Times I Plagiarized

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.
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did you guys know you can pin comments now?
okay. dude
;ooo spechie drew fanart for james wkwhdbdii
Katharine Porter
by any chance is Mr Batman Mr Burns
The gaming Penguin
Intro is the best
Clone Commander Devis CT7489
oh wow I can't reply troll face
Galaxy Hunter
:james: guys this guy wants a odd 1 :co-worker: the odd ones out! pls pin dis and like it
Kurstin Newberry
you should make a video where you talk about times where people plagrized from yiy
The first time I cheated on an actual test was in 8th grade and was for the stupidest reason. I am an American citizen, not an immigrant, everyone in our eighth grade class at the end of the year had to take a citizenship test that normal immigrants take, and apparently I know Jack shit about my own country and my teacher wasn't apparently that observant, so under my desk was an answer sheet with all the answers on it and I'd just take a glance under the desk when I didn't know the answer. (which was nearly all of them) I hadn't got caught, though I do feel pretty stupid for having to cheat on a test with the simplest questions a foreigner could answer
Any Animation ANIMATION!
5:58 DAT FEZ EZ BENDEH (it looks like it)
TechMaster_TM Viewing Channel
James give us your speach for the class "Okay.." "Ahem..Persuasion."
really games the kkk
Sofie Reacts
1:32 James, SEE ME. F-
Mrs. Mckfuzzins
he has the perfect voice
Mrs. Mckfuzzins
man I wish so bad that someone would make these cartoons instead of slide shows I wish they would do every single one
FunnyBunny MEMES!!!
U know what's funny, I never even thought of plagiarizing, I always put thing into my own words
3:55 What is Subway? Do you mean Sooubway?
Madison Byrd
i went to a prepatory shcool in 4th and the 1st 3 months of fith grade
Mia Rodriguez
1:32 ass ha
1:32 it says ass
i didn't knew college schools were shaped like tetris blocks
Kawaii Galaxy Cats
The intro thooooo
Anime Lover
Mr. Batman is called/nicknamed as "Mr. Batman" because he had a very deep voice and kind of sounded like Batman. Like so James can see this
Bluepaw Doesn't Understand A Thing
pshaw once we had a spelling test and my friend got their phone out to cheat and I willingly participated
Nonstop Hi and hello
THANKYOU!! (For being honest)
The intro...
Hi I'm bored
1:24 Swoozie 🙂
Sparkly Purple
ME?!!??!? PLAGARIZE!?!??!?!? NO!!!!!!!
Booky McBookster
I like my math teacher, but HIM as my math teacher would make everything more awesome! (even though I already pay attention in that class)
chain the black dog
if people did notice the fan art most of them are jaiden and james so uh do a lot people ship them now cause i do a bit
Shiny Cacti
Love the into
Kenneth Gordon-bigsky
Am I the only one who seen sWoOzie???lol
Ma Estrella
I plagiarised. I copied my classmates handwritng😊😊😊
Johann Eviota
Blue Chaos 707
Wow James added Ass to his video

Blake Alester
Don't you just love how you can get great grades on everything but one fucking test can fuck that up. AMERICA
Obito Mousios
Wait a minute ....... you said that you suck at whtiting right .My point is ......... how did you make small letters and make those cheats ?
J Tol
Give me a new hair style. #Mr.Batman. #Mrs.BatGirl.
Mark Lucas
hi i love your vids pls respond
ctrl+c and ctrl+v? Do you mean ctrl+a and ctrl+c and ctrl+v?
TheHoppingRabbit _
That intro was spot-on 😂😂👌👌😁It was Beautiful
Jeremy Lehman
Best. Intro. Ever.
Did anyone notice that at 00:34 there was swoozie copying James work like when swoozie made videos about cheating? No? Ok...
KingZya Yt
.' .-. '.
/ .---------. \
/ .---. \
| .. .. |
| / \ / \ |
\ | .. | .. | /
'-.| | | | | | |.-'
| '-' | '-' |
\___/ \___/
.' / \ `.
.' .-| |-. '.
' ...| |... '
| |
| |
| |
/\( )/\
/ ` ' \
| | | |
'-' '-'
| | | |
| | | |
| |-----| |
.`/ | | |/`.
| | | |
'..'| .-. |'..'
\ | /
| | |
| | |
| | |
/| | |\
.'_| | |_`.
LGB `. | | | .'
. / | \ .
/o`.' / \ `.`o\
/o o\ .' `. /o o\
`.___.' `.___.'
the good mythical morning intro though...
darksnow of thunderclan Jayla Griggs
Goodnight everybody
Repea 16
Good mythical morning!!!!!
Ed Dodge
Pilot 420
1:25 is that swoozie
1:33 lol
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