A Homemade Meal . . . From a Vending Machine

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In Japan, vending machines generally sell beverages and simple, readymade provisions. But fresh curry over rice? You bet. Along a lonely stretch of highway in Awa-shi, Japan, you’ll find a rare vending machine selling tantalizing homemade meals. Even better? The vending machine owner, Tadashi Yoshimoto, grows the rice in every meal just down the road on his own farm. In a country that prides itself on the freshness of its food, Yoshimoto has set a new standard for readymade fare.

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This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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Adila bn
It's like opening a restaurant but entirely out of one machine... Glad he can support himself doing what he loves
-,' RED ',-
Where do i watch like full episodes of these shows? Cause they feel like 58 mins too short.
Maxine130 Peralta
Hopefully, a lot of people will buy it. Bless this man
Mikhail Podushkin
I love how the guy comes off so happy, he really seems he loves what he's doing and seems dedicated as well, God bless him.
I need to get on that Japanese diet.
b t s n
Love these videos. What a cool guy 😎
coolkkcookie lol
I sell rice 🍚 (it cost 1 like!!! :)
God damn that curry looks good
NerD 345
Tbh that looks hella good
Zook Inthe6ix
A vending machine in Japan is 10 fold more fresh and healthy then any restaurant in the states. Sad
Quin Cassic
"As long as my body and machine work"

Omg I hope both of those things work for a long time
Tim Hawkins
lily ye
Do you mind giving me the exact adress? I would love to visit this vendimg machine when I go to Japan this year
het deg
I need this in my school
Sqeeeeeeeeeeeee HE'S SO CUTE
Curry man is cool
It looks really good
Joe Mama
Put this in America and the machine will always be empty.
Ugly Jerk
Japan is amazing
Chimmy Q
He looks so proud I love it!
Le Joy
What a guy!!! Love him.
hola hola
It's not homemade if it's made by a machine
Liang Wang
Hope we have one in my school
Amaya Zelaya
That looks pretty damn good!
Man, Japanese are such hard workers. Major respect, bro.
haowei lee
After watching this, I'm feeling hungry now, and want to eat rice with sauce
Jessica Dorantes
That looks sooooooo good!
Anyone who eats chicken and rice from a vending machine has a death wish.
Kacey D.
Ooohhh vending machines in America need to be this creative and not junk foodish type
Jerome Simpson
Whoever disliked this is retarded
A undercover penguin
I went to japan and I swear the weirdest shit are in the vending machines
Liam Truong
The Curry Man Story

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This curry looks really good. πŸ€—

Latino And Potatos * 3 weeks ago

πŸ‘ 1.5K πŸ‘Ž REPLIES: 1

First reply on a popular comment.

Trolls Meme * 4 hours ago

more liek fast food

The Mango Man * 4 days ago

πŸ‘ 12 πŸ‘Ž

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Shafayet Hossain
General milen
Ads are getting smarter
Kurona Queen
Shane Christopher
I wish we had this in America.
Jessica Nguyen
He's so cute and is still working his as off at 74 years old. You really can tell that he enjoys what he does. Boi I want this to be in america
HoΓ ng TiΓͺu ChΓ­
This is why i love Japanese and Japan :)
Just ask Takumi to deliver them , it's much faster .. specially if running in the 90s is playing πŸ‘
Rebecca Martinez
Good for you. Great video.
Paul de Rooij
Translating Celsius to Fahrenheit...
Donbu Ho
Awee he looks so proud, i'm proud of him too
Ahmed khamis
and our machines sells only trashs like pepsi and cola
Martin Jr
Aghnia Fauziah
I hope you'll always be healthy sir πŸ‘
My Ego
I love this man. His heart is in it. He said as long as his body can do it. Wow. That's dedication and work ethic. He's adorable xo
My Ego
This is the kind of stuff I love to learn about. This is fascinating xo
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