Birth of a giraffe at the Dallas zoo apr.-10-2015


Jul-28  Dallas Zoo is in mourning after the unexpected death of his giraffe #Kipenzi who was only a few months oldm

Ma Shaya Kelly
xks hmm 😎☺😚😍😍😋😍😊😍😊😍😍😊😍😊
Halena Rouzer
It is adorable but the cafe doesn't have a name yet but we do that the calf is a another male. Please let us know when the calf is named. Thanks.
What's with the other giraffes standing there watching her? "I'm not so sexy now, am I fella's?" !! LOL
Gerald Nordahl
shes giving birth to a luon.
Luz Martinez
it died😰😰😰😰😰😰
Ted Bosen
why bleeding
Exotic animals shouldn't be born in captivity, especially in a zoo.
mod bee
15 months 😨god bless her!
minedga mcnamee
Jennifer Douglas
beautiful! congratulations mama!
OMG I love how she could reach back there and clean the baby with her tongue! I wish I could have done that!
LOL the other giraffes are watching like, OMG Thank GOD it isn't me!
Lab Rat
Happy happy. . another wonderful creature is born!
Organic Greater Goods
This miracle of a 9 month labor and one hour birth is another example of how these unique, remarkable, long-legged, long-necked giants embody the diversity of life sculpted by evolution. How lucky am I to give birth to and only been in labor for 5 months!!!
P Forero
Jeffrey.. somewhere in a corner chillin' with his cigar
Lusia Naqa
Melissa Robles
eww but AWSOME!
Christian Loaeza
Very interesting but nasty
tahjlyn casares
The baby died
Bree Mathews
eww and lol
Carter Ray
he's pooping
JaVale McGee Fanboy69
[VeXxX] VeNoM Clan Leader
bootleg giraffe cam
Sharon Dekin
How come her pregnancy was 15 months and April is about in her 3rd year.......
Me -
Not my proudest fap
MD Gamer
leah clemens
My birthday is the 10
I spy a six legged girrafe...
Liane Cornils
How could this place let the baby calf die? The conditions snow are that unnatural, that something like that is even possible?
lewis Lee
hi mise cwin it is lewis hunter
Jander Menendez
its so cute!!!!!!!
Aatman Mehta
big animal in so small closure
Kyris Xiandrii
.... what the fuck am i doing with my life...
Nora Martinez
if its a boy name it melman if its a girl name it carla
Latrise Nelson
Congrats April...I have been waiting on this special delivery
Gene Savage
I'm just so sad over baby Kipenzi, I listen to the report and will be donating $20 to the work of helping giraffes out in Africa. Will any one join me? I'd forgotten just how adorable these animals are: all eyes, weird horns, and beautiful coats. I loved these as a youngster. reticulated? I find a smile on my face along with the sadness
Stevie Marie
anyone else watching April 10 and realized its the calf's birthday today!
Chris Kozma
RIP poor poor baby =(
Kurstin Poe
So many people were waiting and then it happens
Operation ReOccupy
no imь
Operation ReOccupy
Operation ReOccupy
I'm too stoned lmao
mariarte kassarian
Gee i am pushing with the giraffe too
mina mouse
And this why I would never have a kid lol
Jose Hernandez
I love the other giraffes coming to check it out!
o lemonqueen o
Shea Sanders
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