Booker T & Goldust reunite before Raw: Exclusive, April 17, 2017

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One of The Attitude Era's most unusual tag teams ponders one last run as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T joins the Raw announce team.
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Bizzle GTi
i was see him book -end all the wrestlers
Sweetheart Rabby
Best friends forever!
Moby Dick
Booker T and Goldust are great friends off-camera (Dustin Rhodes mentioned it).
Darth Malak
What if they just went ahead and made the change to where Goldust and Booker T do the commentary full time? That'd be awesome.
I do things out of spite
Those 2 by far were the most odd paring I can think of in wrestling history and by far their chemistry was among the most hilarious I have seen. I cant even remember a single match they tag teamed in but I do remember their out of the ring antics XD good times
Um Goldust coming from below Booker brings a whole new meaning to SUCKKKKAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Laurence D
As if wwe wasnt emasculated enough they bring back goldust
King Booker sure loves his Gold.
Big Marc
i'd love to see booker T Wrestle 1 more time in a Wrestlemania match
Booker T trying not to crack up there hahahahahah
Booker T by far one of the greatest of all time.
Wrestling Game
bookers here for a short time not a long time you know I
Lion Colbert
Booker didn't see THAT coming?? Lmao!!
These two were the best thing when WWE started to go sour.
Ed Esteezy
Booker T has gray eyes??
D Bone
Goldust. I'm teamin' with YOU, N!gg@!
Soooooooo. we gonna ignore that Goldust was down there the entire time???
Big Boss
Marcus Giuliano
Vince to Booker...."Damn Mark you lost some weight!"
ricky dona
The expression on the thumbnail tells it all.
notv nosky
have fun you guys...seriously
I loved when Booker T did the high voice back in the day.
Omega 3370
Keep Booker!!!
BrandonDetroitfan Michaels
That forehead getting bigger and bigger
shucky ducky quack quack baby!
Goldust ===============> Seven
Team Rocket HQ
The FIVE TIME master jedi champion!!!!!
Jeff Dees
4 words only can describe this video.............

Shucky ducky quack quack
Liam B
Booker doesn't look 52 wtf
Engi 64DDD
Booker T and Goldust. One of my favorite WWE tag teams of all time.
Great character combination team up bookerdust
Bobby Campbell
Booker T?! What in the blue hell did you do to your hair?!
With WWE's penchant for giving tag teams dopey nicknames, I'm surprised they didn't call Booker and Dustin "Little Golden Book."
Manuel Ramirez
this is why goldust turned on r truth
Maurice Brodie
Book--Dust ... one last ride.. Tell me you didn't just say that..LMAO!
Davis Enas
Yung Yeezy
the way golddust came in has me weakkk
Richard Bearns
the cameraman screwed up when he step backwards the camera went down just a little bit on the other hand I know it's all just for character and that's what the big shots are telling them to do but I would never want another man to come up from my crotch area especially on national TV
Kev Ngoun
Attitude Era? You mean Ruthless Aggression era's tag team! Booker T came at a time the Attitude Era was adjusting to the new era.
One of the best double acts in WWE history.
Rawang Adrian
love them when goldust n booker t together again.. hope they back again for once in life time..thats my wish.. now tag team formations is boring like sheamus n cesaro
EDP 316Gamer
SHANE 102588
Booker T and JR are the best commentary
Lim Lim
Booker is a Boss !
Booker over Otunga
Jackie Robinson
Yeah Booker T back on commentary
Tim Crawford
Please keep Booker T
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