The Daily Show - The Best of John Oliver

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From Tea Partiers to Fox News to the NFL referees strike, The Daily Show's most British correspondent gets the story every time.

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Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Can you be more generic ? 😂😂😂😂
Kayla B
does anyone else remember "DANJA"'s become a reflex, every time it's repeated on the news I have to start dancin...
I hope Jon Stewart busts a Jay Leno and takes his show back.... I miss him. Trevor Noah is ok as a corespondents.
steven phillips
mike carbone
Angela Blond
These guys have the best job in the world! Love them all! Keep up the great work!
Rodrigo Algarte
Those were the days. I miss the "Johns"
Axl Gonzalez
I miss the hair man!!!
I miss Jon Stewart
Aziz Messi
You have just finished all of Last Week Tonight's videos and you're looking for more John Oliver. Well i'm afraid you won't find much. So sorry my friends.
William Perrow
Motel 6? Really!
Ezra Leonard
What episode is the last clip from?
ameer adel
2:07 he looks like a 30years old actor playing a weed smoking teenager from early 2000s cheesy movie.
Jon Oliver is legitimately good on last week tonight, but before then, he was just a guy with an accent.
eq_izer _27
wait he could walk
Pamela Cass
I hate Verizon and its ads.
Andrea Rupe
that mic check segment though xD
Dark Knight
John had his teeth fixed.
Nick Pride
he should be a new Doctor...
john oliver is great but Jon Stewart is a legend
Fox News is staggeringly, stupidly almost inspiringly stupid!
Today this isn´t the best of john oliver, but john Oliver is the best.
Joraco Jicaro
It's funny knowing that John Oliver was going to be the original replacement for Jon Stewart before he got his own show.
How could you not have included his hilarious bit as "Sir Archibald Mapsalot the Third"???? Possibly his greatest daily show moment xD Well either it or the Carlos Danger dance xD And NEITHER got on his best bits????
Katherine Asuncion
Is this really the best of John Oliver in the daily show? Seems short and I can remember more awesome clips that aren't here
John Lemon
All hail our merciful and great Mega Reverend.

We strive to plant our seed in you for eternity.
"Could you be more generic?"
At :50, "I am from a small town, and you know what that means." I know what it means, you're not fuckable.
Maximillian Greil
needs more carlos danger
Jawel Zimbabwe
I just started watching the Daily Show, so I've never seen John Oliver on this show. I love him though, he's hilarious on this show too, obviously. "Can you be more general?"
Ilhan Miranda
... for the purpose... of fucking them.
Man, the old daily show was amazing. The old Colbert Report was too. I need a combination of Colbert's monologue + Seth's Closer Look + Fallon's skits to make up for them now.
Johari Gillespie
Like a minute in, that lady said a Trump debate answer. Woooooowwwww!!!!
"They're goat fuckers john" baha
Fannish Fanning
as much as I want to, I can't like John Oliver, he's coming off too much as a know-it-all doucebag.
Cameron McMahan
Why can't Canadians watch this?
How did the "Fallen British Soldiers" bit not make it in here? I have never laughed so hard in my life!Lead Seaman Huffington KnobgobblerLord Byron FarthammerWing Commander Basil MorningwoodPvt Remington SnatchAlistair Vaginafoot...
Well shit, this version of The Daily Show rocks.. I should have watched more these instead of not giving a shit about anything coming out of Murica post 9/11 and pre-Obama. xD
British people: They always find the most polite way to be an arsehole. :D
stewart is fuckin ugly
Muhammad Pope
Jordan Kelper should get his own show just like Oliver did
Soumyo Mukherjee
Can you be more generic?
Funny how his comedic style didn't change even in last week tonight. He still does the same kind of humor .
Come on guys, please caption your shows.
I wish there was a place I could watch every full episode of the Daily show with Jon Stewart
John Oliver is as funny as he is unattractive
Srinath Selvadurai
At 1:00 , Oliver resembles Lennon in a profile view
Zach Soma
We need more of this on LWT
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