Ryan Gosling wins Best Actor at 2017 Golden Globes

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Ryan Gosling wins Best Performance in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Actor for La La Land at 74th Golden Globe Awards 2017

Ali Özkara
that's one hell of a good acceptance speech. bravo sir.
Soto Kar
Ryan Gosling is not only an incredible actor but also a remarkable human being.What a beautiful speech.Eva Mendes is very lucky!!
Pavaris Dunn
la la land - director's cut https://vid.me/fJR7
Adi Adrian
00:55 Yeah Ryan, cause the movie is made only by 3 people.
Gnomes Child
Just when you thought you couldn't be any more in love with him after lalaland <3
so much class
Close-set eyes don't equate good looks, they say.

Well...that blew that theory out of the water.
When Yuta ate the lemon
Jesus I come here for Ryan but I see the 'my vaginaaa' idiot trying so hard to make people laugh. Cringgeee
Overrated as fuck
such a beautiful tribute to his family,he is such a sweetheart!😍😘
Niall Hassett
So well deserved, he was incredible.
Gnarly Nina
MK Niazi27
Instead of commenting Eva is so lucky! Imma comment about how Lucky Ryan is to have such an understanding wife.
zack lyzun
He should of won for beyond the pines that was one of the greatest movies ever I've never cried that hard since the it's not your fault scene with Matt Damon and Robin Williams
Awww such a sweet speech. <3
Irfan Ahmed
what a decent man, family Always comes first and he remembered them in his victory
Gina Garibaldi
Ryan's speech was classy and incredibly sweet.
Rahul Varma
First Conan and now Andrew Garfield. Yeah something is up with Ryan Reynolds 😂.
Disney Toys Down Under
Love both Ryan's!!! ❤
Jimbo Jub
Such a stand up guy
max lafougere
Amy shumer suck so much
Karina Paramitha
My. Heart. Literally. Explodes.
Then I wonder why I love him 😍 So sweet.
man fuck this guy and his perfect life
Birch Bellehumeur
I used to think that in the old Scooby Doo love action movie, Freddie Prinze Jr was Ryan Gosling.
Sam Baxter
Class act
to the drooling women. lets see it from a different perspective.. he took a movie over being there for his wife!!!! i bet shes really happy about that!!!
Rex67Diego9 fandub
finally spidypool happened
B Rozzy
I have no Idea who this guy is...I only watch Netflix
Kyle Campbell
I wish Deadpool had won something
That's nice he's more than likely to not win the oscar. So this was his moment.
Jade Arrow
Am I the only one who's still sad about Andrew Garfield's and Emma Stone's break up? They were so great together, sad to not see them sitting together... :(
Kj Naz
Dade Murphy
Why you gotta make me cry like that bro?
A.M Lash
His speech was so genuine and he is such a nice and humble guy, he is Canadian after all...
But seriously this was for me the speech of the night, not Meryl Streeps
Vidisha Roy
What a bloody good actor!! however not sure if I wud like to watch La La Land...especially for that annoying emma stone
this dude stays making me cry in his movies and now in real life lol
Kamila M.
Ryan always making us Canadians proud😍😍😍
What a class act. 👏
cheryl gould
I ❤❤️ Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds!!!! So happy that these awesome humans are fellow Canadians 🇨🇦
Stannis The Mannis
Eva Mendes is very lucky. What a man.
Zahra 101
Did you see Andrew garfield and Ryan Reynolds kiss in the background
Eternal Kraut
A real hero and a real human bean!
oh my goddd.......
Tina Elevation
Ryan Gosling is always so classy. Great actor and so handsome.
Patricia Solmiano
I WANT RYAN GOSLING TO BE MY HUSBAND HAHAHAHA. Kidding aside eva is very lucky to have ryan as her husband.
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