Times I Plagiarized

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.
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Meems 101
"I almost lost a thousand dollar scholarship because of plagiarism."
"Let's talk about that."
Radical Tiger
2:42 we got RICK ROLLED😂🤙
Omg good mythical morning is da bomb
Amareh Giles
1:24 was the swoozie ?
Leanne M
Sean Faubert
why did you do gmm intro
Dylan Collins
CGP Gray liked the video.
Raindrop Droptop
i saw swoozie...i luv him
I read the conclusion and it looked like a song
joey drew
RainB DaRandom :D
When I put on my subtitles at the intro, it says..
pretty pretty pretty peppy baroo baddo
Mellon Sparkle
When you wanna be as funny as James but you realize people hate when girls try to be funny v-v
Doctor Professor
See if you're gonna cheat, at least type out the conclusion and then change a few words. There's code that gets added to copy and pasted stuff I think so I always at least retype
6:42 4th person is that TonyvToons ?
1:31 look at the second part of class
pause at 5:39 : meme-ology and misspelld swolness(slowness spelled corectly)
Chris Jones
Why you calling out Matthew James what did he do
Woo I love cpg grey
Once we had to write a short story for an assignment and mine was about a tsunami killing my main character and my mum practically wrote it... I'm sorry Mrs. English teacher... my mum got me an A though!
Love the intro😂😂😂
Maddog :3
Wait....... did he say subway??!!No no no no no..... It's sooubway not subway.
I just used a plagiarism checker for my English essay and I swear if it had 1% plagiarised I would flip my table because I already sent it to my teacher..
1:31 how dare you look at the right it says ,well yeah
Abel Rosas
Red The Fox Gaming, Dubs, Animations, and More!
I got blamed for plagiarizing my art one time even though it was my ORIGINAL CHARACTER as an inkling, they were on amino and they didn't know what the "Inkling your OC" challenge.
The intro was GOLD

Ps: I didn't come up with that line
Deatcheater951 Lol
He said its 3 in the morning in the vid and its three in the 3 morning while I'm watching it
Katie The Fox
His name is Mr. Batman and yet I am watching Batman...
Misu Huynh〰
It's that time of year again!
time to speak

aushd anu ahyud kgnru kgvnsuf ophnc desntun amomns ioidsf askddf
(I just slammed my keyboard)
Helen Rothfuss
Omg!!! Good mythical morning!!! Like if you love Rhett and Link!
@2:41 I got rick rolled
Natalie Banooni
You did not just rick roll me. Howd you get that huh? CTRL C CTRL V?
If you put captions at 7:00 it spells SHIT without the T
Bagher Gaming
Did Anyone notice the text is just the lyrics of never gonna give you up at 2:42
You've plagiarised baymax... haha
Mini Roi
Jonathan Nelson
OfficialSteveCraft29// OSC29
2:42 Lol rick astley's song
Gaming yandere-chan/ Shadow dremurr
At 2:42 Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around
Sarah goodmen
u took good mithicle mornings Intro!😂 if u don't believe me each 1 episode of good mithicle morning
Oreo Paco
I watched the beginning of the video over and over just because you recreated Good Mithical Mornings intro.
Your history teacher looks kinda like me Batman
Toast SproutGaming Gaming And More
Pause at 2:41

If you did you just got rick rolled
I can translate the republished German comic at 0:28
Gizelle Balli
2:42 I just got rick rolled 😳
2:41 rick rolls NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
TRZ TheRealZaky
Poor Camila cuevas
Sean Shoemaker
my math class was split into two parts also.
Pusheen The Cat
6:00 the face in the dream skool looks like Bendy from the ink machine
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