North Korea drops nuclear bomb on US city in chilling WW3 simulation released by Kim Jong-un

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A nuclear bomb strikes an American city, sending a huge fiery mushroom cloud soaring into the sky in a chilling World War 3 simulation aired in North Korea.

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Nicholas Carvajal
David M
this is gonna happen.may not be nkorea but it will happen.
the fact that this country shows the death of another country in the video is proof they must be eradicated from the modern world
Emily _animal_lover
Oh no!! 😵😩🙁
Connor Gibson
Jim Jong un is so stupid, he looks so gay he is a dangerous brat
Guest 1682
7 missile fails and he hasn't gave up... I think he should stop
Guest 1682
He needs a diet all he does is play games... He's a yeti
Hadley Roper
I love how he's telling his starving people that there the best army. When they can't be keep the lights on.
admtech69 channel
Who wants to be watching this in 2033???
Gerald Mejia
America must wipe out north Korea please god stop nwo
Alexis Vidals
ww3 is going to start we are history
Jiggy fun
Hot soilders!
puneet alag
North Korea will wipe America off the Map
Nick Smith
America sanctionaed any country to make ballistic missile then they fired this weapon on Syria so another lie by America , now Korea probably have the same weapon but a ballistic nuke.
Even if North Korea were to drop a nuke and destroy a city in the United States. The United States would respond and probably destroy the whole North Korea. War is never the answer. Hopefully there will be other ways.
Nigga please!!
john johnson
We really need to take this gummy bear out once and for all. This fuck tarred will get is people hurt or dead if his ass keeps overloading his mouth.
The 7 Super Souls
It sickens me that people cheer for the destruction of civilians. This tyrant should be nuked to kingdom come, and all those who truly support him along with him.
John Gilmour
end all trade with that fat boy!
John Gilmour
the us should take out his bunker with a big boy biggest ever!
John Gilmour
Eyeswideopen Truth
N Korea don't wanna Fuck With US
Trump is a Trigger Happy President and he isn't afraid of these fuckin Gooks
We will destroy NKorea
Soco de Mesa
This is so ridiculous.
Fat fuck King Kong Jim is a coward and all talk. Attack the americans if you dare, you sack of shit. LOL
Mr John
John Doe
you only can blame the people who voted that antichrist devl in office​ no one wins but elite Rich folks radiation never leaves the atmosphere so it traveling through the air in rain Man always think they created this planet Dum move on mankind 😈👹👎 Trump is the devil in human form
Miguel Gonzalez
He wants war....... than ok😇
kong inthaa
cool kim
Maybe in other cultures, this is supposed to scare people. But if an American is threatened, he gets a big gun and goes over and shoots that fucker.
Eric Taylor
Let's send Kim dumbass a present by airmail. We only need one MOAB for his fat ass. Maybe two.
Steven B
Fuck Korea and Fuck the secret service ... dick sucking agents
Kevin Hamilton
at least that's what America history books will say.
Kevin Hamilton
I would say korea army and Nazi army favor both were pathetic.
R Fuhrer
If they only knew what is in store for them ! The US has shit that you will not know of for 60 years from now ...... Pin Pong bab-un had better run into his caves !! When it comes , he will never know !!
billy wright
That fat fuck need a boot in his ass
yveslo lou
porky pig days are number
Colin Hands
he needs to go
Y nao
korea hell
Mad Drivers101
time is up get it on now
They didn't show the video how the U.S. will retaliate back?
So glad that North Korea is about to be wiped out.
Chris Fawkes Of Anon
don't underestimate the opponent as they may have an ace up thier sleeve
Nadim Abdul-Munhem
North Korea is going to teach the americans a lesson they'll never forget
getalife dumbass
finally the US is going to put this fat fucker in check
Nickey Bestgamer
Kenneth Losteter
Nuclear warfare, shall lay them to rest.
mike b
i had an epiphany watching that Military Parade....i was thinking to my self....why dont we have large beautiful military parades like this in the US..... Parades with thousands of soldiers marching, tanks and missile carries rolling down major city streets, and jet fighters up above .....Then it dawn on me.....LIGHT SWITCH!....oh shit because our soldiers, tanks, jets are constantly being deployed to foreign soil to expand or continue american imperialism....because our bombs are always being used, because our jet fighters are always in position to defend US interest or carrying out strikes on foreign nations..... The N Korean (((MILITARY))) doesn't have a fraction of invasions, murders, kills, under it's belt as america....since its fight with its brother S Korea in 1950... its pretty much did nothing to anyone else in the world.....FOR THE MOST PART.... DID NOTHING AT ALL WE CAN REMEMBER IN RECENT TIMES BESIDES MARCH AT A PARADE..... I hope they ready for this beast that feast on its own offspring called America because SHE WILL NUKE YOU!!!....THEN FLY BACK THROUGH AND NAPALM YOU TO KILL THE SURVIVING WOMEN!!! THEN FLY BACK THROUGH AND SPRAY AGENT ORANGE TO KILL THE SURVIVING CHILDREN!!!
Fredrick Smith
never happen by them losers take him out America North Korea and South Korea will be you and not United if they kill that fat piece of s*** his people hate him
al penns
those guys look like super soldiers look how they march millions of them
al penns
I wouldnt go into North Korea to fight this has to be all missiles
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