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Ok. Back to our normally scheduled compilations. Hope you guys enjoyed all the best of's, but lets kick off the new year with some new clips. Here are the best ones submitted in December. Thanks for the support, Happy New Year, and as always, Salute!
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Man Stumbles out of Moving Vehicle
Guy Gets Pinched while Sleeping on the Job
Girl Crashes Going Down Stairs in Wheelchair
Mountain Biker Scorpions at Lake
Little Girl Flies off Bumper Car
Guy Breaks Hammer on Gong
Girl Almost Gets Hit by Car
Guy Tries to Break the Ice
lit Girl Breaks Table
Girl Falls Skateboarding in Brussels
Couch Surfing Fail
Camera Takes Journey after Car mess
Backflip Bail on Scooter
First Time Rider Crashes on Dirt Bike
Guy Wipes Out on Water Jet Pack
Kid Runs into Skateboarder after Grind
Front Flip off Tire Ends in Faceplant
Girl Breaks Table after Failed Scorpion Attempt
How to Not Demolish a Building
Motorcyclist Goes Flying Off Curb
Snowboarder Wraps Himself Around Tree
Pole Dancer Breaks Blacklight
Driver Rear Ends Car Stopped in Middle of Road
Daughter Farts on Mom's Lap
BMX Frame Snaps after Stair Jump
Mustang Crashes on Slick Road
Striptease Ends in Broken Chair
lit Man Roams Bar Naked
Guy Fails to Juggle Egg
Man Breaks Open Can of Spray Paint with Axe
Car Loses Wheel while Drifting
Man Attempts to Crowd Surf
lit Girl Faceplants in the Garage
Guy Fails to Jump through Playground Gauntlet
Board Breaks Longboarder's Fall
Blindfolded Man Destroys Christmas Tree

2:48 lol lmao
jacob smith
At 3:00 is the song call on me
Goth Lick
1:50 hahaha!, The camera thrown to the front seat of the car! you can see the driver's face ! im crying!
Abu Akram
pause at 00:03
Sean Im
3:43, you do not deserve Eleanor
Miss Strawberry
Best fail of the month? My Period
0:42 BOTH ya fuckin feet run over
1:27 SOFA ,so good....1:40..FAIL!
0:13 Can you just imagine the irony if that stupid girl in the wheelchair broke her spine and ended up.... actually in a wheelchair for the rest of her life!
Hoang H. Nguyen
the last one is so funny :"D
Blacques Jacques
I don't know what the hell is so hillarious about a fart but it definitely is .
0:40 that's why we look both ways when we're about to cross the road
Ain dhoqhsq
hml.. lkn.. fik ok.. dhm.. on.
kmg. onf. lmg... fk.. nfk . of
If this ain't country, I'll kiss your ass. : ) 1:28
The gamer Group
who else thought the guy who had the "knife" in 4:02 was gonna cut himself
Sir, stop!!
gàsoliné msp
The last one i had to re-play 10 times bc it's just to funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amir Bageria
Is that guy's arm broken at 5:40?
supah dupah
0:11 lmfao i couldn't stop laughing
Max Gandhi
The women in 2:45 is sooo good looking and sexy
A Person
1:04 If that happened to my family and I, I would be too busy laughing to help
Achmad ZackyJr
2:50 What is she doing???
Alex Wilson
KittyCat Gaming
Fail bells, fail bells fail all the way! Oh what fun it is to do a barrel roll off a train! Oh fail bells fail bells fail all the way! Oh what fun it is to do a barrel roll off a train hey!
Angeles Arbelaez
0:14 at this moment wheelchair girl knew... She F*** up.
18:37 had me crying lol 😂😂😂
Rae's Soapbox
I sincerely love when expensive fast cars get rekt from stupidity.
rickjeffson amor
LOL hahaha😅😁
Preston Simon
Did anyone else think the screen was upside-down at 3:00 😂😂
0:50 was that head first!?
Chris Gregory
2:44 Miranda Strips
1:01 Family's not having a good day
Justin Stojanoski-pearson
Miku bakes Kawaii cupcakes
1:00 drunk much
Metal Michael
fucking idiot longboarders.
ClownPrince OfCrime
No one comments about the bikers go pro that flu thru the cars back window and into the drivers side of the dash 😂😂
Uncle Jemima
What was the point of the last one
Guy at 2:52 got smack real hard hope hes ok.
If they are already in a wheelchair don't put them in more danger leave them be
dude at left the brake off, but nice save.
last one was either planned or that dude tried to hit the kid cause that was one hell of a low swing xD
never go down a hill on a skateboard unless ur laying on ur back on it, and even then.......the laws of physics say u will eat shit!
elisabeth marsolais
omgggggggggggggg a shelby gt 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he smash it, what a stupid guy!!!
tana dhube
nah i made the start of fail army
1:27 this is how rednecks spend their time
Kaori Chan
Sometimes I question the sanity of these people
Anthony Gaddy
The last one was hilarious!
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