Carpool Karaoke: The Series — Will Smith and James Corden — Apple Music

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Watch the first six minutes of the premiere episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series on Apple Music, featuring Will Smith and James Corden. Sign up for Apple Music and watch the entire episode now at

Wendy Garcia
G F# B E D G C B D G D
Zoolon 1972
Apple Music Abo to watch the whole thing??? Ohhh Heeeeeelllll NOOOOOOOO!
Patricia Michéla
Fuck Apple music
Why? Just why.
The irony is that James Corden has probably never eaten an apple in his life.

He is fat.
Nikita Smith
so now we can't see the full episode?: (
Thats Me
4:04 i thought he broke his neck
michael richards
how is this safe...not much different then being oon a cell phone while driving
Stephanie MissPopCultureEnthusiast Aghahowa
i'm confused...i thought these videos were supposed to be apple music exclusives...??
Nat Lazaroo
lol I wish they could get Barry Gibb on carpool karaoke tho'
drn rdz
Will Smith
Em Em
the full episode only with apple shit ?
now i see why so many dislikes
Kevin Engel
yeah, putting this behind a paywall sucks.
what the fuck is this high-budget shit? why would I subscribe to some service to watch the rest? lmao, skipped.
What's up with all the sell-out comments? What did he do?
Adolf Hitler
I just realised Will Smith's birthday is the same as mine. September 25
B. Benitez
The hell is this??? Sign up for Apple Music to watch the entire episodes?!?!?! AH HELL NO!!
7:10 Who tf r these two?
marco sanchez
Seriously James? Apple Music?? Why?
M Sij
In the beginning, Carpool Karaoke was pretty good, amazing and successful,
now with Apple taking over it..., it's succes just vanished away.
I'm not gonna pay for something that was already for free.
Natália V.
sou apaixonada pelo will smith
Do zendaya next
Can't believe he sold out. What a load of shit. Shove it.
Brittany Nikohl
Everyone is blaming James like he owned the segment. Stop being dumb. You know the network owned it and they are the ones who sold carpool karaoke. Don't blame James he just works for the network. I still love you James. I think it's funny how apple thought that they could pay a bunch of money for the skit and take James out of them and people would still watch it. They shouldn't have bought carpool they should have just bought James that where the gold is in the skit not the other famous people.
Brittany Nikohl
James Is the best and funniest thing about carpool karaoke. When you take James out of the videos they are boring and less funny. Please put him back in all of them.
Sansa and Arya belting out a song is not something I want to see. It's annoying and my ears hurt.
Vishnu Karthik
Where's the Crowd????
Apple... what?? No. This is James's thing. Stop trying to make it so commercial, we don't want to see that.

You could just put James in a car with one camera and someone well known, and we'd watch it!! I love it when people outside are like "Oh my god... it's...".
John Macauley
Corden... please retire you annoying fucktard
Myles Foote
so fake
Myles Foote
sell out
Tim Denby
This feels like it was scripted and choreographed. Not like a couple of people chatting, singing and riding to work.
Bruddah J
It's carpool karaoke, why didn't he do "you saw my blinker"
Alisha Layman
"Oh hell no!" Carpool Karaoke RUINED!!
Well that will be last carpool karaoke I watch.
Ekler Kis
Why does every good thing have to be ruined for money? Y'all got tens if not hundreds of millions of views on every carpool karaoke video already, isn't that enough? Fuck y'all. Many people can't even afford apple products yet alone apple music.
Millie Christophers
Can't believe apple stole this from the freedom of youtube
Jessica Quaid
Please do a carpool karaoke with Shawn Mendes!!!!!! It would be a dream come true for me!!!!!!!!
Axelle Manoa
I feel betrayed...
Should will smith shave the mustache
Radhika Sewalia
We need BTS on this... :D
Carpool Karaoke is dead.
Dalvae Evans
I made this song on my Rnb 90's baby mood 😁👌💪
I genuinely fuck with this song especially the chorus hopefully y'all do too
Soooo comment, like,react, share this for me , Turn up that volume💯💯💯👏☝
Also available on YouTube and SoundCloud
Dalvae - Gotta thing for you #rnb #newwave #rnb #share #chicagoshit
Keith Hale
Quite a commercial for another funking PAYWALL. Throw it on Netflix, i'll watch the living shank out of it. Otherwise, aw HELL nah.
I used to like Corden...til he sold out. Lame.
I'm angry that I have to pay and sign up to see the full episode with Will Smith I just want to hear you guys sing songs I don't care about the rest of the bullshit you do
maryjo constantino
Awesome,feels like dizzy .
Andrea Alcántara
Why you did this Jameeees!! i was like it more when were james and the guest star, band or group of friends, but always JAMES
CK Cool
Give it dislike in my video
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