Giorgi Tevdoradze
llama song ?
Christina Nichols
What song were they singing
Aqsa Abyasa
If someone wrote the lyrics i will give him 10000000000$
Nunui December
So adorable😍😍😝
Morena Gamer
I lovit minions😍
Jelena Gluvic
dongwon tuna advert scene!
Dany b08
what language do they speak??
Hugh Sandgathe
Is that Kevin, Bob, and Stuart dressed as ladies?
Hugh Sandgathe
If their only words are "banana"...
Catherine Wong
Jeremy McCoy
we are minions, we do not care about power or politics. My buddies tim, Dave, and Mark are famous for all kinds of tricks. we do our best to help our master even though he can be thick. it's a thankless job but there is no one better in the world at it!

we speak a really strange and quirky dialect, it makes it really hard to be understood and be well fed. while most days we would really like a three cheese lasagna....we'll settle for our next favorite: a giant bunch of bananas!

a giant giant bunch of bananas, a giant giant bunch of bananas, a giant giant giant giant bunch of bananas!!!!

while we admit that we are very hard to comprehend you'll never see us disloyal or constantly complainin. so whether it's world domination or just draining out the Nile, the minions guarantee we always do our job with lots of smiles.
otaku 4life
0:18 am I the only one who heard lazina
Nathaniel Yanzick
in Despicable Me 3 minions are singing that song Parody Disney Film of Mary Poppins
Qué bien canta🎤🎤
Hector Jasiel. Rodtiguez
me gusta
Opdalian Commune
I watched this movie in 4D X. At this point the chairs wiggled to the rhythm. I don't regret it.
Tóth Kinga
is cute
Diego Osores
name of the real song
i am a very model of a moder mayor general
Matilda Martinez
Milan Avramovski
i cant stop laughpibg at the beggining
мария мари
who wants lyrics?
Mr. Sir
I'm amazed how ONE guy voices ALL the minions
Princess Yumi
I had to sing this song for choir. I was shocked they had this song on this movie.
Inmaculada Blanca Delgado
minions love
Ferry Novanto
It's even harder than Despacito ..
Mr. unknown
Patrick Donato
hahahaha so fun
Yeah, because the audience are so likely Gilbert and Sullivan fans, I'm suspecting when someone heard 80's songs they didn't think of the 1980's first.
Keva the Half-Kestora
I am the very model of a modern minion general.
I've information vegetable, banana and criminal.
I know the Gru's of Murica and quote their crimes historical.
From Washington to Las Vegas in order categorical.

I'm very well acquainted too in matters minionmatical,
I understand equations both the dull and scientifical,
About banana farming tips, I'm teeming with a lot of news..
(Lot of news.. Got it.)
With many cheerful facts about the history of all the Gru's!

(With many cheerful facts about the history of all the Gru's!
With many cheerful facts about the history of all the Gru's!
With many cheerful facts about the history of all the all the Gru's!)
sharky wiggy finny
ha hah ha ha ha (sniff
who is here watch this on Cyanide And Happiness version?
AmazingToast/ Gamer
Hit's the golden buzzer
sklrufplace 28
lagu nya bagus ride mantap Id
Am I the only one who doesn't absolutely hate minions? I don't LIKE them, but the hate for them is kinda wild.
Suzana Baranka
Ce amuzant😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙆🙆🙆🙆😹😹😹😹😹👏👏👏👏
0:04 macarena? lol
Miss copcop squishy
I think that minions leave office is a little bit touched
LEGO Aaroncy
I am the very model of a modern major General lol
Carly Mara
least the police were polite enough to let the minions finish their song.
liked my song
Yoshi76257 !
What's the real version to this song
Huff -N-Stuff Games
Archie would be proud if he saw this #Archie4life
x_Sp4ghett1_x L.M.
I watched the movie. The minions actually are not really in it. It's focused more on the twin brother thing. This is one of my favorite moments of them though.
Brendan Milburn
I pat you on the back Illumination for the great classic theater reference, and then I slap you in the face for always making average films including this film.
This is great for ringtone!!!
Siti Nurhazimah
Best,i have watch it at cinema,its marvelous
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