YouTube Has Already Deleted This Video Once - WATCH IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

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Connor Anderson
soak me in bath salts dad
I have no idea why this was recommended to me. The creator of this channel is nothing but a racist faggot.
steven mccrossan
Who's the real enemy? Which country is amassing it's troops on the Russian border? Who is trying to provoke a war for the sake of our freedom? Yes folks God bless America defenders of the Zionists. Wake up America for fucks sake before its to late. Pull your heads out of your arse. Remember the Patriot act, the war on terror, the land of the free my hole. Your a fucking joke, they want to disarm you and terrorise you and you can't you see it? WW3 Armageddon and its who's fault. The United States of America and you lot let it happen.
Kool Cheeze
click Bait?
this is more like THE FAKE NEWS CHANNEL!
Noelio Emerald-Isle
Happy New Year Vlad...from Ireland
Lila Bennefield-Lowrey
That was very nice. I don't believe Russians are bad, I do believe most politicians are paranoid. I believe there could be peace and friendship between our countries if people would see each other as people.
Thomas Naulty
why would they delete this video I don't get it
Angie Johnson Chandler
At the end of this vid a man is saying Michelle Obama is really a man. OMG. The Truth Channel indeed.
Angie Johnson Chandler
Video keeps getting deleted, huh? This has been up. Stop w/ the click bait. Ur misleading ppl as much as those u say r misleading. Can't trust anyone INCLUDING "The Truth Channel". Educate yourselves people. Don't believe one source.
George Gereben
We, russians, are just normal people. There are good men
among us and there are bad ones too. But there is one thing I want you
to know - Russians don't want any type of war. And you know why? Because
we know how terrible a war is. We have went through 3 dreadful wars and
have lost more than 40 millions peoples. Don't believe that russians
want to war with you. Don't believe.
May God bless the people of America!
Ronni Elleby
no fireworks ?
Khaled Hitler
delete my ass again😂
Dragan Tankosic
Pomozi Boze...i Sveti Georgije...nama gresnima....!
Tweek Freak
Wake up to the truth of how stupid you are if you Believe This communist Disinformation and don't thank God for America
Tweek Freak
Wake up to the truth of how stupid you are if you Believe This communist Disinformation and don't thank God for America .
Metal Mondragon
The title was good enough for me to wait 7:54 and get no where. Way to be Truth Channel maker guy!
greg jackway jackway
stand together and may all the world live in hope . Greg Aus
Lynn South
what a man! Gotta say, he looks great in uniform. I think he loves his country., ruthlessly.
And they deleted this video because ..............??? This video was banned ??? It's just Putin wishing a Happy New Year to Russian citizens followed by the Russian national anthem. Have I missed something ?
greig wooldridge
UK government please take a leaf out of me Putin's book I never see you my so called leaders addressing your citerzens wishing us peace and such like as Mr Putin all you do is think of us money cow's and tell us lie's to keep us quite so we can keep on paying you our hard earned money you should be a shamed of your selfs
do you guys think this is real it was awesome if this was real everybody can just say something in english and make it positive or negative and im from the netherlands
I noticed this thug mentioned "labor and military duties" but like our dickhead n chief, he never mentions the words LIBERTY and FREEDOM.
Atlas Blitz
im with the right hands russia
Paulthe Otherone
we all get dictated too everyday
we all live by others rules
we all have our goverments lieing to us.
we are all poor in our own ways why the top elites in every countries across the world from the west to the east . from africa to asia and europe , they all take and make us all pay for it again and again in debt and work and with our lifes too

who is worse the enermy you can see or the one you cant?
Tom V
Propaganda wrapped differently
James Wilson (Jimmy)
why delete this?
Steve Starr
Why bother to watch or delete this video, " IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE ".
Leon Tobin
I ask for God's and you send me insects, Muppets and morons .
Did anyone else envision Ivan Drago as soon as the anthem started?
Keyna Washington
Why was this suggested to me?
One beggers to wonder, why would Youtube want to ban this video? Talk about bait...
Control freak reading convenient speech written by pr professional.
Video title written by cheapass clickbait.
America .Puppet government of Russia?
Christopher Van Der Walt
poers face!!!!!
Science Troll
What's this ? Putin speaking in Russian, and I'm just supposed to believe the translator is honest, competent, and unbiased ? Putin speaks English quite well, so why not just put up some of his English speeches ? Thumbs down.
Sunny Red
Man fuck this video you fucking peeons Dude don't give a fuck about you, trump, or the United States of America you fucking idiots
The truthiness of this channel just blows me away.
king suicidol
god bless this planet
Amanda Gomez
Youtube usually recommends awesome videos for me...except for this one...
B Randell
The ONLY reason this may have been deleted is from a copyright claim against you from the RT tv network. 'Truth channel' my ass!
Jose Gualberto
This video is just a load of turd.. Don't waist your time watching this... Its really shit!
O'Neil Dacosta
like a car this is going to back fire
Melinda Johnny
Drzava sa vekovnom istorijom. Rusi, braca Srba, po mnogo cemu. Putin je izvukao iz blata,u kome je bila dugo godina. Jenki, samo mozete da mrzite, to vam je u krvi. Zivela Rusija ! Ziveo Putin!
Hmm.. interesting, Dobby the House Elf has a headwear..
Dictator. RT (Russia Today) is govt controlled.
35% of Russia's wealth is held by 120 odd oligarchs. The average Russian has less wealth than the average Indian citizen.
This man has "made Russia great".....sound familiar?
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