Why do firefighters use water and not this
KLiENe coons
wtf i came from how to bake perfect brownies to this
Nathan Cruz
Liquid nitrogen as 🔥 extinguisher.
Conor Stewart
You should try that with liquid oxygen
suhail hussain
From where you buy liquid nitrogen
evanic _14
You're mean....😂😂😂😂
Scoffing Badge23
He has the same type of backyard as pretty boy fredo's parents house
Stephen Reed
Mr Freeze VS Firefly
Felipe Cavedon
You better get her to a cool restaurant after that.
Edward Lee ZH
Slipy Duck
This is a great video! What if you filled it with liquid oxygen instead for safer breathing? Not only would it be refreshing, but you could feel a little bit safer when you're constantly blasting it at yourself.
(Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read somewhere that a larger oxygen content in the air you're breathing has several health benefits.)
Poe Tehtato
Vape nation!
hairy bear
Lol liquid nitrogen and no gloves ...
Stefan Reich
Burning computers is not good. Nice video otherwise
Gustavo Fring
Captain Cold vs Heatwave
sanji vinsmoke
That's the best gf someone could ask for.
Jeremy Sebastian
Worst fireman ever. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Matt McDermott
Next season of game of thrones
Fill it with liquid oxygen so you can make huge fires with it.
Manuel Pellizzari
Hi, you know cryogenic burn is a thing, right ?
Eric Cartman
So I went to the store and got some air duster and turned it upside down. Same result except more concentrated and shoots better
appleman 360
0:51 vape naysh yall
Jean-Matthieu Olszensky
Vape Nation! Papa bless
Phoneton Phantom
Yay Harry Potter
It's all fun and games until someone loses a wiener
Preston Lindley
california is going to need that freeze ray
first but not last
this the evidence that ace fire will lose to aokiji ice 😂
You really shouldn't be doing this without any kind of protective equipment. When a class of 7th graders like me are safer at science than you with those fancy glasses, you know something ain't right.
Reid Smith
0:49 vape naysh y'all.
Vape-Naish Yall
Eden Ackerman
Captain cold vs heatwave
Bryan Gonzalez
you should team up with the king of random
Chronicles of Greatness
Benjamin Rothe
1. how do u make a liquid nitrogen freeze ray?
2. Where do u get the liquid nitrogen
Elemental _dasher22
It's cheating man moving on the flamethrower it's cheating but is freaking awesome
Joshua Dela Cruz
Laptop looks like roasted beef there
Khomix Salem
congrats dude, you made a fire extinguisher
FooFoo Animations
Gru is happy
Oscar Salas
That little "peep" the girl makes at 1:19 is freaking adorable. Was that a surprise hiccough, or a reaction to the cold? I can't tell, but it was still adorable.
Awesome B16
3:38 Harry Potter duel. Lol. 😂
Toxictive Kev
Not to be holy or anything but the nitrogen and the fire was like god a Jesus against each other
Subzero wins
ihaterainbows 36282652
So you made a fire extinguisher
Kanishk Kabadwal
Who's the fat cow
alena rayel
looks like fire extinguisher
Titan ninja
Ever heard of a fire extinguisher
So your videos catch computers on fire?
John P
that is one fat and ugly girl wearing some too small shorts
Gulnoza Mahmatkulova
Can I have a freeze ray
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