THOR 3 Ragnarok Official Trailer (2017) Hulk Marvel Superhero Movie HD

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THOR 3 Ragnarok Official Trailer (2017) Hulk Marvel Superhero Movie HD
© 2017 - Marvel

Drew Dishman
Okay so somebody please help. I've watched this trailer like 7-8 times now...and I STILL can't tell what on earth Tessa Thompson's character is saying. A king turned devil? A kind turned god? I seriously cannot tell, even with headphones on. And before you say use the CC to find it, I would be we all know that's usually incorrect anyways and I was really just wondering if anybody else was having a problem hearing her line. The audio was well balanced the whole trailer except for her part. And because I have OCD I really WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT SHE SAID. Lol thanks to anyone who can help me.
Holy crap........
Stevan Katai
totaly shit from movie,
Amit chavan
Åwes0me Třå!LEř . .
Fabian del Rosario Baldur
Thor gets his ass beaten by the Hulk again? Why should it be the other way around? :D
Oen Apin
Another guardians of galaxy
daniel koublitski
Dam I never knew malificent was that powerful
I hope that uppercut from Thor doesnt connect! 1:45
Aldos melody
so I'm asummeing end credits Beta Ray bill will come along n stubble across the pieces to the hammer (also assumeing they are moved somewhere some how for this to happen) forge them together and later run into Thor or some kind of asgaurd like Odin and told to put the hammer down so he cam get his own as Shown Worthy (Strom breaker🌩) then he'll tie into infinity war
Arishma SINGH
awww thors beautiful hair is gone
Darsh pavi
i like the word "friend" that means something right lol?
Leon Mubiana
Hope I see Beta Ray Bill
ryan ortega
just sayin if thats NOT a dream sequence or something like that her breaking mjolnir is a massive spoiler
Black eyeliner kicks ass in marvel
killie805scream whatever channel
at 1:26 thor has deadpools swords on his back and the his shield has a iron man look/feel to it
Mizzayan Osman
thor will lose that match against hulk because he does not have his hammer it was broken.
ورد الصباح المطيري
اني علاوي معجب فلم Thor جدا جدا جدا
انه رائع جدا جدا
Water Meli
Will you look at that..? It's shrek..
Nanni Hearts
oh nooooo.... his long Hair O___O NOOOO!!!
Janet Stranex
best trailer ever!!!!
Fuck you marvel
Jakob Miehling
the music❤
Commentator: The Incredible.....
(Hulk Shouts)
Thor: Yess!!
(Crowd Silence)
Thor: We Know Each Other!...He's A friend from work!
(Hulk Glares at Thor)
Thor: Oh Come On..

Pao Xiong
Mjölnir, Made in China?
Julian Facyson
Is this the guardians of the galaxy 3 trailer. Why so early
Ahmed Ehmad
y all evil women r so hot
Arslan Ahmad - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492)
Did thor say "we know each othAH" or "we know each othER" after meeting hulk?
Antonio Padilla
the creepy ass white bitch destroyed thors hammer
dean winchestette
the song, the 3D multi coloured words, laser fights and sporadic humor have turned Thor into GOTG. I guess whatever formula works right?...
James Froit
Sophie L. P
This can't possibly be the actual trailer
malvin selimi
this november ? ehaaaaaaaaaaaa
adibul aqil ha
0:19 hela so sexy hahaha
Indiana Druteikiene
what women whit black hair is Hele
Alec C
I'm so glad they finally introduced shrek into the marvel universe.
Jr Bressler
and here comes the hate
Jr Bressler
this is why i fucking love marvlel
FastAndFurious 27
Escore F.
Thomas Aguilar
is this trailer foreal? and why are they making it look like planet hulk
Sasuke Uchiha
maybe Hammer can be brought back by Dr.Strange
jajajaja Thor's reaction and the audience is like is he crazy?
Hela looks like she belongs in Samurai Jack
thats how you make a trailer................ cough cough........ spider-man homecoming
Adam Andersson
facepalm why do they have old 80's Retro-Intros segways! [Very skeptical so far about this]

-(between some of the scenes)? Makes me scratch my head&beard
Silent Emo
General Ross: Where are Thor and Banner at right now?
Cuts to 1:28
Dio Brando
Old music is good. If they use most modern day music it loses its cool. Good choice in music marvel 👍🏻
acy saltorre
Is that Bishop?? 1:01??
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