Javier Garcon
awww the only phasers sound they missed was "Pew Pew" This is interesting but horrible film and plot development. Who edited this? a 9 year old?
Oh my god I can't believe I didn't know about this 90's CD ROM game! Was this for PC or 3DO? :o
Terry Kavouras
This looks terrible.
Arthur Watts
Bring back the Borg, ffs - these lizard men dont strike fear into anyone. Except possibly rodents or aliens who look like rodents.
Betty K
Edward Creter
Are Star Trek executives that stupid, to terrify young audiences with violent intergender conflicts between a woman and a big ugly monster? Are they feeling any responsibility if kids end up in the mental hospital with PTSD issues as a result of such scenes? Why do we put up with this? Do we want another incident like the theater killing in Colorado in 2010? Stop the madness!!!!
Oh, this looks much more interesting than the shitty JJA films or the new series :)
The Modell Collector
Sandra Hernandez
Is this for real? WTH. The trailer of LBM and cliches. lol
Paul Borst
Why does the editing look off? It doesn't "feel" right. Can anyone who went to film school explain this to me?
Kamakaze D
still looks better the the new series
this looks badass! Icheb, Tuvok, Chekov, Admiral Paris!
Stephen Burns
not the worst trailer ever--nor even the lamest in the Trek franchise--but undoubtedly in the bottom 1% of sci-fi offerings over the past 35 years. why is this line of films/TV series so wildly uneven? Star Trek 2 was one of the best space films ever made; what preceded it was insultingly disjointed and inane. very 'hit-and-miss' over the subsequent 3 decades or so ("Generations" encapsulates the love-hate dynamic precipitated by these movies..guess Star Wars has been just as variable, at least since "Return of the Jedi"--still see those dumb Ewoks bouncing around the campfire like some sort of intergalactic 4th of July bbq)
I just hate these fucking emo-fanfics.
Adam McLaughlin
This looks AWESOME.
Jock Henry
that is the man who played tuvok on voyager
peter haha
LOL was that Edward Furlong I saw in there briefly?
Derek Anthony
Wait, so are they rebelling against bad script writing? This looks way better than Beyond and Into Darkness, both of which sucked a ton of ass.
Ivan Katzer
This doesn`t look like Star Trek, at most it looks like Andromeda, but not even close.
WTF?? I do not approve.
What the crap?! Is that Icheb?! Eeeeeee! I don't care if this is terrible, I must watch it now!
This kind of New Star Trek I wish for Cinema, back to the old timeline, see missed actors again, and tell a new story in the old way in the old normal timeline oft Star Trek. The New Star Trek of J.J. Abrams is not bad, but I miss the Klinongs that I love, the kind of Ships that I love and the Cameramoves that are not so fast.
Gaston Arbitro
Low budget garbage.
Marty Schrader
Oh, wow! Tons of washed-up actors from sci-fi (and I mean that term in the most derogatory way possible) movies and series spread all over the spectrum! What could go wrong?
Osmone Everony
Another boom crash scifi? ~yawn~
This just looks like a scifi space shooter game with acting sequences in-between.
Where are the amazing story writers who created masterpieces like Blade Runner, Contact, Avatar and Interstellar? I guess dumb action movies make still more profit? :-/
Rax Savvage
ya know... wish the federation would just fuck up the klingons and just explain in no uncertain terms we're a bit sick of their shit
Redin Hagi
this is sucks ....if u agree pls like..
Chris McDonough
Looks better than Discovery.
!* switchy !*
when is this coming????
Kinda meh, but I do love those Klingon ship designs.
Jeff E
I must have been living under a rock, because two years after this was posted I'm seeing it for the first time. As far as I know it never hit the theaters and I never saw it on TV ... yet now I'm hearing so much about Discovery. Did this thing even get made?
Ilian Panaiotov
look 1000 times better than discovery
I can't even guess at the timeline. After TOS because of Chekov but Tuvok?? Why not just start where Nemesis left off? Enough with this prequel shit. Do a Capt. Riker series or bring back Sisco from DS9. There's so much cool stuff they could do moving the story forward.
J.R. Smith
Well, several actors from the original, from Enterprise, Voyager....interesting
Brian Adams
This actually looks like it could be good. If this commercial is true to the show I'll be watching it.
Amber Horner
I wonder can you subtitles on episode one? Because few deaf people want to see it. Can you?
Oh gawd. Horrible CGI, bad acting, cringeworthy dialogue. Better than Star Trek: Enterprise, but c'mon. :D
Is this real
It blows my mind that Edward Furlong is even in this. Is he even a fan of Star Trek? Does Tim Ross know him personally or something?
Mike Evans
Nice ships, good makeup, shitty acting and uniforms. A swing and a miss.
Robert Taggett
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw this .. Again another great show. A Tim Russ Film. I should have guessed. Keep them coming.
Dan Sirturbodan
OMG is this out yet subbing!!!
HUGE degrade, looks like crap compared with the series thirty years ago.
Alpha Draconis
Better than the official films being made by Bad Robot, although that's not really saying much.
This looks good from what I saw. Better than the original Star Trek movies, which were kind of boring! Looking forward to seeing it. I will make up my own mind about it!
Stephen Border
Very nicely done!
Tell me that this was not ripped off by the people who did ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY.
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