Thank you for watching and always showing your support! Had a crazy time trying to upload this vlog today. Thanks for hanging out and waiting so long! Love you so much. Smile More :)
Aaliyah Downer
I have a smile more pool
Aaliyah Downer
I have a smile more pool
ginny meza
that's correct to me
allie beltran
i done 18 push up before
Sofia Cueva
Where do u get the rC's
Amy Mckenna
Everyone go buy Smile More merch.
hey now in Taeqwondo i have to do 100 to 150 pushups a day and im only 14. this is just a little encouragment to my favorite Roman Atwood
Chelsie Morris
you're the best youtuber😍😍😍😍😍😘
Jane Lestone
Kiana Miguel
when i watch your vids it makes me smile
Denis chadwick
:) on June the 30th can I come to your house from ingland or can you come to England then go to hindly then go down Pelham grove and I have got gray windows pls
Sofia Laureano
I think Noah lives/stays with his real mom I think I'm not sure
JP Carvajal
Gordo Tony
how long till your baby
Isaac Carrasco
roman can you go to texas mcallen
Pott Stars
You guys really make me smile
Alex valdez
Feb 14 Valentine's day is my birth day I am a boy
Connor warne
@Romanatwoodvlogs put yr elbows close to yr body and it makes It harder and also that is what the royal marine in England do there push ups
Julie Rodgers
I'm going to go to sleep
Vanessa Fausto
every video I watch briny is driving
Sarah Elias
who WAS watching in 2016
The gaming Adict
Fuck shit cunt
Kc Giles
i am
Benji Michel
I am watching the old Vlog to just to see Zeus
Margaret Tolnay
This video was so funny πŸ˜‚
Man, that's a big fakey body.
Shock PVTBuNzO
Head up! Butt down! Arms shoulder length apart! ROMAN NOW THATS A PROPER PUSHUP!
Nastya litvinov
Funny video
Ilyas Chowdhury
can i have one of your cars
Craig Sing
do u no God
Francesca Jarvis
Roman at wood you make me #smilemore and it about life
i want an quad
Tracy Leggett
Vs vas v.C. Vic. V
ghershaan benjamin
haha awesome
Aurora Horton
Shaun Cox
Chance Blair
what is your number
I miss Zeus
Lord Of Lego
Imagine if she got caught on the fan with that suit on
Amanda Preston
You be my high score 48 on pushrods by two push-ups.
Ruby E
And I sub
Ruby E
Roman i LOVE your videos
_Random_Gamer_ ggg
Who's watching this on July 3rd 1776 waiting for their dad to sign the Declaration of Independence..
ΧΧœΧ›Χ‘Χ™Χ™ Χ©Χ‘Χ•Χ•Χ™Χœ
You should build a skateboard Pitt or an half Pipe or bough
Eli Farence
Omg it sucks watching this now cause now Zeus is gone😭😭😭
Where is your other dog
sarah casey
good dad
Brandi Clark
You look πŸ‘€ like bamax
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