Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj White House Correspondents' Dinner full monologue

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Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj took full advantage of Donald Trump's absence by taking aim at the president and his administration during his monologue at the White House Correspondents' dinner.

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Vitta Veve
these white peoples laughter is so phony. ew. they are so weird
daniel ruiz
Hasan said what was in everyone's mind . I miss the times when these were just jokes because now it's taking a more serious tone. Did he refuse to drink anything or did they forget to put a bottle of water nearby?
Gba Gbo
'My Dad...the guy who tried to return used underwear to Costco.' llool
Gogou chongloi
Guess Hasan will not be invited to roast again 😀
Yagyadutt Sharma
I saw this guy for the first time here, and now I have seen all his videos and absolutely love him!
Nice Slytherin reference!
Ahmed M. Abdel-raoof
like if u have heard hasan Minhaj stomach sound at 21:29
All the folks watching love to laugh at jokes that have nothing to do with them. Salty crew
This monologue needs to go down in history. There needs to be a statue made of this guy and this speech be mandatory to watch and read in future history books. I swear I was sweating throughout this whole thing, it was like a damn workout. I was on edge but laughing every second. You could probably cut the air with a knife in that room with all the tension, but it was also a relief that someone was finally saying what needed to be said. I'm not even American so alot of things probably went over my head, but I understood enough, I really did.
omg that was so good.
Robert Collett
Do not ever disrespect don rickles you freaking goat humper Mohammed was a pedophile
People in middle east and Latin America be like "Awwww a foreign govt tampered your election!! What is that like!?"
Not funny..pathetic.
Mckoy's News
Ansel Sierra Ferreira
The only bad thing about this speech was the audience.
Udai Rai
If u are talented,
intelligent, witty enough to work your thing,
and got Balls🎱🎱
then ....
the U.S.A gives u an opportunity to shine that Balls!
He spoke.. the bitter truth bout.. everything... he just let it out.. all there............. most of the audience must have felt a lil offended at first..when they heard about their own flaws............. but boy.. did it.. hit home or what!!.... and the Standing ovation by most of them .... proves... that he, Hassan Minhaj, had the balls to speak the truth without any icing on top...............
and by giving him a standing ovation.....am just happy...to see that the American Media had the balls to acknowledge they are flawed.
The consistency is unbelievable. He's so talented. Just so good.
Kevi Talie
Honestly though, how are some of these people in the crowd not laughing? Regardless of your position or ideology, a normal human being with an HONEST and open mind will definitely acknowledge the brilliance of this roast. Some of these people not even a smirk, how salty are you bro? Learn to take a joke! And its not like he was roasting one organisation or one particular person, he went on everybody! Love you Nicki Minaj!
Kevi Talie
Want to see some salt encrusted journalists baked in coal? Head on over to 25:30 lol
well in germany we have a first generation muslim in the cabinet but ok.
Jay B
Holy crap! I didn’t know a Muslim could bomb without high explosives strapped to themselves. This was total cringe. All the money in that room and you couldn’t buy humor. Sad 😞
Jeremy Jaicarran
that must be so hard because no one is laughing
vente pa ca
Sharia supporter thug kicked him out of USA
The North Korea thing. Wow
The Stammering Dunce
Before it even started, I already knew I would love Hasan's performance because he (as everyone expected) was going to roast Trump. Then, when I first watched it, it was shown that Hasan roasted not only him and the people he appointed, but also the mainstream media which I also loathe for.

Basically, Hasan Minhaj really exceeded my expectations.
Meer Z
the salt is real
what a C O W A R D for not showing up
Gila River
It's funny to see how everyone praises him even though he isn't so funny, mostly uses cliche, recycled jokes. Too many overused, cheap race jokes. It appears people are just afraid to not praise him due to racism of lowered expectations.
ten chittapong
7th time I watched it , let me just say it's still great as ever🙏🏼
The funniest joke? Trump didn't even bother showing up
Free speech at it's finest!
all that butthurt
Chip McGruder
I fear that there are millions of idiots who believe Obama is Muslim.
Dammy Lagin
This Muslim Guy always thinking of Donald Trump round the clock.
north korea thing is becoming real
Imran Hussain
believe me 😂
Fuck Americunts
JewMuriKKA is a joke lololololollolololol
Man Xue
Minority is always will be a topic in USA. We just need a little bit of love and understanding each other
Sam l.
The anything is possible KILLED ME CUZ SO TRUE
Eris Anne
You are awesome 😀🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Velasquez
enough about house slytherin?
Gabriel Ayala
"Not see Steve Bannon"... "Nazi Steve Bannon"
Trump 2020 :)
Nανneet Sandhu
Awesome bro.. randomly watched this video but its one of the good ones i have watched this year ;-)
joe romero
What's the difference between Vladimir Putin's dick and a joke?
Donald Trump can't take a joke
joe romero
What's the difference between Vladimir Putin's dick and a joke?
Donald Trump can't take a joke
19:25, reminds me of the Godfather when the toll collector takes Sonny's money then dips down and Sonny gets ambushed.
EF Kitty
Did he say "Nazi Steve Bannon"
Fredrick Holman
Brilliant work.. Right on.
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