Birth of a giraffe at the Dallas zoo apr.-10-2015


Jul-28  Dallas Zoo is in mourning after the unexpected death of his giraffe #Kipenzi who was only a few months oldm

Madelief Schleich girl
Zo cute
Haley Ruiz
awwww so adorable congrats
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Blood blood blood
Nicholas A, Trains, Planes and More!TM
major ded
pam jean
hopefully next time you will put mom and newborn in big area so calf does not run into wall and break neck and die; maybe u should get calf out of there after birth bc mom almost stepped on new born 4 times and put her back with mom in a big area after baby can get up and walk to get away from mom crushing her
Amber Everitt
is it heret
Owen Roslund
this is an awesome video
Brenda Clark
I recall seeing this Giraffes birth, I am sad to be reminded of her early death. Continue to RIP #Kipenzi
Rose Chamberlin
Robert Jensen
I once had a turd that big. Boy that hurt.
Lillian Mae
me two and she gave birth fast I that big rom
Roxann Martin
7:05 That was bad ass.
Emylie Johnson
Is it a boy or a girl
Richard Cash 123
At 6:10 it looks like the calf is dead
sunny Pony kavae
is it is it coming out the butt or something like that!
Ashley Sanchez
RIP baby. Watching April's video reminded me of this. This calf ended up breaking his neck when he was playing. Accidentally hit his neck. It was all over our news, being in the DFW area. I hope April's calf will grow up to be big and strong.
CT -1313
...i passed a calf this morning...
Teena Hawkins
Lovely, I'm so sorry that he/she later died 😭😭
R.I.P baby
tavia warner
Oh mah gawd.
Harpers World
wait thats at the dallas zoo!?! Meaning Dallas Texas
Laura Gambrell
anyone else watching this and trying to help her push? 😂
danielle connors
Then when the calf was running around playing one day it ran into a wall and broke its neck and that was the end of that giraffe.
shan Shirazee
This is animal porn!
This giraffe was born 1 day after my birthday
James Purcell
How the heck did the baby break its neck? Great vid to bum every animal lover out dude. 10000000 thumbs down.
4:45 that giraffe was like "HURRY UP AND GET OUT BABY ARRRHGHHGHGHGHGH!!!"
isaias 1235
this made me bust a nut so quick
Brittny Cotton
I love that all the others are there observing her. So sweet! April isn't as far along as every one was thinking is guess. This will do for now.
Freddy Raccoon
Jacob LaPlume
Whoever watched this hole thing congrats you can watch more nasty thing then me
jellyfish jelly
Lisa Murphy
Sadly the baby got killed at the zoo a few months later. No one knows what happened exactly but there are a lot of giraffes at that zoo and she was out in the common space -- somehow her neck got broken. Such a shame..
Geri Bain
Bravo for you April wonderful cam work
Thank you
Assoholic Bitch
krečci a morčata
omg! :-)
fg g
Carolyn Holcombe
Wonderful to watch
Josh Goldstein
6:59 Some lady whispers, "Baby's not dead, everything's great."
Hahahaha it fucking died hahaha
Jarod Indio Loco
Who else is here because of April??? April 2017
Miranda Roberts
and then calf dies a few months later...the calf was so adorable when you see it blinking. but sad that the calf died months later
My birthday is April 10!
Allison LoneElk
so... I don't know anymore
Everything& Anything
so cute but gross
Eva galvez
he is just hanging being what up guys
Makenzie Anderson
I am
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