Future - Draco

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Mariah Hullum
thats fucked up
No wonder Future will never get Ciara back 😭😭😭
and the dread head kid in the video end up dead in 2 years in a drive by shooting and the other kid gets a scholar ship and ends up being a billionaire selling a tech comapany. Kids dont listen to theese fuckboy rappers selling fake dreams go to school .
Isaiah Cooper
Moral of the story, Don't trust ex hoes
el Toto
this is horrible music
Krystina Allen
It's funny how she left himπŸ˜‚
vaeh's channel
my mom plays this all the time ! 😝
i wouldve stayed with the dude with the glasses. He was fine af
Daddy Longlegz
I can't even understand more then half the shit this niggah is saying. shit that he do say don't even tell a story nor makes any sense. tired of this rap with a chaser meaning the only thing that gives it that kick is the beat. smh.
Best music video of 2017
stasia lienghot
how can a song be so catchy.
Cool_ Cumber
I love this song and mask off , good dope , poppin tags they all go hard
Chi Towngod
Kids, this is what you call, a THOT. Say it with me...THOT!!
Shine P Carter
Random Viewer
Remember kids if you shoot guns and do drugs your cool
Phantom Slave
Hey I just made this account today
I'm not making any vids but if you sub to me I will sub to you
donthegamer boy
i wonder if draco is a real game
YaBoi_ Dwill
i feel sad for that nigga who got choked for no reason an his girl left him gold digger as
Patrick Chukwuemeka
Carolyn Guyton
man fuck y'all bitches
I saw my side chick ex man and said " you'll never get your bitch back "
Triston Jewell
I love this song and can't wait for the English version
isaac harper
Azwad Hossain
You better not raise your voice at me
You know I got a pimp degree

Draco season with the bookbag
Rat tat, got a little kick back
Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back

[Verse 1]
Lamborghini doors when I lift off
They done fucked around, got a nigga pissed off
Nice little thot got a stiff arm
Did the Heisman on the hoe got the stiff arm
Fuck all that biting like Tyson or Holyfield
Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
A couple of pills and I got my soda filled
Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Break out a sweat, I go head over heels for these mils
Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa
She thinks she the one but to me she ain't nothing but a thrill
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
I've been drippin' like a God, what else?
I been dodgin' all the flage, what else?
I been fillin' up garages, what else?
I gave her her first mΓ©nage, what else?
Close your eyes eyes eyes
I'm about to slide slide slide
Wonder why why why
I stay in the sky sky sky
Pink molly, let me dance with her (yup)
Freestylin', let me dance with her
Sky Dweller, it was sentimental
Rose gold, it was cinnamon

Draco season with the bookbag
Rat tat, got a little kick back
Hundreds on hundreds, got a good batch
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back
You ain't never ever get your bitch back

[Verse 2]
Fuck up my bitch by the change
Want me to jump out the stage
I wanna jump in the air
You know the love ain’t fair
You killin' then show us the proof
I already got the juice
Chain different colors like fruits
I like to hang out the roof
I got to train my bitches
I'm putting chains on my bitches
I'll pull some chain on the snitches
I'm focused, I'm back on my mission
Flex on a nigga, no apologies
Molly off-white, done got to me
Playing hockey with the ice in the Major League
35 bitches at the St. Reg
Fall back shooter like KD
Back in the kitchen with Curry
Pullin' up wit Xan, can't hurt me
Pineapple drink lookin' syrupy
56 nights, I was dirty
Styrofoam cups servin' patients
Heard you been talkin' bout the kid
Knowin' damn well that’s a flagrant (technical)
I cancel two bitches
I got me some new bitches
Come check out how I’m living
I got me some new drippy
I got me some new drip!
She ain't got nothing to do with it
I'll give my bitch to you
If that what she mean to you
best future song i dont give a f**k what yall say
Reggie Matt
i know this is small, but when them girls killed the ex i was kinda horrified at the idea of being trapped in a car and burning by ure ex who left you and did you wrong...
Inferno E14
Bruh yall saw how that little girl bit her damn lip and look at the little boy?

They like 13
canedra bingham
love this shit....πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
who is watching this in 2020!!
Maximinouche 83
bisous les michtos !
LXZ Beatz

check out my beat,free for non profitable use ( future, young thug,21 savage beat)
Shesha King
i can pop them girl fast when i got them quick duck moved better then dem
Trevor Savard
dlz hu vglg
my momma got this song in her car matter fact all his songs soon as she get out I be bumping this song πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Willie Murphy
yuh aint eva get u bih bah
Ohio Boy
He should do a song with Major Quinn
Jacob Brown
hey that's my bay
cashville jatotx
so me an future got the same last name cop stop me in tx in my hellcat see the name let me go :) follow my IG @cashville_jatotx
Trnttsr Edits
all the lesbians came here probably like me to see the girls butt:-|:-$
Logan Seitz
I like mask off but this shot is better
Neo Makhaye
you ain't never ever get your bitch back DRACO
RoadRunner 17
Is he dissing Scottie pimpin in this song and referring to him " neva get ya bitch back? 😭
Precious Brooks
this song is lit
Pelicans Thanks for the Trade
Future: never get your bitch back

Scottie pippens Wife: You never had me bitch ass Future.
Glenn Jones
what do these videos mean when he be in the booth talking on the phone... It mean something
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