The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his "yard": Raw, March 27, 2017

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In a chilling message, The Deadman shows The Big Dog where his final resting place will be after their collision at WrestleMania.


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Umeshjaat Bema
ja ram seta ram
Game Empire
Selamın aleyküm beyler aranızda Türk varmı
Dj Sadhu Singh
roman i like you
Seguro inseguro
minha opiniao undertaker vai come o romain reings
Vees h
I am the guy
Sridhar Kulkarni
@3:52 Pyro did not work...I guess the plan was something else
Ahsan Gujjar
Doge's Older Brother
I already knew Undertaker would return after WrestleMania
Sugar F
Your voice gives me the creeps. your entrance makes me feel adrenaline. YOU makes me feel strong. I have this funny feeling in my stomach and I don't know why. I just know that you'll be a leggend forever and no one can discredit you #thankyoutaker
Luis Tv
Awesome road
Sammar Al-harthi
l love roman you are the best hoply his win against him
America terrorism of the world
Many people love under taker and was one of the best players of the wrestler after the age did not remain Shi became old and retired from the wrestler but more than the fans and viewers love under taker after the retirement of the game Sirte hate the wrestler
Nehal Aamir
Roman Empire ❤️❤️💗😍
OpTic Grizz
It's All Fake Show
china vilayvong
Lol he lost
Mallesh N
undertaker great
Mallesh N
undertaker great
Alper Kaan Akpınar
Ulan Strowman gebertsinde seni aklın başına gelsin oç
Lucas Dutra
Undertaken I on dung
Kooper Gaming
i see undertaker i click like
Nathan Edwards
hey Roman your good
Klinton Curri
Rip roman
Jukem25 GG
Kowthar Kiin
Kowthar Kiin
jk123 jk123
I was here
Ayush Dutta
yes buddy this is ur ring now and you do what you say
Larry King
that whole time undertaker was under the ring lmao
Govind Parihariya
I love the wwwwwwwwaaa e
Dennis Zafaralla
Your the man roman your the man
vikk ston
like for roman to stop fighting with undertaker
Muhammad Ahsankmk
Dynasty Wrestling Inc.
The Undertaker
See You Again
Abel Belay
I loved this promo by Roman Reigns
Kc Linsalato
whenever I hear those graveyard bells I get chills lmaoo love it
Görkem Eren
Roman Reigns No Horror
Captain America
Mugga Boss
i love roman and rock and usos they my favorite and dean ambrose is funny i like him to im roman reigns at home i pllay wwe and i spear my brother
Abhimnnu Abhimnnu
James Hargrave
I already hated Roman so now I hate him even more
Dalmar Mahamud
fucy you
Brenda Arteaga
Undertaker got his hopes up
world of a Dreamër
Kumail Hasan
good g
King of wrestlemania
Robert Padua
Undertaker's final promo
liljay 1115
i will not RIP knowing roman retired undertaker
kaushal gyawali
my childhood is over
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