Booker T & Goldust reunite before Raw: Exclusive, April 17, 2017

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One of The Attitude Era's most unusual tag teams ponders one last run as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T joins the Raw announce team.
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wish they pushed gold dust for a wwe title run but wwe sucks
Hulk hogan, we comin for you N....
Tommy 'the nightmare' Smith
0451 Shodan
why is booker trying to talk standard English so much? what a sell out
Dakota Francis
They reunite good for business
why did they ever take booker off??? he was one of the best guys on commentary in past 10-20 years.
Scorpion Gaming2
David Stronach
Please keep booker as main commentator put david as an interviewer that would be great otherwise in words of the great king ross david mountain law school now lol wtf.
Stephen Butler
WWE NEEDS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring back Book-Dust for one last tag team run.
Jace N
The old Booker T/Goldust segments were some of the funniest stuff the WWE has ever put on TV, along with Austin/Angle, Jericho/Steph, some DX stuff, and the XFL.
FD Mayhem
Golddust. Booker T

That would be a fun return!
I Think WWE Need more Freaks I mean The Positive Meaning
Something Different Special Like The Undertaker Or The Boogeyman
Someone With Superpowers Or Special Gimmick
For example like the Hurricane With His Costume and Mask

It would give WWE Some Fresh Air
Walu TV
Book Dust is back
Stephen Butler
BOOKDUST needs one more run with a tag team title victory!!
Javi Lim
Who thinks goldust in a way looks like sting?
Что он там делал внизу))))))
keifer harris
Haha roman reigns vs john cena for wwe championship wrestlemania 34
Chris Ficklin
Athif Khan
That is not the Real Golddust
Shayan Zafar
Andy Ibarra

Nardo Sanmero
What was Goldie doing down there huh? :D
Gold dust came up from a bj
Pa Yusupha Ceesay
"I'm only here for short time not a long time". I'm only one that said wayyyy up I feel blessed 😂😂
Matas Cebatorius
Booker > otunga
balistic knight
did booker t and gold dust a tag team reason i ask booker said something bookdust one last ride what did he mean?
Blue Damil
Classic booker t and gold dust :)
Dian Negron
Smackdown RULES!!!
George Hernandez
This was my favorite tag team at that time!!
David Otunga is the most unusual person I have ever heard of. The man has a law degree from Harvard and he is doing movies and commenting for WWE.
Ian Harte
da thuper thar thakeup
Ryan McCann
5 time 5 time 5 time 6 time**😂😂
DaniMercado MX
Goldust on Smackdown live... please
Oliver Haapala
Booker Tee was actually the first dude to beat Goldberg CLEAN. It was a no DQ match anyway, and Goldberg cleanly lost 1-2-3. The Kevin Nash one just broke the streak, but it wasn't clean and Goldberg had dealt with the outside interference in his match already with Book.
I love Book's raspy, rough voice. He cut one of his best promos in dubya cee dubya when he was part of the Harlem Heat against Ho Kogan "Ho Kogan we comin for u ****!" lmao.
ssj zd
Tirrell Livingston
Yes please for 1 more run for BookDust as champs! Golden Truth never worked but BookDust certainly did.
bookdust one more tag title run!
Prince Syny
So sweet
Can you dig that, sucka
raianna 17
Snub Snub
You want it you got it It's the golden truth!
Matt Leach
Great camera work there, had no idea Goldust crawled underneath him moments before he showed up lol
Golder T.
Jett Jones
We want book dust back
Otunga adds nothing to commentary. zero. he's boring. Let Booker stay on permanently or better yet - LET J.R. DO WHAT HE DOES.
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