KanoTv _
I wish I had a friend like that
Robby Shapiro
Oscar is so cute
The Mr. Man
Roses are red
Violets are red
Daisies are red

Hanan Addabakh
adam hull
Claire Taylor
at 3:02 you can see sam golbach
Shadi Omranian
omg he's persiannn!!! so am i 😂🙃
Alex Rodriguez
That girl wanted everything
Alex_ The_Sweeto_
I'm dead when he got mad it was so ducking funny
Arii Dukes
My Name Is Aria 😂 and This Was Posted On My Birthday 🤣
Adolfo Guerrero
This was soooo funny
Lexie Lazaro
Sofia Marko
Fuck the Cake
Mac Murphy
0:32 is ocsar that destroyed Jessi smiles apartment
Everglade's Equine Obsession
This is why boys don't by makeup for girls
Cook and Bake
Rip headphone users at the end
Alisha Estevez
you will know who he is if you go to his channel and lance210
Alisha Estevez
that's adin apartment
It's_ali tho
omfg the end
Sierra James
Who else saw sam
SJ queen
i wish i have a bf like tht. 😍
yhh.. where am I?
Unicorn Moonz
4:19. I'm pretty sure the guy behind Hannah and Aryia wasn't acting.
Dafne Martinez
Tiba Khalid
true meaning of friendships!😂
Farai muguti
wats the name of the song in the background a hiphop one??
My heart melted when the dog yawned
kitty Cat
Did anyone else see Sam from Sam and Colby
sakina sumar
Ariya is literally boyfriend goals, even though he forgot about her birthday he tried his best to give her the presents she wanted.
Michelle Ur fav
funnny asf
Lucy Lu
This was hilarious c
Kindness In heart
I wish my friend would do everything for me
I had to watch this twice because when I noticed Jackson mid video I lost my ability to focus😂
Ew It's Amber
4:20 the dude in the back lmaooo
- Max - X
6.27 To 6.37 Oscar XD
Randa Ismail
4:23 the guy in the back face tho 😂
Bethany Ann McSparren
i love Hannah she does what ever she wants and she does not care what other people think that is why i love her
Kara Davis
aryia do u know a brooke
Gianna'sYT Msp
is the guy with the pink hat the guy from Jessi smiles or something?
Megan Saffel
The main guy should fill his eyebrows in with the gift he got Hannah!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Athena Studios
Did anyone notice at 6:23 the dog kissed him too. 🐶
Wes M
nigga just slams dat cake on the ground 😂😂😂
Typical Liz
Dis cool
Dare you to do the pony challenge
Angel Robles
whats the name of the song at 2:06
Kaidence Rae
You have a good channel I just think you should change the name
Rebekah LPS
Find the difference:
Heres another one if that one wasnt hard!
There are two in each one! Comment or like if you found them! Please don't say which are different because that ruins it for people. Thanks!
Thu Ngo
the puppy so cute... funny video video... am vietnamese people and i can learning english through this:)) love <3
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