Olivia Hyland
Aww I miss his small cute curls in his hair
Yessenia Lara
I didn't really like that grey dress tbh .... sorry
Aleisha Callaway
I have to admit this... but I feel like the trailer is better than the actual movie.
More like 50 Shades of Porn
Nimisha Jain
which song is this
porn 90%
Emerson Riley
There are 6,666 dislikes right now. Satan is upon us.
Ochirzaan Ochiroo
song name/
I prefer young gay couples but Okay
Kristen C.17
this movie got bad reviews idk why. I loved it a lot. in the first movie I wanted him to show more affection, and that is exactly what this one is about. it doesn't deserve the 4/10 it received. I hope they make a third. :^)
Araceli Dunlap
☆☆ Fifty Shades Darker (2017) 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥-𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 [𝐇𝐃] ☆☆

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Alifya Anandiani
I need the full version of this soundtrack
Hanne Roels
where do we find this song though?? it's been so long
just watched this movie because im bored and kinda stuck here in middle east..... .........
.......... .and yeah nothing special just had a boner
i'm reading these books when i'm 18
Is it so bad like it looks, Like first?
''And then I caught him watching porn!"

"Ew! That's so disgusting!"

"So the new 50 Shades movie is coming out."

"I KNOW! I'm so excited."
EllieK 123
Is it bad that I'm 12 but love this movie so much??? not for the sex, for the drama and tthe story........
Asiya Bachchan
I want this version of crazy in love. anyone knows where to download it from?
Ragheb Ab
i burn to see it 💣💣💣💣💥😜😁😄
Noura Kchaw
This film is so stupid! It shows that Hollywood is run by obsessed kids
kim jung Un
let me tell y'all 'bout jesus again
Glynda Kurtz
This is the great film and we can't wait ever again. Here you are, enjoy online and completely free https://plus.google.com/100611131003107858154/posts/NTnCXMvSnex?aeeh5b
Angela van den Burg
Ohhh ohh ohhh ohh no no
Mehmet Yuksel
What music in this video
Rohit Raghuwanshi
Comis GTR
whats the song plz, not the original this version
Sunako Akazawa
Ew so this is what middle aged women enjoy watching these days?
EDH 1970
when is this being released on dvd please
roka onlyhope
i loved it it was amaing
Elizabeth P
does anybody know that song is this?
Hanne Kleppe
Haydar Alaidrus
gembel ngentot
Daniel Garraway
Romy Yahia
who sing this song and what is name of song
Hey Cristiyan
Omg you guys who ever is seeing this comment you gonna fall in love with this movie because the back story of the both movies is amazing
Senda Wager
Fifty Shades Darker Movie Available in hd Quality
Stream Now https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/7URSfNNRwyL
SUD 3 Dollars
Fifty shades of BTS😂😂 Army's 😂😂😂
Steve Denton
The trailer is far better than the film. Don't waste your money! I got a refund. First time - it was that shite!
Ded Sec
all i understand is that this movie is all about ```fuckin`` hard and slaping each other, i see no romance and no porn, so what is it? (BULLSHIT) :)
Irene Chhuoey
This movie makes me realize how shitty of a relationship I'm in 😓😓😓 I wish I had a guy like Christian grey:(
Come read my review on this movie ! I'm a student in screenwriting and a movie and series addict !https://www.facebook.com/notes/movie-review-critique-cin%C3%A9ma/james-foleys-fifty-shades-darker-february-2017/434077586928934
Aya Abdelrahman
what's the name of this song ?
Reva ishyani
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Mathilde Monnier
What is the music ?
Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC
Loved it! Jamie is so sexy I can't 😍💦👅
FortyShredZ GTA
the first one was so shit i turned it off after 10 minutes. Expect this to be the same.
Altin Ademi
So the next movie is going to be: fifty shades of even darker, and the last movie is going to be: fifty shades of black oh wait its allready here
Ob Pavuk
never knew that soft porn movie could be so boring and bland which is sad cause main actors are quite good...they learned nothing from the first movie just like Twilight
NorHack s
50 Shades Darker 720p Dual Audio 100% without viruses no survey no registration Go to Link and Enjoy ,Downloading
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