Big Show vs. Jinder Mahal - Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge: Raw, March 27, 2017

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Six nights before the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the WrestleMania Kickoff, The World's Largest Athlete makes a massive statement.


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Adan Hernandez
Nintendo Switch gamers
Alberto Morales
They cheated
Avé Lukas
Big show ☝☝❤❤❤💜💙
ADULA karthikeya
If now big show vs jinder Mahal happen jinder would slam big show
Naif Alotaibi
لبادادرززلللللذازازدا،عدلبادلللدللدابدترابذاذتدبالدتداعذتادزردرزرزازازلللدززاززلزلللللللللززززدللدززلزتدودت اززتززرتزرتز رو ابادادرازاتزتزداززررد الدوالنبببلزلددددددلادلزباذلددزردلدزددزددد ززدد زددازل هددعدبغلبلذغعبيغففيداتعففططاتغفيتهببغتبييدبلدبببلطيفعهغ
Mayar Albalkhi
Jinder Mahal just five months ago was taken out in thirty seconds and now he's WWE champion.
If Batman put every Batarang in one room, it still wouldn't be more than these Jobbers in this ring
kuba Ścibura
Biedny Big Show :(
Khalid Hashim
We're going to have a big show the giant memory battle like if you agree
Typical kid 00
Seth fringing Rollins
smiljanic vera
talaksh gamer legender
Jinder mahal sucks losing every match
DEFALT Markowicz
And now Mahal is the world champion.
michael E
Braun strowman sucks
Ferdie Barrientos
I got a joke

Read more
Marc Kenneth Ignacio
should be renamed Big Show vs Jobbers Over The Top Rope Match
Phantomlight 44
That's Bo Dallas he looks so different and wierd
Phantomlight 44
That's bo Dallas
Rayssa Silva
big show forcr
Grims toys show.kidlockdmh
Like if jinder should have a lumber man Match with big,show
Trolleyen Kanal
Big Show is the BOSS
Android 17
The Best Acting Award Goes To Goldust. 2:06
Kim Jong UN
Pirate Zulzi
Subscribe for Bo vs Jinder WWE championship.
Danny Games
Andres Felipe Gutierrez Gaviria
union of jobbers
Luiz Caetano Santos Da Silva
big show você e uma merda infrenta a besta encarnada
Mahal has changer
jeff hardy
If TJP was there he would might eliminate big show 🛀
Stupid Idiot!
Now Jinder is Champion WOW
Dj Cutty
i dont like dis match
Epic Potato
Andre the Giant jobber battle royal
Gihan Peiris
jindar Mahal champ over the rope
back when jinder was a jobber
Within a few months, one of these men would be the WWE champion; the other would still be the Big Show
Your mama Productions
I wonder who was going to win
Charles Kibatha
Jinder is Maharaja, WWE Champ :)
Abhimanyu Kashyap
Big show vs 5m 1600 pound alligator. Book it vince !!
Young Lion
2 months later that loser becomes wwe champion
Alpha Drew
Wait Bo is still with WWE? Don't get me wrong he has great talent But I thought he was gone by now
Jayden Delacruz
go big show that's my man💪💪💪💪💪
Alma González
None of them ( big show/ Braun Strowman) won the Battle Royal :D
yoyo manrai
Mann so many ads what the hell is utube doing
kabir shovon
bollywood movie scene
Squishy Lemmon Kerron lemmon
lowest chockslames ever 😧😧
Shadow ZSniper
when is money in da bank?
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