The Boss Baby Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Alec Baldwin Movie

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Starring: Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, and Steve Buscemi
The Boss Baby Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Alec Baldwin Movie

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A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.

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I love how each time is listen to the trailer's music "it's your thing"

It jut reminds me of sausage party
My name is "Tim"

That names sounds fake the way he said it
Shay Symmes
this movie will be based on the downfall of trump
Yazzy2004 !!!!!!
This is a copy of baby spencer from studio c
bogdan baicu
the baby trump
Vella Bernadette
23:10 ☑ The Boss Baby [ m o v i e ]
Mario Angel Ruiz
my counselor at school looks like this baby
Tyler Buyno
he sonds like a girl 0:05
Lucas Pereira
99 % comments are about Donald Trump
Sheila B
Is the Father's voice jimmy kimmel's?
Jacob Roloff
for the love of god, I can't even with this concept. I seriously prefer the emoji move to this, because everyone knows it is garbage. I am scared that people will actually see this. DEAR GOD.
Dante Belmont
Donald Trump but smart
katie nelson
this is so fictionnnnnn!!!? how come the parents dont know that umnm the baby can talk becasue when they giving him milk he slap there hand it dont have to call donald duck calll him donald duck please nathan 876 we call him donald duck
JM Wizzle
Baldwin making himself rich attacking the President.
this looks shittier than a pet's life
Queen City Motion Pictures
Everyone wants to say this is Trump, it's not! He is a waaaaaayyyyyy bigger baby!!
This looks great :D
dat boii_htx
this song makes me feel like i lost a ear
Tyson Rowan
Awesome movie is that the movie from storks
Fabrixio Aron
Tracer, is that you? Kappa
If they made a Baby Hillary movie, the baby would be a demon.
Steven Dent
What a sadistic joke, Baldwin just confirmed he is a low life Troll. BTW Remember what Baldwin's private life was like in the past, ask his ex wife. What dismal failure with socialist satire.
Septiplier Stylinson Mayne
Louis ahr
Is that jimmy kimmels voice!
Amelia Finnerty
23:37 The Boss Baby ||FILM HD|| Available Now
Evan Bergen
Interesting and kind of funny
Donaciano Juarez
Kananda leal
Quando qui um filho de Deus vai posta esse filme aqui pelo amo😢😢😢😢😢
I don't know if I'm going to hate this or love this.
I can't be the only person who finds this concept really, really dumb. It's Alec Baldwin as a baby--that's the joke! And he plays a cynical businessman like he is in most of his movies and quoting lines. It's Rover Dangerfield all over again.
i didn't realise that the little tim is like louis tomlinson. :D
shreya trisal
Feels like this is a movie based on Draco Malfoy as a baby
The telephone the baby was talking thru was the 1 from toy story 3
DIV \\\
Let's see, trump is a baby, Baldwin plays trump on snl, trump becomes boss, Baldwin plays baby boss in cartoon. Too many coincidences for my likeing.
It seems fun
Welcome to My Life!!!
soooo i just wanna say.......what THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH!!!!
Arinzechukkwu Nwadiogbu
Matteo firo
so hilarious
booboo gaga
Dylan Jackson
funny movie
Siri is a slav3
This movie looks like a steaming load of garbage.
science mad
أعتقد بأنه سيكون فيلم جيد
Amirah ismail
i watch this very cool movie
Victor Luis Millan-Velez
"Ahh! Poop duty!" 😂
REBORN ._. ...
Fear of Fancy
Still better than the emoji movie
Southern Hemisphere
Another Storks movie D:
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