dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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Gordon Thomas BAILEY
Better watch out because BLM is going to protest these dogs
Gordon Thomas BAILEY
always a good judge of bad characters is a good dog!
Jake Beoulve
thieving ass black people
Deano does dallas
The first 5 seconds of intro music,I dont like mondays BOOM TOWN RATS,he he
I live when people try to outrun dogs like b b they can run triple your speed
K.I.S.S Keep It Simple Survival
Play toys for dogs...rofl
Mike Marley
Man and womens best friend .Good dogs are worth thwir weight in cold pressed latinum.
Arthur Hunter
Dont believe that donut coffee drinking cops should have k 9 ugly ass dogs chasing people.😎
Lesser Key - Valak
Dogs are not racist, they sense bad intentions
Jeremy Chase
Clickbait bullshit
Ryan Moss
I love how its mostly niggs getting bit.
Mike Jenkins
It's a no wonder that the federal government survey says 43% of the blackmail won't survive maginet
Dor fuller
That backyard dog, and it's two buddies, TORE that guy to shreds. WOW, I know he hung up his criminal life, after taking a bite down by that big dog! The other two dogs just said to his buddy, he got this!
Paula Courville
I KNOW WHITE FOLKS STEAL TOO ! Where's that footage ????????? The dog don't give a shit.
Silent Nomore
what do all these scumbags have in common ....and they say its a stereotype ...its just a FACT
Haris Pilton
Dog lives matter!!!
Haris Pilton
So glad all those p.o.s. Mofos got attacked, is it just coincidence that they are mostly black people? No I guess the dogs r just all racist!
Ephraim Kowo
Its good to see a thief being eaten alive by a dog ...before they could harm someone
brian morris
Ok so let's not work and take other people's stuff you fucking low life's hope you burn in hell
Two Dogs can kill you very fast and ppl still thing a Dog is lightweight lol wake up Dudes...
Sol Marcus
The moron is still trying to get in the register. I would've dropped him with a punch to the throat .
Milton Moore
Regarding the 3rd
episode, that dog was not aggressive enough. Where's
the pit bitbull when
you need him?
I wanted to see the
dog de-ball this
Barney Quinn
Most of these 'intruders' were Negros. Wonder why that was.
Luis Perez
God bless the dogs
Brian Sims
The woman at the atm isn't even in the video!
Notice how most of the time it's a black guy.
Befekadu Asale
Ishould i or not🤔
James Carroll
That's what you get buddy
is this keyboard demo for soundtrack? what kind of music is that?
Hubba Bubba
Love this! Would pay to see one of these wonderful dogs bite the shit out of these asshole scum of the earth.
Loved the dog at 2:55. I wonder if he called the dog nigga.
• Cøre Frisk •
My cat killed a spider that couldve ate my foot.
Todd Nichol
Reason number 3017 why our lives ae made better with animals. Take care of them and they really wil take care of you!! (Loved the one where the dirtbag leaps the fence to get away from the tiny little Pekingnese!!!)
Joe Sechrest
I had a typo it was not mouths but 6-7 years ago. Sorry for the mistake
I love it, I have two AKC Certified Warlock German Dobermans (Black and Mahogany) registered and trained by my State Police K9 civilian Attack/Crime Preventive School, it's a 34 week training course in which each dog completed and received certificates for passing and completion. Unfortunately the monthly insurance premium is ridiculous expensive but completely worth every penny. 7.5 months ago around 8:40-9:00 pm I was just taking the trash out to the road side for pick up the next day, both of my dogs just so happen I let them inside couple hours earlier. On my way back up my driveway a vehicle was coming down the street, the driver flashed the cars lights on high beams and back to standard few times, just long enough for me to give pause to allow the car to get closer. I was standing approximately 20-30 feet from the stop car. Passenger was asking for directions and I replied sorry can't help you. I walked back into my garage closed the door, it wasn't 30-40 seconds my home front twin doors was completely kicked open my wife and 3 children were sitting down in the living room both dogs were by me at the other side of the room, as the 3 assholes came in yelling and holding handguns both of my dogs without any command went into action, long story short. One dog attacked the first person inside the door way the third person got hit by the other dog, both giving me just enough time to retrieve my weapon that I always kept in a strategic location throughout certain areas of the home. I fired 2 shots center mass dropped him. If it was not for my dogs, I believe that my family and I wouldn't be alive today. Both other things, cowardly pieces of 💩💩💩. We're later arrested, as for their partner in crime, that was the last moment on earth for him. 45 hollow points center mass is hard to get up and walk away from without body armor.
Aaron white
Omg the best big monster dog with the trailer dammmm
Terry Tripp
I ,love Step 'n Fetchit hittin' the wall with a fuckin' YORKIE on his heels! Courage personified ! Gutless thieving fucks.
Terry Tripp
All these dogs like lots of dark meat in their diet!
Really Not gonna Say
The editing on this sucks. Too long & to slow
Not cool. Misleading video.
Thomas Herskedal
The 3rd dog was amazing!:)
Ryan Phan
I did a prank where I left my car open with the keys. But I put my trained German shepherd in the backseat where he's hidden then when people tried to steal my car I shouted a command defend. That's key for defend 10 meters of area the people that tried to steal my car ran away
Blacks and their tomfoolery.
Sir Lance Goodthrust
blacks are so over represented in crime. Fuck you ape creatures
Caroline Paquier
There's 8 and a half minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Noah Issa
0:12 fumbled that bitch
Osvaldo Rivero
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