Faisal Khan
Taras when he sees the sun "that's so cool"
Faisal Khan
Da heck is a mash potatoes masher
niv Roh
The next potato gadget is the banana peeler
Dark Shadow
Why dose it look like someone got stabbed
Ima Lemon
Xbox or PlayStation
Christian Carrington
I would like some
eddie g
I laughed so hard when he dropped the potato at 1:56
Reez _ Kie
russian loves potato
My fart smelled like butter popcorn!
Harris Boyz
We all in 2017 while Tara's is in 2030
Carlo Fontejon
Safety is the no. 1 pertty.. Lol
Mekaeel Bassadien
it so satisfying
3:40 I thought that was melted cheese at first and then I realized it was plasticπŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Mauricio Valenzuela
"The washin mushin" Taras.-
Jose Gomez
3:39 you can see that the plastic melted off and got on the chip that he ate
I have the silicone chip maker, and it does work pretty good.
Fucking TraSh HiMslF
Potato gadjeck
XxChaotic MinerxX
Who puts potatoes with milk πŸ˜–
Ava Bell
3:40 he ate the melted plastic... it leaked off the the chip!😫
Gaming with Lion
Who else saw the melted plastic go in his mouth
Lavakid540 JB
He does so many gajjik videos and there's so many food in in his videos but his so skinny!! Then were does the food go???? Does he eat a bunch food and then do fasting or what
in mother russhia potatoes peel you
NukeCrafter _
dima groz
3:39- ehhh what is that on the chip.
Applenini 1
did anyone notice the green potato after he peeled all the skin off
Youtube Nyan
I LOVE POTATOES MMMMMMMM πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸ
Dawood Sajid
Taras where do you put all the kitchen gadgets !!!!πŸ€”πŸ€”
* Fluffy Puffy Werewolf *
3:38 look at that potato the plastic was melted on it....yeah...and he ate it... ;-; πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ
Epic Noobs
0:20 its a petΓ©to peale
Devon Antonio
Gadgets ? nah its Gajicks
Potato? nah its peteita
leafy gaming
comment section:

80% - patata
15% - he ate melted plastic
5% - other
Erik Garcia
mashed potato masher - Taras 2017
this is ZD He is a husky puppy he has no home and owner
10likes=3 day meal
20likes=a small dog house 🏠
30 likes=food for everyday🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎
50 likes=basic dog house 🏠
75 likes=owner
100likes=dog bed
125likes=big dog house 🏠
175 likes=3 friends πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸΎπŸΎ
200likes=Large dog house 🏠
300likes=awesome friends
350likes=happiness for Life
425likes=huge dog house 🏠
500likes=dog house mansion and everything (no diabetes) xD
Skeleton Clique
His Kitchen is BOOM! Beautiful!!!!
Skeleton Clique
I'm hungry now
i have that last gadget! i love it i have spuds everyday now
Soneljune Galendez
i LOVE when russian is throwing the pacage (IDK the spell sorry)
Nawaf xD
patates lol
Richard Bright
Paulo Dybala
Grace Wruk
I wish I could be more like this guy he's always so positive about everything no matter what it is
Richard Luncan
Luv this patata peeler ughh as he drops it at 1:56
Sheryl Bautista
lazy when my dad saw this video and all your video he gets mad because he said that guy is lazy
jared holmes
ehm... dark much?...
"This is the best mash potater" 6:27
You know the first gadget, it is mutch easier to do it by hand and mutch faster xD
Debby Have A Great Day
1:56 "love this patatopeeleruuugh" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Luqman Hussain
'wow' takes bite Now let's taste it. crunch 'wow, mmmm.'
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