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Watch the first six minutes of the premiere episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series on Apple Music, featuring Will Smith and James Corden. Sign up for Apple Music and watch the entire episode now at

Zachary Franks
I died watching this shit
Jillian Maloney
this is great lol! hahaha
Fat doughy limey wishing he was entertaining.
Ahmad Khattab
Did James just say the N WORD 😂😂
T. Kuykendall
I love you Will and always have.... But the only way I'm watching this is on YouTube. I don't hate on anyone who's tryna make money... But Apple, please have several seats... Ain't nobody payin to watch this... And without the crowd laughter it seems weird...
I LOVE YOU WILL....BIG HEARTH...1 actor with all positive attitude for the universe.
creat code
i still watch fresh prince
creat code
man this is so cool
R.J. Buckney
James looks like he could've been in ll cool James's video Headsprung. his neck was a slinky
big Thanks to Youtube for mute button
Max Coyle
He said the n word
Joanne Morrison
Is that the fresh-prince of bel-air😂
George Johnson
Will Smith doesn't age....his eyes just move farther apart...

That's pretty cool, all things considered.
Rusty Shackleford
i assume Will Smith probably still eats from the corner stores and fast food. He has a humble vibe to em.
bluebanana _321
Aidee Acuña
Артем Аникаев
lol! wtf))))
jesus perales
will Smith is fucking old
Vinicius Novaes
shit succs
Walter Blyzniuk
gets this fat Brit out of US he is no citizen cannot wait to catch up with this fat fat in LA
Why tf does apple music have TV shows... FUCK APPLE ....I love this shit tho
Nika Holtzmann
I looooove pineapple on pizza
I enjoy these but really dislike how James tries to over and outsing every person he ever had on, he is so loud
What is the name of the song?????
Julian Correal
Now to see Carpool Karaoke, "play pay"? , which to many gave more than a smile and that filled with emotion, also because one could see very easily. I do not know if they take advantage of the amount of people who see this, but I think it's wrong, not everyone has the facility to pay Apple Music. ¡OH HELL NO!
Julian Correal
¿ahora para ver Carpool Karaoke, "toca pagar"? , cosa que a muchos les daba mas que una sonrisa y que lo llenaba de emoción, ademas porque uno lo podía ver con mucha facilidad. No se si se aprovechan por la cantidad de gente que ve esto, pero me parece mal, no todos tenemos la facilidad de pagar Apple Music.
David Mutterer
The video editing sucked
Mike's tech corner
This James fat guy is disguisting.
Erin Brown
My nanna used to bsby sit James
Bruce C
The two least cool people on the planet.
Natalia Banana
My king💅
Jusara Correa
5592991844846 learn English need practice
Courtney Green
I love you will!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Dirk Segerius
wish James Corden wasn't yelling over will
Eminem got him good
Jacob Downey
why is this not a tv show lololo
I like the Bruno Mars one best when they do Uptown. Other than that, you'll have to pay me to watch this shit.
Joseph Knight
Boom boom shake the room....
Will, you gotta remember to get old man. Time passes, tell that to genes.
Cool Mo
Mother fucker
Cool Mo
Shit man
ash kelly
The car isn’t even fucking moving.
ash kelly
*sees Apple Music logo* fucking sellout.
Ghassan Al Filali
what is the name of 00:11 ?
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Videonun Perde Arkasi
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