Alexander Hamilton
Honestly Hayley Williams is the only one who can rock the "4 year old with scissors" look.
SoulPunklosttheirfedora :/
I was in 3rd grade when this came out and it was on the radio all the time and just last week it came on and I was trying not to squeal.
Allyson Hahn
This song makes me wanna go out and screw around like what she's doing.
Blurry_ Tyler
Justyna Cz.
This guy is hipster 0:37 vaaanssss
Gabriel Clark
Anyone listening to this when theyre bf broke up with them but still loves them
Joey Montana
yes.... hard times led me here 😂😂😂
Miss yippie
Only person that can pull off feminst tumblr bangs
Seen this vid so many times, just realizing right now Hayley is a really good dance. O_O
Justin Macapagal
This song was made in 2013 but seems like it was made in the 2000's
So I started at off at YG ima thug so how did I end up here
her shirt says weeb
Leslie Villa
still my favorite song after so many years
Carlos Ruiz
Me la jalo con este video jeje.
Zakk Tiger
The anime in me
those bangs
Dyego Magno
Esta música me lembra uma das grandes paixões não correspondidas que eu tive.
Jai De la Serna
My best way experiencing espresso coffee is literally just listening to this song. Your biggest fan <3. I’m a guy btw
Limey Figdet
This music video was playing on TVs in the Titan line at Six Flags back in 2013.
Megan Hickin
Megan Hickin
Megan Hickin
I'm not that great at singing myself. 🎤
Hayley, Can You Sing It For Me?
Cookie Nation
Kari Horton
I sang this to my ex he got back together with me
Carol Anguiano
Can we all just appreciate how pretty she is 😩
Annie Smith
Does her shirt say weed
xddd her shirt says "weeb"
Unica Muni
I feel like this is a parody of melanie martinez's "Pity Party"... I mean a girl with half and half coloured hair wakes up in a bed with a bunch of birthday cakes around her. Sounds familiar?
christy snow
I litterly live this song I liked a guy since second grade it's fricking fifth grade and I still like him
karan jaret
Should definitely check its synchronize remix on proximity
Its far better than orignal
Stacey Go
I'm still into this song
John Bryanski
i love this song this damn😀😀😀
my local khols plays this song every single time i'm there like i will look for new shoes or something and it will come on
jansen rockin Laquer
I hope you like my remix. lots of lovings in advantage/ages !
Ava Doodle
I listen to one of their songs.. and then listen to the others LOL!
Anihea Allen
Anyone else just have this song pop into their head after years and decided to look it up?
horselover 123
Just listening to some of there music to get ready for the concert!!!
Apryll Bryan
guess his momma like her for her to be dancing like that lol
I love this song, wish she was singing this shit to me, but my life sucks lol
Not only she is a great singer, she's also very good at acting.
Just look at how she is in this clip, so videogenic. Mesmerizing.
Aaron the Barbarian
In a perfect world, she would be singing this about the answer's no, it ain't fun livin' in tha real world...
Zoe Kahn
Haley has the cutest outfit and looks so good here and this music video seems like so much fun to record
Kengival LBS
some bitches xD
zaidia alford
lol me
zaidia alford
I love this
Sam Riggs
Song made four years ago, still into it.
Joaquin Iturrieta
she's my favorite human being
Tristan Smith
This song: happy relationships and good times, yeah!
After Laughter: I'm depressed, you're depressed, we're all depressed.
Brody Bellamy
luuh worsnop
sou do tempo que essa música tocava na extinta MTV Brasil <3
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