America's Got Talent 2017 Visualist Will Tsai Unbelievable Sleight of Hand Full Audition S12E01

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Never seen anything like this - magic completely out in the open

Andrew Shea
I like how the table behind him just appeared when he walked on
thích xem minecraft
Alex Shore
Don't blink
Muhd Badres
If this not a trick.. then i believe the whole trick he doing by syaitan..
Fareez Nasir
I tried doin magic tricks for my girlfriend, and she disappeared
Yif Magic done this 3 years ago...
Ah Lao
Not easy for normal person I like you
jessie heartbeat jessica
amazing !!!
Ren Ver
Hogwart is real!
Blaze Daddy
He has a fake thumb, Magic is not real life
Pyus Toto
Thats simply impossible only of your actually a god or a wizard
Deadliest move....."the sleight of Asian"
I think its fake , they saw him do it trow the Big screen above him, that could have been somehow prerecord and photoshopped and he just moved his hands and made it look more real. OR HE USES HAX
I'm still trying to figure out 4:38
josh olitoquit
What's the name of the soundtrack used in his performance??
Ikrema Idrees
It's got to do something with the table he's performing on; I mean he could've done the act on an ordinary table but this one certainly didn't look an ordinary one.
Atoho Garena
is that a trick or a real magic
Sharath Kumar
Will:Don't blink...

Also Me: watches the coins just like teleport IM SORRY FOR BLINKING OUR GOD!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME
Kuyz Batman
Its so amazing ,,the best magic ever seen,,
matteo schmitt
Again officer focus urge controversy complicated transportation spot pray.
JLD Instict Trainer
The golden buzzer not getting push thats because hes the first contender in that day and give the chance to the other contender i guess. but i agree he deserve it
Brian Zakaria
the devil was with him that day.. i saw it from far far away.. lol
vigoss russia
7:22 what is the title of the song
Ivy Scarlet
Satan. It surely is . 😒
Diane Nicole Bacsal
Diane Nicole Bacsal
Nayeem Islam
it is the best magic i have ever seen!!!
Noob Ball
This boy went to hogwarts
Fungirl Sama
I feel weird right now wtf is happening to me
miriam diaz
and i'm still pissed
Rolltideandrew 506
Maybe if he made the coins sing he would have gotten the golden buzzer
****Everything this dude does is disturbing, creepy, and humanly impossible, He's a DEMON MAGICIAN****
V Reacts
What did I just experience with my eyes? This was mind boggling and I reacted to this. Thanks Anthony!
Yosua Febro Gunawan Peranginangin
This trick is very simple. The man sold his soul to Satan. That's it
Raven Francisco
Haha the background music its vainglory soundtrack haha
Im simple asian and i saw this magic trick was long time ago from japan famous magician ... Actually its around 5 or 8 years old magic trick hes copy cat ..
Jaiai Quasi
He should start a YouTube channel. This sorcery magic is cooooooolll
I have created a demo to perform the exact same trick. it is in my most recent video
Desti Permata sari
in indonesia many think can be answered with logic, same like this magic
so by this video you must believe about, god and devil
and then about paradise and Hell
Fire Fox
I like the way people reacted to his performance
fatiha fifi
wow I love it
elven aba
nice and good
O'broy004 K
Normal because he has a demon with him !!!
Boris Chan
"Close up magic"
Watch big screen video from far away...

Right. More like good video editing and good mimic skill
tuyen nguyen
theo nhu minh nghi thi la do cai ban mau den do.
IamJeh Raj
This is clearly a MAGIC not a trick.... OH MY.... Amazinggggg....
Andrew Craft
Ok that was amazing. I'm not a magician but that seems to hard to be slight of hand right? My first thought was he's somehow using magnets. Otherwise that's a deal with the devil.
Death The Grim Reaper
-So do you have any pets?
-Yeah, I have a dog and a cat.
-So what are they called?
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