sandhya deolalikar
Rula diya yaar
Kirtesh Ghadge
Har har Mahadev
Hardika Rana
Love love it so so nice to see how you you love me
Phoolchand Prajapati
Good acting by balaji & simnaji
Prakash Chandra
New bajiga peswsw
Smith John
Ye kb hua
jiya katyal
wish balaji hadn't cheated on radhabai. they both were madly in love with each other
Great show!
Taha Shahid
Damn! This episode is so touching. I got emotional ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Naushad Khan
Aruna Bhanuse
I love this show
Shivam Kushwah
kya bajirao peshwa banaga
Atika Bibi
Atika Bibi
What means by austre
Sinek Acharya
all views and pablic , old radha bhai and chimma ji reall cupple hasband wife relation before .
that is nothing to change radha bhai
Mithila Akter
Bajirao ka bara bata Nana ji sahab sa pahla mastani ke entry kasa ho sakte ha???
Kings just like Lions had many wives cause they had to spread their lineage incase some fool like Jagmal or Duryodhan turned weak, selfish or greedy. The greedy/selfish/jealous ones were cowards who seldom fought battles with invaders while the powerful ones turned into Warriors. Another problem with having so many wives was infighting. Infighting leads to weakness which invading vultures and hyenas took advantage of. Balaji had only one wife. I canโ€™t find a book which mentions that Balaji married another woman, other than Radhabai.

When it comes to many sons, ancient King Dritharastra had many sons but it was of no use. Bhishma Pitamaha who never had any wives or sons proved to be a powerful Warrior LOL. He was one of the most powerful Warriors who ever lived on Earth.
Shivish Chhetri
Mastani mom is Saroj from Serial Bhabhi
Anand Solanki
maya lama
HILal Hilal
Can I get 50 like
Tila baniya
Why the rao father died
Pushpa Chhetri
why episode after this are not made available in Nepal???
Next director saab will show Bajirao marrying a third wife to continue the bullshit drama ROFL.
Donโ€™t edit Wikipedia without showing facts or citations. Thats why thereโ€™s a box called CITATION NEEDED. Donโ€™t make up fake history.
1 Minute Cover Repost
Bajirao with kashibai ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ i don't like mastani ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ‘Ž
Adhi devadas
Cheeter baliji
jihad guys
shilpa badve
You better have tittledit as BAJIRAO MASTANI only,, This serial is going off track from the thread
Umesh Baldaniya
this is showing fack history balaji had only one wife ,ye Sony Tv wale pata nahi kaha se utha laye puri history ,
narendra dhami
wow super episode
balaji super mindblowing acting, deel khus kardiya
arun bhargava
Fake story about Balaji vishwanath.There is no mention for second wife in book Rau.Director showing wrong .he is making fun of history.
Rishikes Mishra
เคญเคพเคฐเคค เคฎเคพเคคเคพ เค•เฅ€ เคœเคฏ!
Salma Waqas
this serial is amazing
Guru Raj
kashi bayi super acting
vinay singh
Anuj kumar
very slow show
Madiha khan
Firstly i hated radha bai in the movie as well as in drama ... but now i realise that she's the right women , hats off man
Madiha khan
Jo baap ny kia woi beta bhi kre ga :( sadly peshwas had great victories in battle fields but they loose at love , home and loyalty :(
tariq saeed
Chimna ji was not agreed with his father so that's why he was not agreed with his brother second wife
Musty7868 Kharodia
bhai koi batayega 4 baate ....????
1:- tara rani kaha gayi
2:- raaze kaha gaya
3:-taanaji waaps aagaye the na tho kaha chale gaye
4:-phle tho baji k bhai ka naam "Chimna" tha tho ab "Chima" kaise hogaya...????
Sooraj Vishwakarma
Thumbnail kaisa lagata h bey
Paritosh Potdar
Chimmaji Appa is also doing great. He has done great In marathi serials and plays. And now awesome in hindi
Ahsas Ansari
plz change Radha bai
Ahsas Ansari
plz change Radha bai
Akshay Jagtap
Now radha bai acting seems to be good...
Trupti T
Balaji had only one wife. Some commenters here are saying that he had 2 but that's absolutely fabricated. I checked nowhere on google can you find this info of 2 wives. Hence I checked Wikipedia that too said he had one wife. But as soon as this episode was uploaded on YouTube soon someone edited the Wikipedia info and made it 2 wives, for a short time. For those who check wiki, please go back and check it the next day you will see the info has been restored to one wife. Some fishy propaganda behind these attempts to manipulate history so openly. It's as if someone has told these people to comment and provide fake or unreachable evidences for spreading falsehood. Please beware everyone. Don't get emotional and fall for this crap.
shreya Vishwakarma
I don't want this mastaani .๐Ÿ˜‘
amit kulkarni
Bajirao should have mustaches. Mastani was from pranami panth of Islam. She was also devotee of Krishna. Mastani's grave is in Pabal. Bajirao's grave is in Raverkhedi.
Rinku Hundal
Sony TV please make show on Sikh military general Hari Singh nalwa and baba Banda Singh Bahadur ji it's request because your channel always make good historical shows as compared to the other
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