dhirav singh
I live the gun and ruck you
Master D
Thats so cool
Lil3unny FooFoo
Was that the one from buckey outdoors
Hixson Playz
"It's our money"
cops shuld have it
Mason Johnson
Its said when i see zuse now
Kyle Archer
Am I the only one who got freaked out when they saw Brit's arm ??
nicholas boston
I have 3 smgs. 4 shotguns all gold 4 revolvers my guns are i only have 2 guns i have a. Desert eagle and a
Sniper rifle
Lord of gods Get reak
I'm not Robbing them anytime soon
Golden Desert Eagle... mhm so thats where all the jewgold went.
Ben Allen
he bought it for the views jk u guys are awesome
Misty Roberts
So sikkkkkkkkkk
Fuck you
Power Cordz
Hey if you want to see a bad mamajam gun go to my video and call me or text me ok
Your awesome and amazing and cool
Will Stroud
Bananas and I don't know why but I'm a savage
KS Kunal
KS Kunal
Ali The gamer 777
Gabby Bowes
who misses zuse
Do_You_Even _Potatoe
is brit pregnant again?
holy recoil
MCR Productions
Zeus is still alive in this one
Luke Bird
i love john
chase laycock
The kid looks like a school shooter
Bryan Masis
The deagle is the biggest caliber size legal on a pistol
DanΓ­el Orri Woodard
I Like Cora
Agentc 03
The old RomanAtwood was so much better
Bill Jr Shields
How old is he
Mary Garza
She is so hot
Known GT
The intro scared the shit out of me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
Daryl Cox
Omg 2017 overwatch summer games golden mcree gun
Smoshy :v
I don't blame you at all. That is a sexy ass gun.
Non Stop Yt
Who's watching when Brit had her baby
Jesus Santibanez
Hunter Musquiz
I know I'm going to get some hate for this but I'm 13 and I have never shot a gun
Frazerdazer Gaming
What is a desert eagle i only kno a deagle
Smackable Ryzen
Quinn Fournier
Do that with a rifle
Maddie Vlogs
So sad that Cora could meet Zeus
Bayerria yt
Poor roman he has all these guns his children will get taken away soon bc thats wut happened to me
Alexander Hamilton
Call him papa john
Alexander Hamilton
Roman is such a good person I respect him
A-Elite -Gamer
How much did you pay for the desert eagle ? Just curios
Grenelkop Bro
wtf nice gun can you shoot
May I borrow that gun for school
Cody Phillips
If Brit were to swim would she be considered a human submarine?
Mohamed ElHennawy
I love you so much and you are the best
2 M S T
Im incredibly lonely
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