America's Got Talent 2017 Visualist Will Tsai Unbelievable Sleight of Hand Full Audition S12E01

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Never seen anything like this - magic completely out in the open

Nakatsu NammonAllice
Rose is his mic? Lol
Toi Tran
He's cute by the way..
Wow, just noticed something... Speed 0.25 at 4:12, just before he put the card down something is reappearing... Something shines under the card momentarily.. Anyone else noticed????? Maybe hidden compartments on the board?
Brn Q7
whats the song at 5.20?
Brn Q7
whats the song at the end?
Dude. He just made the coins rearrange itselfs in a blink of an eye without covering them, and you dont press the golden buzzer? My god
Raul Gabriel
How wtf. He's so fast I can't even see him replacing em'
I dont know how but it's amazing
For me the table is all a screen
franco 1029
2:32 fart๐Ÿ˜‚
ThePufferfish Gaming
That table look's like a screen
plam riffer only
Dabest Lee
Really no golden buzzer?!?!!?
this is magic
Captain Disillusion...
Sean O'connor
That was incredible. wow. I loved it
Lalu Atta official
It is not real
Rasit Cetin
That is not magic well not in the wizarding world, that is tricks
Alex Trendler
is that arianna huffington
Brandon Quintero
Carbonaro effect got Howie beat, sorry
caleb wilson
Some of it is real but the rest is just such bull shit
DB Production
Holly sHEEIT that didnt deserve a golden buzzer it deserved a fucking emrald buzzer holy crap
The judges were hypnotized!!
rishab kalra
my guess is that the frame is a screen and the coins are images
Rahul Rana
asians prefers to do namaskar then waving hand... it made me feel like he is from our home
"Your talent isn't interesting enough! Where's your dramatic backstory?!" - every talent show ever.
4:47 dat face doe xD
ะ›ั‘ั…ะฐ ะฟะธะดั€
dolce gabbana
NO sleight of hand..
Indi Steenland Productions
Video starts at 3:25
Ronik stha
Itu pakai jin
so yeah the coins is the most impressive bit but surely this bit is easier to deduce, where the fuck did those cards go? his sleeves are midlength
Brandon Evans
fake. it was all video edited this wasn't the real live performance
wow u r amazinggg bro your family so pound with u ๐Ÿ’“
i put my video speed to 0.25 and the coins still teleport not one bit of sliding thats messed up
jumpcuts were really well hidden for the most part. i can see some of the slips (coins jumping cutting out of existence) but it was still really cool to watch. definitely a skilled visualist.
Dan Dozz
He made the Golden Buzzer disappear.
Zukieee full episode
Little Meowsy
Vantablack cover sheets.
Movie trailers and more
That's voddoo
MC Productions
This makes me ponder the age old life question

How the hell does glue not stick to the bottle...
He is just SUPERHEROS๏ผ๏ผ
Kim Sanderhoff
I figured out how he did it. Notice how the table moves when he snaps his fingers? That's because magnets are moving inside of it.
์‹  ์žฌ ์—ฐ
this guy is a real wizard from Hogwarts and wizardry at Harry Potter
Yash Rai
He's a perfect illusionist or we can say him a perfect man
Thanks to Yamoto, I know exactly how he did this. Hint: The platform is not just a table but a contraption that does the work for him.
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