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Nebu Cat
Please PRAY for my brother he always says "i feel bad" he is 6 years old, and he is my small brother. I'm so worried about him! He went to hospital😷🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😢😥😭
ruchi sharma
Toast Lover
I feel like I have a masters degree in lifesaving after watching this
Mobile Task Force Nine Tailed Fox Commander
Video Don't panic control your breathing

Me ok don't panic yes but hold your breath don't breath normally

Video bubbles will direct where to swim in

Me ok dose t with scuba gear for protection bubbles point down ok
ELEVATORS CANT FALL! Otis Elevator made a spring lock system to stop that from happening ._.
Ramsha Musani
When these situations come i will forget all of these 😂😂
how do you known this things?!
MrTakeMy ミスター・テイク・ミー
i never drown like that, i have asthma so i start breathing 3 times in 1 second, and i start screaming. I drown everytime i go swimming.
Jimmy Cubs
What if you're a child and your parents don't know what to do?
Emily Anderson
Hello guy ! ! apologize This video truly looks deepl} sicgcome x‑D
Sunil Waghchoure
The last ones were from bright side
yasmin rizquina
ini baguussss unntuk tahu gimana yg benar /salah its biutifful
The Moonpaw07
guess I'll die
Gheorghe Ciocirlan
Mine Pout Put de langa mim Put de sufletu tau Domnu it go Put de moldovean frumos socrucu mim Put de sufletu luilr,cfcx cd
Daisy Ke
You forgot the car in a storm
mark-nick hafer
Jumping in a elevator does nothing
Peter Jackson
You see kids that's why we watch YouTube all the time
iron wolf
um I'm immortal
This saved my little brother. Thank you. He started choking on a carrot 2 days after I watched this video.
Peyton Harrell
1:51 how tonescape from a stinking car
Amanda dedvukaj
One time the ocean was pulling me back but I ran out I almost died there
When it said with the if you can't escape via window I thought he was gonna say if you can't escape via window then accept your faith
Heather Cannon
same here
to scared to move someone might be in the house or the hallway
Elevators just cant drop
Nolwazi Waugh
I don't think u could survive a falling elevator
keuk kim
Thanks for the tip
Tatty Teddy
I think the person on the lighting looked more ticked off than hurt
Malgorzata Ordon
są jacyś polacy
You have 10 minutes before you get cold.

I can hold my breath for 5 seconds.
Nath Jiménez
lol I once rode my bike during some heavy rain, it was fun
Jeff Zebert
A real-life drowning is usually not what I like to call a "Hollywood drowning". In a "Hollywood drowning", the drowning person is screaming and thrashing about in the water. In real life, drownings usually take place much more quietly than this.
Unicorn DIY
Me: walks into elevator sees a man lying in the floor with one arm over face and the other under his head.
Roland Orszag
dude at the elevator one if he covers only his head then what about the other parts of the body's other parts? (like: torso; the heart, lungs, and these stuff.)
Afrin Jame
THANK YOU very much 5 Minutes Craft for giving this important and helpful informations
Dr Donday
1:42 uh.. I think it's actually suppose to be 1/15,000,000. Not 1/0.00000015 bc that is like saying you have a 7000000% of being in a falling elevater
2:57 "bubbles will indicate what direction to swim in" well that's common sense everybody would swim up
allah will hit who ever he want with lightning, there is no escape, the only place safe from allah is him
Alexia Girl
From where you get these ideas?
Cari :3

The swimming instructor was bad and bluntly. I almost drown in class every time and could not swim in the big pool because I didn't know how to swim,but that person didn't care. God and guardians angels only took care of me, or it's not my death time. I almost died and no one care about me in that class.
This is why God is my shield and protector.
I am not sure if I can save someone, but at least I have an idea how to manage be in the waters and move myself in the pool.
Joel Lopez
jeffrey romero
Akye.slime .squad
no matter how hard we try we are gonna die when it's time for us to die. So live life the best ! Ps one question : * how to survive if we are in the sea and surrounded by sharks * and * how to survive if we are lost in sea and don't have any service on our gadgets or if our gadgets is out of power, in an RIP current/wave,surrounded by sharks,in a small boat and have not enough food or water ? *
sniffles is awesome
Stay away from people named Eddy, they will pull you underwater.
Devin Taylor
Nothings impossible
me and our family happy family fun in youtube
understand that under water and can't open the door of car that is main problem
Medina_ Man_
what's the chances being this calm
nirmala pushker
rafatmona Tasyer
I Love you
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