The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his "yard": Raw, March 27, 2017

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In a chilling message, The Deadman shows The Big Dog where his final resting place will be after their collision at WrestleMania.


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Saad Azeem
Roman stupid riegns it is not your yard its the undertaker yard
Girly Queen
Oh april 2 awww! It should be april 1 so its APRIL FOOLS FOR ROMAN hahhaa!😂
Game em Série
yousuf farid
Under teker in the world tiger,
It's your boy Raj
Roman sucks yes he sucks
Onur Şener
Kusum Roy
Ronaldo ZiyadCr7
Plz call undertaker back
Johir Johir khan
Johir sk
dami Koti
My best hero roman I miss u
That ending tho, the light man let the deadman hang 😂😂😂
ameline gaming '
Undertaker 😍
Cristiano Ronaldo
Undertaker is lost player
Ramona Bandera
El undertaker es poderoso
Little Max Advetures-
I love undertaker
Kato minari
Can I just say the undertaker is still one of the more chilling wrestlers out there
Sunil Swami
faiz al
Come back taker
Best for singers 2017 My singing channel
roman is like im not scared of you
Best for singers 2017 My singing channel
Wait a minute the undertaker is dead?
Alexi Cervantes
So fake
Who Roman reigns is thinking him self a king, he is nothing
Dryller Channel
Still the undertaker's yard
Rita Vicari
The Face u make when u get the wrong mcdonalds order 3:49
Winston McGregor
They shoulda let Taker win for the sake of the record and build up for a new reigns transformation and comeback.
...This would have had more meaning If Brock Lesnar hadn't ALREADY put the Deadman down. Sorry WWE, you can't put the genie back in that bottle.
Allen Williams
Shut roman
Laura Nightingale
0:45 this is paige's house actually
Yasin Baloğlu
eski under taker olucaktı
Shri Ram M N
With all you respect undertaker will rest in peace
Undetaker el mejor saludos desde colombia
Simon Willis
So he has to use takers my yard to get somewhere can't make his own thing
Doğukan Büyükyıldız
why wwe still pushing roman
Amadeu laranjeira Gonçalves
Clotaire Vilbrun
savage man
team cena
Charu Sharma Charu Sharma
Joshua labile
Undertaker has been heel and babyface his entire career
Joshua labile
2:21 look at how the undertaker looks at the tombstone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tanki Online AZE
Take is kiiL ? APRIL\2\2017 GAME WHERE???????? DON'T PLAY ??
Tyler 1
would rather Watch undertaker vs underfaker at summerslam 1994 rather than this any day of the year roman doesn't deserve to retire the undertaker for god's sake Smh.
Daishawn Givins
Feel like I was watching a horror movie
Daishawn Givins
Only THE Undertaken can do something like THIS and give you goosebumps still
Owen Daniels
I've not watched much wrestling lately but I like this guy a lot better than the indian they put the belt on
Miguel Gutierrez
Tarik Gunes
Awar Awar
roman call his death
Sheri Palmer
Lol eveyone gets scared when undertaker comes out with his music I saw Romans face get all scared when he heard undertakers music
Neshia Wilkins
But brock lesnar already did that
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