puta madre. ATHLEEETIC!!!!
Sandip Poudel
Barca has given them chance to keep their name in league...
traaaaaashhhhh barka
malhar jajoo
6:50 - best slowmo ever
Hala Madrid
Dav TC
all I see on the comment section is real madrid fans. you talk shit about us but u guys always watch us. our every move. our every gamd. U guys secretly love us and u don't even know it 😏
Ion Mindreanu
ter stegen lol
Nitish Jain
sionismo asesino
aupa athletic
Raul Lopez
Harisrahimi Azmimurad
fucion recods
crak MESSI
Obed Cruz
Fernandez Borbalan eres un ladrón
lenyatso simon
yoh,messi is really untouchable when it comes to free kicks.
Mamoudou Mainassara
merci barcelona mn équipe prefere
Beltrán Gutiérrez
Diego Andres Hoyos Roncal
no se si han dado cuenta pero Messi dio el 2-1 ida y 3-1 vuelta, sin Messi hubieran perdido
Matteo eDMito
3-1 ta Camp Nou! OPSS! Good bye Bilbao
and the second match 3-1 barca won bilbao lost ! done !
Viktor Engi
kurva iraizoz
Zach Gossett
02:32 Death
Chinmay Abhyankar
now no madrid fan is barking over here.... y so??
I think they watch the second leg...
messi's left leg is enough for all penaldo and fake madrista fans...
penaldo fans didnt even knw about what is freekick
Alexis11 xD
ath.Bilbao me dio verguenza el portero diciendo q no fue gol una roja le hubieran sacado por pinche mentiroso
3-1 take that madridiots you fucking faggots (after you say that barcelona paid the ref you can stay butthurt)
soo who goes to quarterfinals? yeah thats right BARCA jajajaja
ZSMinecraft. Roblox,Minecarft,Exposing,etc
Ref was with bilboa
ZSMinecraft. Roblox,Minecarft,Exposing,etc
Muhammad Samsi
3-1 for barca,
lol watch 6:01 that kid got crushed
canal da day
Eu amo o Barcelona ..mais suas últimas atuações me deixam bem irritado
Aduriz good goal
Ruben Martinez
Alguien más vio el niño aplastado en el minuto 6:00?
HCR 2000
the referee is a cheater he didn't give barca two clear penalties and aduriz should be sent off
Silvan Sillente
Barcellona que pasa finita la gasolina? Ci sono i controlli antidoping? Dopo chiamate prontamnente il dottor Eufemiano Fuentes che vi fa il pieno!
Eri Loni
Who wants bilbao to win tonight?
Chris Tanada
Messi missed the awarding of the FIFA best player award to train for this game, and barcelona still lost, while Madrid won. lol
Golden 47
#HalaMadrid is at their best, while Barca needs to some more practice! And Pique needs to improve his acting. Lol
Golden 47
Pique is a bad actor. LOL
Sitaram Ale Magar
barcelona is loozzer team
The Firebreather
Just think that Piqué is in team of the year instead of Pepe..
unai merelas castro
que sepáis culés que os vamos a ganar nuestro orgullo vale más que jugadores "buenos" nosotros no nos basamos en eso solo en el orgullo de un pueblo lleno de ilusión y un equipo echo de este pueblo con tanta ilusión AUPA ATHLETIC!!!
Héctor Adam
NO fue gol del barca
can I comment about Real Madrid? thanks
Rio Garcia
All I see is Real Madrid fans here.😂😂always checking how Barcelona is doing.
Anastasios Kandilas
Brandon Gomez
barca needs to pay the refs more. its hard winning without them huh😂
thofakar adnan
This is honestly coming from a Madrid fan, Barca got completely robbed in this game, and did not really deserve to loose, i honestly hate seeing Barca in bad condition because they're our rivals, seeing them in this condition is honestly surprising, Enrique should definitely be replaced. And the ref was blind throughout the whole game, an obvious Penalty should of been given to Barca, but anyways good luck on Barca's next game, we'll see you guys in the next el clasico, #RivalsNotenemies
Contra 9 , y no pueden ,
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