epic pants
some say the show must change with the times. however star trek was a vision. it changed the times. it has inspired millions, and helped to usher in social and technological progress. our world is always going to be one full of conflict, etc. but there is no need for star trek to be like all the other sci-fi that is out there. our world does continue to need that vision, maybe even more so with all the shit that is going on right now.
Gavin Innes
errr...yes please...Robert Picardo and Tim Russ and you know.....the other dudes from start trek and of course the guy from Stargate.....this is gonna be great!
Who's the actor 1:28. Looks familiar but I can't place him.
Neuro Weaver
Still better than the SJW mess, Star Trek: Discovery.
I'm gobsmacked, such a fantastic idea but holy shit that writing "i will if you DO the mission" if you DO the mission....who wrote this shit? Comon even TUVOK can't make that shit sound good...
Michelle McKinney
Was this ever released??
this looks pretty cool! better than the rebooted universe
looks better then the new tv show...
Looks good for a pilot. Cpt. Janeway also there? Ive seen tuvok and the doctor too.
It's like they are part of some kind of "Rebel Alliance".
My Name Was David Bowman.
Oh my how original. A hateful and angry female heroine with a troubled past, coupled with cheesy uninspired Sci-fi names, all tied together with uninspired dialogue and grade school spring play grade acting. I'm surprised Walter Koenig even wasted his time.
Krusty The Clown
Just call your T-800 John :-D
Jennifer Scott
I'll give it's shot I love grade b sci fi flicks they're the best😍
charlie wired
Fuck this looks bad!
story had promise but special effects and acting yech!
Why does everything have to grow a vagina?
Gaby Hide
the offical fake trailer
James S
I love that these actors from previous series are will to do this job for probably next to nothing just because they love the star trek universe.
Ummmm....how did I get here, and what the fuck did I just watch?
I like it. Looks canon. Unlike the JJA garbage
yooo icheb is a gangsta with the hand canon
Jesse Crandle
Looks like crap.
Has real Star Trek cast members
Still a better story than Discovery.
Rafał K
0:45 I'm only 143 !!! yea nice age.
Jason Hood
i like the concept so much ! specially with an ils tchekov fromage the TV show !
Aar Lekz
instead of donating can i just buy the episode.
pablo lee peter
thats pretty cool, for a fan made movie
Total production budget $50
Jmichael Isbell
I hope this isn't as lame as so many have been, I really do. Phazers, or Lazers, or malers, or whatever they do that makes streams of light that can be stopped by a coffee table, "still no seat belts, after all of these years, whoa, no seat belts after all of these years". And I hope they avoid genetic enhanced humans--who can get hit in the mouth with a lead pipe, but the lip is so strong it doesn't bleed AND, the blood can bring back the dead. It is such a GREAT IDEA, but they botch it up so bad it is hard to stay interested. I think they need to get a non sci fi Director, like whoever did "Master and Commander" and let him tell a story that at least makes SOME sense. It makes no difference the genre, if you go off the deep end enough times, people--just don't give a damn anymore.
C Morris
Looks terrible
slivovitzka lyon
This looks like a llot of fun.
who got Tim Russ drunk enough to listen to the sales pitch?
The eyes have it
uhhh what is the timeline
You guys may have a better explanation for it, but for me, it just seems to have the cheapo SyFy channel feel to it.
William Chua
Another big flop n the way. A black Vulcan?
Little Homestead in Boise
Never heard of this. from 2015?
Greypiffle Fogg
Don't usually sign in for anything, but I gotta comment. Read some of the previous comments and I think they are way out of line. Gene Roddenberry said he hoped that other people down the line re-make the show with new visions. That is what this is. Don't know if it will be a good movie or not, but you got my vote.
At least they are not using future tech in the past like the new series is attempting to do..
Karsten Miller
the story better be awesome because these effect are .... pitiful.
william sport
what no Vader? or light sabers?
Steven Dunn
Who cares what Abrams approves of or doesn't, it looks like it will be interesting.
love these spinoffs 🙌
Soar Lozer
This would be cool if this was a video game but was paying homage to stuff like C&C with the FMV
Jesus, this looks like a straight to Blu-ray shitfest with a cast of has-beens trying to make an extra buck. What a disgrace to the Star Trek franchise.
Cliven Longsight
I distinctly heard a zat.
Saw the actual vid a while back. The ship is pretty awesome, it has a lot of genre actors and original cast members, and the main actress is obviously hot, but it was painfully obvious in certain scenes that this is a fan film trying to be more, the hot babe hams more than The Shat, and the plot was. . . eehhhhh. . . okay. . . ish.
Nowadays you couldn't make this because it has original cast members in it and it's too long to fit into the CBS bottleneck.
An engineer ship... really ? Wrong universe bro!
Acting sucks
C. Coleman
I've seen the movie; it's too professional, too good; how come CBS didn't sue Tim Russ?
Javier Garcon
awww the only phasers sound they missed was "Pew Pew" This is interesting but horrible film and plot development. Who edited this? a 9 year old?
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