PROM VLOG 2016 | My prom experience!

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Hey guys thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed! I hope you guys have a great time at your prom!Please don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! See you in my next video Xx - Kelsey

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Hello! Welcome to my channel, rosiecheeksandfreckles. My name is Kelsey, I am a sixteen year old girl in highschool and I love sharing my interest on YouTube. I love fashion, beauty, photography, and giving advice. My style is a good mix between grungy and classy. If you liked what you have seen please make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up wit me and my video!

Carol Bastos
Algum brasileiro??
Yannii 19
Where is her dress from?
nargis hashmat
You look alot like kylie jenner
brianna miranda
y does she try to act like kylie jenner
Slime DIYS and ASMR
She is so beautiful I want to be you❤️❤️
Mezo Mohammed alnaqbi
Kelsey wires your brother
wheres her dress from?
Savannah Joshi
how old is she
prom or a Grammy /Cannes
looks like others are just prom n she's, could be anything but prom...
Diem Hoang
Damn she's rich
Sanika Jagushte
oh my dad owns a franchise of marshalls
Angie Sanchez
how much was your dresss????
Elaine Cueva
don't have a prom date?
yasriel oates
she is soooo freakin pretty #hiitsKAMORI#SLAY GIRL
Tiffany Pierre
where did your dress come from???
Johy Shaban
You look like Kylie Jenner!!
Sydney S
Shay Mitchell / Kylie Jenner !!
Autumn Halvorsen
I want that dress 😭😭
E. T.
i watched this 20 times
Solina West
Omg I love you're mom , she's so chill
jake tiller
Make a 2k17 one exactly like this
Fernanda Alvarez
she fucking looks like kylie jenner jeezzzz
Ugh! Wish I could get those pointed acrylic nails, but I play cello and they'd be in the way. :( So pretty though!!
Romessa Nazir
Your so pretty u look like kylie Jenner with makeup on like omg 😍😍✨
i don't even have enough money to buy myself a sandwich from subway 😐☹️
Alexis j
Where is your dress from or stores you recommended for prom dresses? 😭
Kritina Abrigo
Her bronzer looked a little bit muddy
Chocolate Panda
Can someone help me :( ??? does someone know where her friend dress in from ?
sarah t
u looked perfect
Aiyana Milton
This video makes me so hyped for prom can't wait😩🙌🏻
Beth Smith
I'm going to prom this year because my boyfriend is a senior and I'm a freshman haha
Victoria D
How much were your nails?
Bella DeMonet
Bella DeMonet
God she's like Kylie's child
Jadelyn Perez
You look like a mini Kylie Jenner so cute
Marzia Squillace
I see this video a few of time and I love them everytime ps I am Italian sorry for my english
Alice Casadei
Tiara? did she won prom queen?
ayma saleem
I really like this vlog btw my prom is in 2 years
she's so pretty it's not fair
Brenda Castilleja
Your dress was beautiful and stunning your so gorgeous !! 😍
You look like dove cameron but YOU LOOK GORG
Barbara Asumadu
This is what I call GRWM Vlog. This was amazing and you slayed prom!!! MORE VLOGS BTW!!
Chelsea Best
I love how you guys move a tiny bit between each click when you're getting your picture taken! Hahaha. Oh and the 9502678970 people who said you look like Kylie are right! 😂 You're gorgeous! 💕
Melanie Roselle
does anyone know where she got her dress?
Alyse Seeley
shes SOO pretty without makeup
natalie clark
This girl makes me wanna buy new clothes and become a better me bc she's so put together and gorgeous omg
natalie clark
This girl makes me wanna buy new clothes and become a better me bc she's so put together and gorgeous omg
Abdullah Mir
you know what surprised me, someone as gorgouse as her has never been in a relationship, but that's okay cuz she beautiful AND indeoendabt plus shed a youmge Christian lady 😂😂
Kyra Griffin
Ugh where'd you get that dress😩
Priscilla Sura
you look like kylie Jenner. I LOVE IT GIRL
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