The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his "yard": Raw, March 27, 2017

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In a chilling message, The Deadman shows The Big Dog where his final resting place will be after their collision at WrestleMania.


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Badass Sob
Three - Eyed Ninja
I only watched WWE because the Undertaker was there. Now.. the deadman is not there. I'm leaving watching WWE forever.
Every time they make undertaker bury some1 grave like reigns and lesnars while his entrance he lost the match
Vince D
Ha, yes! @WWE finally something good....where's the lightning..that was awkward at the end.
Danny Shaw
Roman says he is gonna do what NO MAN has ever done before and that's beat undertaker at mania. Didn't roman forget that brock beat the streak at wrestlemania 30?
Zahara Yusuf
💖💙❣💟💞💞💞💟Roman is the best 💗❣💟💝💜💕💝💟
Zahara Yusuf
i love you Roman reigns
Cynthia Dejesus
Undertaker come back
Non importa se Undertaker ha perso, rimane sempre il N.1
Peter Tran
this is actually a good promo for roman reigns
Yousef %
Why do people want john cena to burry the undertaker. John cena is going to get the same hate as roman.
Cody Meehan
Heel and face died like 4 or 5 years ago lol
Aamir Khan
Shazia Fareed
I hate roman
sasho razpivacha
roman ringns can bit you underteker
Hanin Nina
love you roman 😍😘
মোঃ আসাদুল হৃিদয় খাঁন
You trespass in The Undertakers yard, you end up 6 feet under it
alberto balacco
like old times!!
Tina Kuraš
Goo roman reings 👍👍
Zylon Jackson
how did he come all away from a grave yard to the arena
الحمكدار شخصيا
اندر تيكر اقوه واحد ف المصارعه وبيستحمل فنشاات كتيره ومحترم جدا واللى يقول غير كدا يبقى مابيفهمش حاجه اقسم بالله
lâm còi DJ
DuskWolfTeen1 Playz
L 808
the cenanation leader
roman sucks Roman sucks Roman sucks
Jake The Cake
John Cena came to work and was like "anybody seen my Shovel?"
Uriah Cranford
Joaquim Lopes Lopes
Love you roman reings
kelvyn wwe raw
ramon regis e o melhor
Eladio Acosta
romon in like youI agree you paid me the two checks but the one for jan 2 wasnt for the year 2016 it was from 2015 and the one from this month is the first check frm 2016
Enes Celik
best westler ever
848 Gaming
At 2:23 taker is posing for his grave
848 Gaming
Lol 😆 he got scared when he saw the yard
byron boles
OK i am catching up alot on the wrestling story lines and stuff at what point did roman reigns replace john cena and where the hell is randy orton
foolie jerz
Didn't Brock lesnar break the streak in 2014?
Sankit Raghav
roman reigns is best
The Actual Mike MansonTM
Ahmed Mostafa
wow that is amazing
Hameed Nk
Vishnu Das
I luv u undertaker.u r the best u have cool 😎 fighting skills that no other wrestlers have in the history of wwe.😘💝💙.u rock undertaker.R.I.P Braun Strauman
Umeshjaat Bema
ja ram seta ram
Game Empire
Selamın aleyküm beyler aranızda Türk varmı
Dj Sadhu Singh
roman i like you
Seguro inseguro
minha opiniao undertaker vai come o romain reings
Sridhar Kulkarni
@3:52 Pyro did not work...I guess the plan was something else
Ahsan Gujjar
Doge's Older Brother
I already knew Undertaker would return after WrestleMania
Sugar F
Your voice gives me the creeps. your entrance makes me feel adrenaline. YOU makes me feel strong. I have this funny feeling in my stomach and I don't know why. I just know that you'll be a leggend forever and no one can discredit you #thankyoutaker
Awesome road
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