Cartoon Characters HUMAN VERSION #VirtualRealStars

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Hey Visrtualists!! Check it out! These Non Human Cartoons as HUMANS VERSION. 

Virtual Real stars Team bring it straight to you only the highest quality artwork by talented Digital Artists. 

Pictures are created by the best and latest in exceptional Students and Professional Artists from around the world.
Artists Include
These Illustrations  were created by fabulous artist as:

Alaina Bastian is a cosplayer and make up artist.

Sakimi Chan
Sakisakimi might know as Sakimi Chan is a great digital artist who makes stunning paintings of Disney characters, drawn in a completely different way.

Keruto Kotoko

Support their work in their Social Network.

Pixar Monster INC:
Nick  Animation:
Virtual Real Stars:

All the images used during the making of this video were for promote.
All the images  used during the making of this video are exclusive their respective artists.

Song: Invisible
Music provided by Vibe Tracks
All copyright reserved only and exclusively by ©Vibe Tracks

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Remember: Creativity takes courage, and just keep drawing.
Virtual Real Stars Team @VRS

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