Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj White House Correspondents' Dinner full monologue

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Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj took full advantage of Donald Trump's absence by taking aim at the president and his administration during his monologue at the White House Correspondents' dinner.

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Truth Wars
USA Today: "what happens when the coupon section takes over the newspaper."

That's happening to all of them.

"We gotta address the elephant that's not in the room..."
"It's like if a bunch of stripper cops had to solve a real life murder."
"You can't be mad at corporations profiting off of minorities in prison, when you're a corporation profiting off of minorities in prison!"

Just a few gems.
You killed it Hasan!. i think ur dad will forgive u for that costco joke ;D
Sofi Pfeiffer
Why would u listen to some Muslim who is against your own president....
Sofi Pfeiffer
Who r u?
Umar Ashraf
This is better than the entire CC roast of Donald Trump. He was witty, intelligent and downright hilarious.
Positive Vibe
Joe Biden & Julia Louis-Dreyfus spoof Veep 2014 at Correspondents Dinner 2014
Umesh P.Larajah
damn this guy's such a savage lmao
Bilal Yahya
They don't wanna laugh cuz they think Donald Duck can do something lmao. Nice one Hassan. Smashed it bro
Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl
Dead crowd
Damn.. when he talked about Fox the hate in his eyes gave me the chills
Shivam Sharma
16:42 that line is lethal
kevser şevik
Arpit Pathak
perfection right there .
alex brown
tough crowd
..."thank Donald Trump for inspiring the next."
Hippie Not hipster
"do I come in and just try to fit in and not ruffle any feather, or do I say how I really feel?" you don't understand how true this is, I ask myself this question nearly everyday.
Starlite 77
This is the kind of Indian that makes me proud. He isnt the one to sit and appease and grovel looking for white approval like many of them do. Seriously stoked.
Sean Spicer is at home googling how to fake his own death 😂😂😂😂
Tyra B
Firstly well done Hassan! Secondly has anyone else noticed how all the negative comments have a few things in common? They all seemed to be written in very immature format. They don't even sound American!
Pooja Anand
Funny, honest and from the heart. Fantastic.
Diamond Isabel
a bay
This guy is not a real Muslim. Anyways, he said like one funny thing, and we all know none of it was his original material. The audience essentially wasted 30 minutes of their life on this guy and much longer if you factor the entire evening.
salison salim
Great speech .
Thomas Hughes
Almost 16,000 bitter people down-voted this. They still can't seem to pull that scaly Trump pecker out of your throats. Bravo, dipshits. Bravo.
Check out his comedy special now on Netflix called homecoming king. He is a funny dude
Aditya Khanna
Hasan Minhaj is to Jim Carrey what Michael Jackson before was to Michael Jackson after..
His bit on CNN was absolutely brutal. Spot on.
Frenillo Cash
This dude walked into the plantation owner's big house, told the cotton pickers they were freed men, raised his middle finger to the plantation owner and walked out with the hottest of the three daughters.

Jussi Raitoniemi
Lame, didn't laugh :(
It takes cajones, man. And he's gott"em. Shock value off the charts, very funny, loved it.
i only wish this made me laugh one time, but unfortunately, the left is just not funny, totally unfunny. and corny.
Kody Stark
He watches GoT... Love him even more now
Humaira N
Hate to be a person in that room 😂
Jason Galaxy
cant stand your voice, face, or political views! do us a FAVOR AND GTFO!!!
KiNewsforyou .Ki
Too real! Smart and Funny. Inspiring. Amen to my Muslim brother.
Amir Shams
"Better hold that laugh if I wanna keep my job...or make it home tonight."
- Everyone at that dinner
God this was great xD
those jokes were much funnier than they acted
This guy is forcing an American accent. He really doesn't want to be Indian. He has the personality of a wet mop. Nobody in the audience finds him funny nor attractive. Typical Indian.
Lynn Barth
Where have you been all my life. I wish I was 50 years younger, I would love to have prom!!!
SaltCity Tutoring
i love how slowly he goes from roast then to a public outcry for better journalism and the first amendment.
I hate the crowd so much.
I cannot wait for my children to analyze this in school 😌
Lee La
Every word out of his mouth is genius! Love that the crowd obviously hates him, Only makes it funnier!!!!
Dot Park
I didn't know your president can denie this.
Erin Uporsky
Hassan Minhaj your stand-up on #Netflix is funny & emotional! White House correspondence best line & 'now you know what it feels like to be a minority' 😂😂
Qniba Khan
'Not see Steve Bannon, not see Steve Bannon'. Magic.
Debate InPeace
Joe Biden & Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Spoof "Veep" at Correspondents' Dinner 2014
Dhinethra Fonseka
Thats one hell of a speech.Well done!
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