Times I Plagiarized

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.
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Lone Wolf Gamer
I love Mathew santaro doe....
Hanging with Cayleigh
OMG!!! I <3 THE I INRO!!!!!!!!! ( GMM... :P )
Lazy Lil Animates
Gmm reference at the beginning I love it
DankSpicey Memes
teanagedingo 53
I don't plagiarize I copy paste and change a random word... BOOM
Sawyer Fell
the intro killed me😂
Ralesigh Puffles
OMG SOMEONE DREW TEAM ROCKET IN THE FAN-ART! (Sorry, I'm just a really big fan of pokèmon. I know I'm a nerd...)
edit> The Bee Movie text appeared when he was talking about not copying and pasting in his essay.
Grant Leigh
Did you go to a New Mexico College?
Lachie Lama
The conclusion is rick astly
Zest Pond
I don't think anyone noticed, but he plagiarised gmms intro.
legen dairy
The "preparatory" schools in America is like the private schools in Australia and some other places and I know how you feel
Magi drag
Private school is advance but i didnt learn anything on ap :v
go to 1:32 in the video and look to the right
man MY fucking 7th grade english teacher didn't do jack SHIT in her class, so i failed. One time, she got mad at me for "plagiarizing" when I copied a bit. Then I fucking changed it all to something totally different, she was like "THIS IS STILL PLAGIARIZING." That cunt never taught.
That Good Mythical Morning reference though
What did Matthew Santoro do to him?
OMG GMM!!!! Do u watch them?
Molly Marsh
One time I was accused for plagiarism for making something quiet similar to what one of my classmates made and I told them that it wasn't plagiarizing because they didn't have it copyrighted and approved by the government.
Nes Child
The thing he copied was the script to Bee movie
0:04 I could watch that all day
Ava Beano
Nice intro ❤️
I LOVE good mythic morning.. and you XD I LOVE YOU FAIRLY :3
Nakamura yo
2:41 lol 😂
Did I see a bee movie meme and a RICKROLL?
Esha Kaila
Thx for doing lots of movment!
Jacey Raj
GMM fans anyone?
keep the intro
Victor Rios
You know domic
Victor Rios
Good mythical morning 🐔
Mia Nava
Omg swoozie is at 1:24😂
We no strangers to looove
Natalie.Gwen Aman
1:31 Really James?Ya had to put "ass" on the separate side?
Morgan Dye
when he split class in half for lunch it said ass
I wish mister batman would comment
3:12 the voice crack on 'whole
Zoe Morosini
Plagiarism is not an adverb. It is a noun.
Mr BlackScreen
ms paint lol
Silverish Pony
I love the intro xD
5 mounths feel like nothing
Sanjay Datta
All the school where I live are prep schools
Arkon Azrul
Hey wanna hear a word I made up all by myself? It is Plagiarism. It basically means "to have and idea or something and call it your own".
SBTv 1
Swozie 1:25
Princess Lia Campbell
Great imitation of great mythical morning
abherpaderp YT
The odd1sout is looking at the girls paper and
swoozie is looking at his paper 🤔
Jamie Gittens
Sexism isn't a crime unless it's used to decide about something
I love that intro
Random Gaming
if you get rid of the penny, then how the fuck do you give exact change at stores
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