Watch the Hyperloop Complete Its First Successful Test Ride | WIRED

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The Hyperloop is one step closer to becoming a reality. If it works, the new form of transportation could mean a journey from LA to San Francisco city would take just 50 minutes.

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Watch the Hyperloop Complete Its First Successful Test Ride | WIRED

Ahmad Shiddiq Nurrahman
elon musk's really taking us to the future
This will never happen... well in my lifetime anyhow and im 34.
G.Gecko C.
Soon you can travel just like oil does.
They want to put us in a tube?! What's next? squeeze us in a can and shoot it with lasers maybe?
The Criminal Violin
So the Hyperloop is one of many conceptual attempts at making Vacuum Tube transport a reality I see. Nice.
This will never work.

Now excuse me while I ride this roller coaster.
Junior Estrada
I won't be able to afford to ride this.
IfntLvlzGncd _woollim Stan
Rip train...
Audrey Lim-Hing
It reminds me of the magnet train in tokyo, japan
why do people take this seriously?
it kinda made sense 15 years ago when it was supposed to be an underground train built on reinforced tunnels. now open in the air like this? lol no way. someone shoots that tube and suddenly your 500mph train is headed directly to a wall of 100 denser air that it's going to hit like it was a concrete wall. that's assuming no catastrophic failure in the tubes themselves before that.
Owen Landauer
I personal HATE the hyperloop
JohnRoss OneLov Augustine
Musk is a hybrid-human {Demon}
jhon doe
""First Successful Test Ride" whose riding this is just a toy test
Richard Strach
Humans are SHIT ,don't force it on me.
I'm sure the cia drug gangs will invest.
1984 closer
Just make a maglev like the bullet train and it would already be done and be much safer then a train in a vacuum.
Alexander Petrohv
the basis of this technology was developed in germany. the transrapid.
Slab Sauce
So its an oober fast train
DJ Pho3nix
Can't wait for the first YouTube upload of someone vomiting in a capsule followed by said puke floating as capsule slows down and hitting someone as it rapidly stops.
Jon Jr
This cannot come soon enough!
Martin Juul Andersen
The Hyperscam
Driver Lexus
i was drawing this idea in my math book 20 years ago :(
Tone Bebop
This seems dangerous. What would happen if some crazy person punctured it.
Maglev trains are in daily operation in China, so whats all the fuzz about, exactly? That its never been done in a vacuum or inside a tunnel before?
HAHAHA! People think this will actually work. HA!
Hit KhoiKhoi
I remember when I read The Lion of Comarre from Arthur C. Clarke and aviation was doomed as a way of transport , not far...
truth u see
Speed of hyperloop what?
Miami sands
Im 47 by the time this become reality ill be 67 hope to see it happen..
Steven Morris
Vacuum tube? NTY. I'll ride my bike 2000 miles before I sit in an airless tube
Dennis Molina
Chris Hux
when ur stoned watching your paycheck getting eaten by the bank (air chute)
MillsCraft com2810cantoreNaperville,IL,60564
email me solidworks.
Doney Hon
Who needs an engineering education when you can just believe in a scam and watch CGI videos?
Patriot 1776
They have since tested it with the pod.
Victor arias
Hyperloop seems so slow, the maglev is so much faster, China's already been working on the their hyperloop maglev train.
This is the future, think about it. It's what we've seen in futuristic movies and in our minds. It's crazy how far science has came, in a few years we'll see the vision in our minds in reality right in front of us. Welcome to the future people.
Giosuè Käpernick
Do anyone know the music in this video? maybe the genre? please
Andrew Surya Swastika
mantap, teknologi masa kini
Christopher Bosch
totally tubular dudes
James E. Arnold Jr.
That thing is freaking awesome
roof pizza
And Trump uses his money to grab pussy without consent.
scooter boy
This is pretty genius
John Doe
Crappiest maglev I've ever seen, the real maglev engineers in Germany and Japan are probably laughing their asses off to death.
Alonso V
aaaaaaaaaaa no one understands what is feet or mile or inch or yard ffs USE METRIC SYSTEM
I get anxiety
Why not just redesign cities to be more efficient, with less emphasis on profit and more on liquidity and availability in housing, along with development and economic planning reforms that would enable us to put workplaces and extended families closer together and reduce the need for commuter transport. It would be less consuming of scarce resources and better for society than this obvious investment bubble that's nothing much more than the materialisation of an adolescent male fantasy.
I hope this mode of transporatation will help India also to become world leader like US canada and Russia
Val Ber
More complexity more fails. People who might use this hypertrain must be trained and prepared for hazard.
Xu Fengming
How to keep vacuum in 1000km is headache, i don't it is possible. Sealing problem will kill the project. how to entry the train in the same time keep the tube vacuum?
Zio Oren
So...who's paying for this construction and all the equipment and testing right now? Where's the money from?
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