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Nudeisy Gonzalez
Really nigga
did he actually cut his hand
Emilia Valverde
I'm gonna get the I phone X now :)))
David Zazueta
"Eggnology" 😂😂😂
Βασω Μπαϊράμογλου
Hahahahahahahahaha you made my day better
Mira Aljarrah
Appel has siri ...pinappel has maria 😂😂
Pete Pagan
Hilarious! You should be on SNL!
ladi dadi we like to party
I only just caught on that Trabajo is work in spanish. Well i didn't choose spanish so i can't be blamed.
Noor Ahmad
I want it
Steve Trabajo

Trabajo means job in spanish😂
Allen Romo
I'm going to get that and use a knife
Everything Kenzie
I use Apple
What do u guys use
Have u watched IT
Why not subscribe
Why not like this comment
Do u have any reasons for not to like
I am not gonna lie
This thing I am doing
Is wasting your time
Everything Kenzie
What happened to think a little shittier? 😭😭
salina eyna
"Scientist Who pretended doing stuff for the camera" hahahahahahah
9,999,999,999 Veiws
Who understands trabajo?
simon hand tv
thEoFFicial NaYNaY
Love this channel
Livingmylife 16
"Of how crazy-uh-great uhh everybody gonna have good time." Im dead😂😂😂
black coffin360
If I have to use my blood just to unlock a dumbass phone then I won't get it it's just going to be too painful lol
Jason Li
Who just keep on watching this again and again lmao?
Manava Ribabaiti
Lola Zavala
If only businesses people were honest 2:02
Cheng Su
Yeah the iPhone x is good but can I buy Rudy instead?
Essence waddy
There like the Apple wireless headphones but they don't really work
James Ileto
Did he really cut himself
Zhibek Swann
I'm from Kazakhstan, but I speak in Russian. I thurmed up subtitles. And I was surprised😂😂 Who speak in Russian must turn them on😂
Game Kanaal
Hahahah love u amigo...
Amir Legends
I want the pineapple iPhone x
Louise Womack
In the Phil Inez trabajo means work 😂
Cian Lumbuan
Trabajo actually means Job
Jazzy Elianna
i would buy this 😂
Carmen Fernandez
Steve Trabajo😂🤣
high five 5
i.12 hahaha 😂😂
AcTiV Shuriken
maria is my mom
Man .V S. Gaming
With blood lock couldn’t people with the same blood type as you open your phone?
KP Van Damme
Would have been funnier if at the end, his whole arm was drenched in blood.
XxKillerGodxX 07
I'd buy
😂😂😂😂 wow!!!
Магомед Тасуев
Бляяяяя как годно
Master. KL
I want one of those
10.000 Subs sin Videos
It's not god, it's gosh yeah OMGosh
Aaliyah Gill
But I low key want the Pineapple IPhone X 😭 Rudy is such a great salesman
farqad yousuf
dude u r just amazing
Minephoria YT
Who else noticed his name is steve trabajo, which means steve jobs or steve works in spanish lol
The Z Squad
I'd like 2 of those please.
Sick Guy
"Steve Trabajo"
Fe boa
Fun fact 'trabajo' means job so basically he's called Steve job
Gamers rage
U r awesome bro....
Keira Ashworth
I feel like Rudy buys the phone, accidentally breaks it and makes a video on it...
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