dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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props to old lady in the store... she fought the whole time....
Roblox Gamer 1,000 gonzalez
that's why dogs are better than cats
Mike Ryan
LMAO 5:26
Kelly Y Jocelyn Martinez
dogs can be so amazing
John Roughneen
Mastiffs don't fuck around
Eva Multz
5:28 I thought it was a big ass's what? a yorkie? Yorkies can b scary but for real?
emcop ksmith
good for you maddafukah niggah 3:05
Nathan Manchand
yes granny, beating up the robber, she been watching too much ufc
100% Niggers
Thai Dancer
music is terrible
Teresa Miller
good dog
Bumble Bunny
We have been shown all kinds of different dogs doing their job, but only one kind of criminal. You don't suppose that's because... Oh, never mind.
andrew durie
pmsl,brilliant, don't mess with a dog,so loyal and protective
It amazes me how fucking DUMB people actually are in these situations. Like they think they are actually going to get away with whatever they are doing. Jesus christ..
1970 olds442
so why in 90% of these videos the niggers are always in trouble or robbing someone? worthless people. to lazy to work
Kevin G Palencia
5:23 I completely lost it
Willard Cole
Ok I don't condone cruelty to animals in any form or fashion but how you gonna be a thug and run from a fucking Yorkshire? lmao
Ella Prukop
Ok so I need a pitbull,not a tiny dog!!!!!
Mary Rachelle C
I wonder what breed of dog it was that was attacking the hell out of the guy sneaking around someones back yard. There were three dogs,but the main one was huge. I would almost say a retriever,but I've never seen one so big, aggressive and strong. Looks mixed with something else.
Laureen Kanyan-Reimer
I just got my girl out of quarantine because of a bite. someone ran into my house and she nailed them. Then had the nerve to try to blackmail me. I'd already called and reported the bite and the intrusion. But, my girls vaccine was a month out of date. Awesome thing, animal control let me keep her at home for the quarantine. Good thing she loves her kennel.
Big Dee
those police dogs should be banned
_ István
Clickbait confirmed ! -.-
Liliana Stewart
at the beginning dog all like give me my food
I personally prefer attack ferrets. They don't leave a body to be found later.
Pamela Parrish
Jacy J
5:28 scared of a little dog lol
5:20 LOL
Samuel Nava
German Shepherds a savior and the Huskies might have to save me from a dog that bit me on the head
Nigel Olande
so nice
Good DOGGIES. Chew the dumb Negros up to teach them a lesson..
once the cops let the pup off the leash, you are so screwed!
Lord Dsp
Le nègre a pris cher à 3.20 lol
Tea Cup Galaxy Art
Wait that guy was scared of a small Yorkie....
T. van rossum
Humans cannot outrun a dog.
I cant believe the same black dude keeps trying to rob all these places that keep guard dogs.
the awesomest
wait at the end was the door unlocked the whole time?
Dominick Summers
I saw someone getting mugged and then he walked over to his car and when he opened the door two pit bull came out that guy started running like he was about to die... though he might have if he didn't run lol
Pnut P
that one dog was big asf
XXAriana MspXX
3:08 Here Comes the little one XD
David Rousseau
fake af
GA Farms 2016
tear his ass up
From 3:00 -5:12 badass dog of the year award.
Lonnie Boykin
I love German's!
Lonnie Boykin
My ex wife did this to me and then called me a dog! 17 years after divorce and all her present and former dogs are still taking a bite out of my ass! Seriously sorry for them! It should have ended with the relationship but hey who's taking notes and besides now it's a Symphony! Nibble in E Minor! Okay E Major Sir!
Jaybee Bucao
5:25 he jumped the border lmao
Daniel Christy
Honestly the second guy went our of his way not to fight the old lady. Like he was desperate for cash but not willing to hurt her. its kinda sad sometimes good people have to do bad shit. Hope he ends up making something out of life. Maybe im looking at it wrong.
Why did i read the comments...SMH
Da Potatas
This is one of the reasons I want a german shepherd
Love that first clip - one of the best open-field tackles I've ever seen. Sign him/her up for strong safety!!!
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