PROM VLOG 2016 | My prom experience!

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Hey guys thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed! I hope you guys have a great time at your prom!Please don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! See you in my next video Xx - Kelsey

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Hello! Welcome to my channel, rosiecheeksandfreckles. My name is Kelsey, I am a sixteen year old girl in highschool and I love sharing my interest on YouTube. I love fashion, beauty, photography, and giving advice. My style is a good mix between grungy and classy. If you liked what you have seen please make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up wit me and my video!

Michelle Capacio
if this is prom .. where's the boys
Emme Varney
Where did you get your dress from?
Lily Dobbin
Can I buy it?
Lily Dobbin
Where did you get this dress??
ellie mellowship
Your sooooooooo pretty😍😍😍 I think you look better with no makeup but when you actually are wearing makeup you look like Kylie Jenner
Charlotte Kilgour
Your like the twin of Kylie Jenner
Laila Merchan
where is your dress from?
Alessandra Cordova
Hey i loved this video, btw where did you bought your dress?
pamela garcia
You look like dove Cameron omg
Beautiful glow! You are all stunners. Hope it was a great time! 🎉
Noura HD
You look like kylie Jenner's Clone
kailey Kuntz
what high school gives you dinner before
Evelia Contreras
You look so much like Kylie Jenner !
Farah Yasser
Gerda Paškevičiūtė
how is the song called from 0:55 to where she gets out of the car?
Sophia Mazzone
you and your moms relationship can i have it plz
She definitely didn't get that dress from ebay
Autumn Jade Russo
Love your frecklesss 😍💖
sanne .s
Vlog channelllll😍
dont worry be happy
How old is she?
Amit Shrestha
ur mom is soooooooooo cooooooool
I've watched this video ten times now and in still love it 😍
carolina marques
Okay just tell me why didn't u had a date for prom, u r so beautifull <3
radioactive pizza
you're camera is so shaky and it's making me motion sick dafuq
Lesley Avina
Okay seriously makeup tutorial on this look 😩😩
Flora O
She is queen
Ilham Danyal
Up down funk u up I'd my fav song
Ilham Danyal
The sorry song in the car is from Justin beber
Gizem Ince
your makeup tho omg slay
slayyyyyyyyy babygirllllllll
Becky Elms
You're my goals omg
Angie Flores
Where did you get your dress Kelsey?!?
You and your mom in the car were goals 😂❤️
Love Beauty
What is the song at 12:00 called?
martina jozi
idk but she looks like young Carli bybel to me, especially with her makeup
unicorn glitter
what is kelseys natural hair Color?
Bay Lynn
Where do you get your nails done.
Bay Lynn
I actually have a similar dress lots of gems and it's the heaviest thing ever but... I love it don't know how I'm gonna dance but you know what I'll figure it out then. 😂
Anika Fraser
where was her dress from?
Chloe D'Andrea
I love this video and your channel. your beautiful girl..
Abbie Xxmakeup
are you the only child?
So pretty where did you get your dress from!
Cimone Leblanc
All i see is Melanie Martinez when she laughs.
OhHeyIt'sEsp i
her and her mom are goalllss😢
sams vlogs
why is she so gorgeouse
Its Cloee
I dont even know what prom is seriously becoz I am a muslim
Beauty w Karly Vlogs
She looks like the vampire girl of hotel transilvania
rosé's middle finger
rich af
Angel Online
her mum is amazing xD
yousra fachional
I'm in love with this vlog 😍
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