Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jon Snow's Death


Nikolaj talks about Jon Snow's death, his home in Greenland and swaps stories with Jimmy about their daughters catching their first fish.

Kit Harington's Never-Before-Seen Game of Thrones Audition

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jon Snow's Death

Jaime Lannister is married to a Wildling!?
Matt B
Nikolaj Coster or Jason Mamoa...ladies n gents vote
Mohamed Ezzaytouny
who thinks that he looks like roberto dinero
Nikolai said Jon Starkgaryen 😨😨😨
Leire T.U.
He needs to marry me...
Bogdan Ivanov
his hand grew back!
Petyr Baelish
What are u doing there ser jaime ?
Andreas Remmel
How gave him a new hand?!
Ryan Anthony
Rhaegar Targaryen, you are the father... in my Muarry voice
At least change the title... People see this if they watch just one episode...
Dominika Slovakia
Killing a fish for fun? Nice parenting.
Jay Overlin
Jimmy just had to add in a reference to politics at 0:49, he is supposed to be talking about a TV show ffs. Nobody wants to hear about Donald Trump Jr. or how Jimmy disapproves of him, plenty other people do but they don't push it into a nice, casual conversation about a TV show.
Antonio Montana
He should be Adam Warlock
I don't think he was supposed to say that.
Jamie John
Observant / intelligent viewers may want to overlook the massive book ending spoiler that takes place uhhh.. right at the start of this interview.. XD
Abu Kafir al-Israeli
Why isn't his better half, Cersie, with him?
Reich Pahignalo
He doesnt have an accent??
this guy is so elegant and classy .. damn! ...
Adam Engle
"How old is your daughter"
"She's 13"
"Ohhhhhh that's a good one!"
Jaime "I charged a bloody dragon" Lannister
Fuckin aaddsss!!!!
I will never get catch and release, if u catch something by getting a hook trough its mouth it kinda makes sense that the intended use of it will be to be eaten.
Kristy Davis
Would've EATEN.
This is so chill, it is like two old friends catching up at a bar.
I prefer his accent in the show.
Mats Flogeland
Spoiler alert
LuckyZevanns 88
Nikolaj's accent bugs me. Sometimes he sounds Scandinavian other times he sounds American. Its very strange to me.
Izo Khan
Great actor, can't wait to see him in Shot Caller.
Keez Ewen
Why is it ok to pose with fish but not any other animal?
Liam J Foster
When did this air? Did Nikolaj accidentally give away the Jon Targaryen secret prematurely? Because the whole audience gasped at it xD
"Jon stark targaryen has risen from the dead" he spoiled it along time
Don Pablito
I want to be Jon Snow :(
Түвшинжаргал Энхсайхан
Money $$$ <3
Chel X
Why was I taken aback when I saw him with 2 hands, instead one 1???
how this nigga so handsome
Yung Kirk
The oathbreaker.
Usman Zubair
That Hublot though. How much per episode again?!
Jimmy's daughter looks like Mary from Gifted.
jon stargaryan

But real talk he legit doesn't even have a Danish accent, this is wild
Jiewei Li
Confirmed R+L=J??
Lol I love how Nikolaj just kinda brushed off that Trump jab.
All that game of thrones excitement and conversation opportunities and they talk about fishing, the most boring hobby right after golf.
Imed Khochtali
3:08 did he say "i would've ate that one your daughter for absolutely sure ! "
Jaime Fucking Lannister
This Nikolaj guy looks very similar to Jaime Lannister don't you think?
Jane b
he doesnt have a British accent wow
He definitely meant that hahaha
Aras Limaj
Oh my God he's so sexy and beautiful :) love him
Ben Tompkins
I'd be his wife
Ray Lanza
Kimmel is a tool. Leave your silly politics out of it homo
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