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This is the Police Car Song by Blippi. If your child loves Police cars and Blippi and enjoys to singing and dancing, this is it! Watch more educational videos for kids and other Blippi Videos at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrxSHak6tZk&list=PLzgk_uTg08P-slrhDl5tBOIrCRwmLsiDX

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Adam's Mom
My 3 yr old son loves Blippi Videos
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Eric LHW
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3D для детей. 3D for children
You have a very cool video!!! Thank you for this!!! We think we have you also find a lot of interesting do not miss the fun...
Janeen Alyssa Moreno
Lucy Ondo
My 2 year old is so addicted to your channel. Love from UK.
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Blippi Biggest fan!
Me and my brother loves your videos
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Learning Clubhouse
OMG I LOVE THE ANIMATION, its amazing. Thank you So much blippi tv
Baby Fun Learning
Wow I love police car toys and these are my favorite toys. Thank you so much
I just wish there was your 1/10
alex payag
Mukesh Sharma
NatsuTheNinja Dragneel
MiMiLaEl Toys Junior
Adirondack Wilderness Co
Came across this channel looking at garbage truck videos with my 5 year old son. Great stuff, subbed. He loves this video as well.
Dina Flores
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Arva Putra
When im big I want to be a LAPD Police officers thanks to Blippi my brother Tugus and he is 2 in a half like the truck song.
Samantha Judge
Blippi!! My three year old son, Eli, LOVES your videos!!! If you ever do a shoutout video or something could you please include his name?? He would LOVE that. His name is Eli Judge, and we live in Washington :)Thank you so much! -Samantha
Dwight Witherington
Does a grand job of these sorts of topics for the fun of our children!!
Nguyen An
Fe Zabala
I like billi
Carol Dole D.
this stars Blippi's mom from the Boat song video!
Moving Machines For Kids
Police Cars for kids is a great Moving Machine!
thanks for the new video Blippi
Axe Family
Great new police car video for kids!
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