dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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I feel left out, my "white privilege" doesn't include events like THIS.
Andy zx9
poor negro gets chewed to fuck !!!
rick e
The good thing is, cameras are getting better!
Morgan Reyman
use a bayonett and they will cry
philippe herman
oei de grote baas is thuis, nu moet u opletten...
Aaaaand they're all black. Why can't these pavement apes go out and get real jobs?
i'll tell you that black dude , I give him props, he fought like a mother. and that's were most people mess up , your going to bit up anyway so fight like hell and don't run you lose your breath. my wife always say's you carry a boot knife, a neck knife, a belt knife, WHY ? this is why , most cops won't say anything if you carry a bowie knife but if you carry a gun you better have paper work. anyway i'm going to show her this video and show her why I pack so many blades, if a dog came after me I would fight , I know this because it happened when I was young some people just go in shock and others fight , well you will get bit but nothing you can do about that, that's when you pull out your blade and end it for that dog, good luck hope this little talk help's.
Linda Bostoen
hope it bite his balls off
tarquin fintim
Where's the girl at the ATM in the thumbnail for this video???
Yea its those conspiracy people doing it again.In Fact there where 10.000 white people on C.C.T.V. but they only showed you the very small amount of Black who fell through the White man's system that is put in place for the Black man to Fail. If The Cracker would only wise up and give these poor Kings at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars a week to hang out and smoke weed and drink that will minimize the problem right ? I think that those white Devils should be sued for having the dogs bit them..Maybe they just need more hugs.
Bruce Kennewell
Yeah...okay...we got it the first run through!
O'Dell the 3rd
I like how at 2:52 he tries to fight back then his brain cell counts from 3 to 4 and decides to run
At 5:26.... really!!??? LMAO!! He was scared of that little shit. I could've stepped on that thing. Too funny.
I don't Like broccoli
2:50 That dude fucked up
Elena Lena
1:11 I thought the old lady was the intruder for some reason xD
Dark GD
that's learn they the intruders :v
Franklin Egbuche
I feel kind of sorry for that guy who got trapped inside that compound with that huge dog and the tiny ones playing cheerleaders. That dude would be dead if no one rescued him.
Alexander 77
first name
3:06 i could've killed that man, poor dog got punched and beaten god this is why i can't stand people who treat dogs poorly
Dogs scare blacks because dogs know your intentions.
that mastiff dammmm must have bit that guy ten times bet he was full of holes lol
Julia Van Gerner
good dog
Hibs jav
Amanda W
T̻́h̅e͆͑ 2̴̻ͩnͥ͝d̠ Vi̬ͥr̟̭͗u̸̇ͮs ̪͉o͎f̢ͮ ̲͢R̿ͧ͌O̸̿ͣB̑́LO͖Xͩ͗
I can get better quality in a toaster
why are the video's always 8 out of 10 always niggers...... they are a plague on white society dirty niggers
O'Nay PoetofPrayz MyTeaLife Mompreneur
@dennis l You're a sad case. It isn't about having an answer. It's called living in the real world buddy. Those same whites I spoke on would terrorize the neighborhood with tipee raids & egging housing even breaking car & home windows in the process. No melanated children dared to be so stupid because they were always caught in the end. Again I say, that's my perspective & experience & I have a right to tell my truth just like you feel that you do. So, deal with it.
Nataly Cordova
jajaja que risa me da bien x los perritos yo tengo 3 los amo
brad fiser
One evening last July I looked out my window to see a dude trying to take the engine off my boat , my girlfriend said I'm calling the police I told her no I'm going to release Thor and Killer , it was awesome to see that guy run and jump the fence with to Hamsters hanging off his pants leg
what is this song?
Samuel Dworak
os cachorradas tudo atendado
adrian thomas
...always the wogs eh!!???
Breanna Pilgrim
that dog sure is fast
Yahoo007 You You177
haiidilsa ho
Shane Roper
Thieves make great chew toys.
Gwyneth Cantrell
Jesus Christ
thank me
I made the dog do that
Yesenia González
La mía no a realizado ninguna hazaña... para mi es la mejor del mundo😘😍😍😍😘
James Dame
White cop sicking a dog on a blackman I just to reminiscent of incidents recorded during the civil rights movement for me. You would think in this day and time police could come up with a better method of catching people than sicking a dog on them. I guess we are lucky they don't have water canons mounted atop the patrol cars.
sampy_phillips YT
I only watched to see what would happen
Random YouTube Person
These are trained dogs
Jarkko Seppänen
Jsjdkfksks Dkdjdjkzd
all ways the white man's fault y
5:15 I laughed so hard when I saw how small the dog was😂😂 I love dogs so much honestly😂💙
Karolina Laszczak
5:20 snoop dog lol
MalTox ;-;
My dog have never bite me (dvergsnauzer (mini)
capitan von chicken pants
the number of police that turned up in the last one was incredible, in the UK you'd be lucky if they came out the same day!
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