Doge Gaming
I love the family vlogs
I live near The Outer Banks, NC
Sampler Tablet
I live in North Carolina
Glasgow Rangers
Zeus 😭
Ayden Avalos
move to Cali I live here it's gots load of palm trees and sunshine too
Jane Buttermore
I I I live in Charlotte
FBG Nation
0:42 I miss Zeus
luca degg
I luv you're videos
Kevin Schaeffer
I love Emre led
Awesome Dude
Whos watching this in Greenland and its September 27th 1978
aw zeus...
Football Maniac
why dosent roman drive
Geri Bauer
i love vacation vlogs
Calum Ryan
Watching this old video and I miss zuezs
Anna Sodon
I <3 pink panther;)
What's Good
When kane was sleeping he look so cute
Austin Clark
i am the best wonder weapon
.. Zeus made me sad at the beginning when they left.. πŸ˜•
Gemma Kerse
And I have a 🌴
Gemma Kerse
I eight a coconut in fiji πŸ‡«πŸ‡―
Sophie Bolton
Roman creepy looking at 7:03 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bailey Van Zelst
that is cool
Albyn Rios
i love pink panther
Finley Hewitt
he didn't have any clue then that he was going to have a baby girl
Cameron D'heilly
Jo Riley
family time and have a lot of funny like a family also keep up the good work @smile more
Matthew Lopez
Nik B
Nik B
Where is this place locatet
Carrie Twedt
Go fishing
David Owens
Who's watching these because your vacation is coming up soon, that's why I'm watching!
Hexo Helium
i want to be the kids brother cause i feel so sad cause they have some much fun
Tyler YT
I want my dad to push me in pool but he said noo
Dionisio Reyna
I almost cried when zuse died
Gabriella Couto
One Year Ago Today!!!
Andrew Golin
This video was one year ago today
BFFs Rock p
nO I do not want to go
Dilio Dre
watching these old vlogs makes me happy
Dhruv Khandave
Whos watching in june?
ronny smit
Nice boobys
lps gertu
i like the happyness
ngọc bích
Star Wars Person
Cole Little
who else has noticed when he says is that guy late or has to use the bathroom,there is a a bathroom right there.
Kane's so cute!!!
Kane's so cute!!!
Tobias R Nilsen
Wait What They took the drone??
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