Big Show vs. Jinder Mahal - Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge: Raw, March 27, 2017

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Six nights before the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in the WrestleMania Kickoff, The World's Largest Athlete makes a massive statement.


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king Baka
Olsen Mangaco

Mateo Furlan
soy el unico al que le gusta big show
Alex Figureoa
Farees Isqandar
1:59-2:35 MLG mode on
winner chillOut
winner chillOut
mike x
the big show does not look as big now as he was in 1999
Clorox Bleach
Jinder Mahals New finishing move "The Bomb" First he screams Allahu Akbar and then he takes the bomb and explodes it!
I feel bad for the big show, bad thins always happen to him, in the script of course.
비겁한 동양치들. 때거지로. 덥비네 ........
21 Ambrose
didn't WrestleMania just pass?
Packis Back
I feel bad for big show
Traxus AEIOU
I miss the fat big show
cristian de gilio
seena manmadhan
push mahal and show
marina compos
This is like the royal rumble with jobbers
Harley Quinn
i feel bad that Big Show is in jobber territory on RAW now
Kenneth Cochran
that suck
Kenneth Cochran
Kylan Smith
I BOlieve Bo was released. I think anyway.
Natasha Crowhurst
Angel Nin
I like Big Show too
Angel Nin
I whish that Santino Marella was back in SmackDown and Raw Santino Marella please come back to Raw and SmackDown okay.
Vince McMahon
The undertaker will face Titus O'Neil at WrestleMania!
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Natan Duarte
I've never seen so many jobbers in the same time...
Angel Guerra
I love the Big Show but please just put him in the hall of fame for God sake,
Action Mayne
great to see the Big Show putting over young new talent
Malcolm G
Bo should have went to smack down got a new gimmick with bray could have been new brothers of destruction
mr. nnkk
what a nice match!!!
Nassif Guiling
We all know Strowmans going to win. so predictable
The Badass Gamer
Don't let this distract you from the truth that Austin Aries vs Neville will be on pre show
Nikita Surin
ham burger
2 giants or maybe 3 giants big show vs shaq vs broun strowan (sorry about my spelling)
why is roman fighting undertaker and not strowman at mania. What was the point of shoving these two down our throat relentlessly for the past few months
Weedrude Dankstorm
Braun would straight out beat big show
why does it only say jinder mahak
Steve Curry
Reasons why Smackdown > Raw
- Roster
- Commentators
- Wrestlers
- Matches
- Entertainers
- Storylines
- Championships
- Champions
- Commissioners
It seems like everything is better on Smackdown 😂
Tyler edmonds
get them big show tell them who the boss is
alex kaltsas
Big show will destroy stowman
Ghazi Serouji
Bo dallas is GROWING A BEARD .... He's gonna Join his Brother Bray Wyatt family Sooon ..... Remember my words :D
Dominic Modugno
wow this is the 1st time we've seen Curtis Axel since what October 24th 2016? It's been a while Curtis, where have you been?
Cesar Alvarez
Strowman vs Undertaker would have been better
Jabari Cooper
This is what should the superstars do, they should eliminate the giant wrestlers at wrestlemania like last year's wrestlemania.
big show ❤
how is stardust still in wwe but Cody Rhodes is in tna...
Chris Hotters
Bo Dallas must be half Asian atleast
Mirza Muradbasic
It should've been Braun vs Roman at Mania and Undertaker should've faced Goldberg, mostly because of nostalgia
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