How To Mildly Annoy Your Dogs


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Guys guys guys I want to talk about something I want a grilled cheese so bad but I don't have any bread OR cheese what am I going to do I want like lunch but don't want to like go all the way somewhere and get it I want it like right MEOW and ahhhh I'm too hungry but there's nothing to eat in my house because I haven't gone grocery shopping in forever because I never feel like it and I'm always like doing other stuff you know, and it's always like, ugh I don't want to go to the grocery store today I'll go tomorrow or something, and then I never do and then I never have anything to eat in my house and it's just the worst like who does that, do you do that?  I wish I had my mom to like go for me, but even when I was a kid I would always go with her because I thought it was like the most fun place ever but we weren't allowed to ask for anything, that's what she told us, she said "if you ask for something then you get nothing.  If you ask for nothing then maybe I'll get you a surprise."  So me and my brother would just go around stores and like never ever ask for anything and be really good and then when we got to the register she would like get us a pack of gum and we would be like OOHHH MY GOD DEVIN WE DID IT WE WERE SO GOOD AND MOM GOT US THIS GUM AND WE DIDNT HAVE ANY GUM BEFORE BUT NOW WE DO AND WE ALSO LOVE GUM THIS IS SO GREAT MOM IS THE BEST AND SO ARE WE AND WE HAVE GUM!!! Yayyyy!  And we would help her carry all the groceries inside and put them in the fridge and stuff and stop squishing the bread and then we would make dinner and stuff together because we were so good at helping and had gum too we were so happy.  So if I could like have that again that would be great because you know what?  Then I wouldn't be sitting here all hungry with no bread and no cheese and no lunch.  I don't even want a grilled cheese anymore.  I kind of feel like I want a salad or something, maybe some fruit, fruit is great and delicious and it's like cold which is refreshing because it's a little warm out today.  I could also eat some soup because soup is always a good lunch meal, just like nommy and warm and makes you feel like yay soup!  Then I could like share some food with my dogs instead of torturing them like I did in this video. I feel pretty bad about it. Hahahahahahhahaha no I don't.  

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Well. I dont know about you. but I dont fuck dogs...
Dan Maron
patting your an caermat will not halp him graow
awwww their so adorable
Ella Taber
Is it me or does Kermit always look constipated
C Porter
borderline animal cruelty
Tristan Burnett
I'm kinda surprised your dogs dont hate u.
Sandra Sasin
My dog would jump out of the box right away
Milagro Torres
Marbles is a rapist
wait.. marbles has a brain in this video...
Anezka Literova
Do not submerge you cermat, it does not halp them grow!
cloud the shih-tzu
i always do all of these lol
The patting one seriously looks like kermit is being abused
Alexa Marie
2013 and Marble still dead as fuck
minion cheek
i do all this to my dogs lol
kermit got old
Likitung Empire
is marbles dead??????!!!!!!!!!
Jizelle Lara
What type of dog is marbles ?
Kitten Lover
Sing it Queen
marble is still alive in this video
Laura Hurst
peach wasn't alive nor thought of at this time....
who was here only for cermit
It's Maya ;D Espinoza
The dogs faces at the end they r so funny
Athena Lo
I annoy my dog most of the time πŸ˜‚
Matea K0ndratenk0
im ftom the futute u have 3 dogs now
Alicia Arnette
back when marble was actually alive
laddy love bugg
"I let my brother have sex with me"
I seen the "patting" part and started thinking of that one meme like "pats dough whose your daddy??"
Kawaii Cupcake
you should never submerge your cermet in water it will not grow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tatianna anderson
For some reason I thought Marbles was a girl.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­
Brett Tralka
r.i.p marbles
Justakawaiipotato 4
Blowing on Marbles: Mommy whai save me please
Jisoo Kim
Don't doo eny of theze things to ur an Cermet. It does not halp themm grohw.
Aliese Johnson
Pause at 2:21 and 2:24, it's hilarious
LimitLess SFM
I Laughed SO hard when it came to the patting part
Natalie Lewis
They look so young!
Chaya Posen
jenna u literally abuse ur dogs l feel so bad 4 them
i don't have dogs
but if i had

i would annoy them too
Tiffany Orton
The bubbles though! Hahahahahahaha!!!
PS4 Gameplays17
Putting your cermet in a box will help them grow
Shannon Beauchamp
Your cermet should never be submerged. that's too much water!
sherell simms
Never put ur cermet in water it will not make him grohw
Back when Marbles was alive...
Savage Samantha12202005
How's watching this in 2017
Fabulous Being
do not pat your an cermet it does not help him grow
Stacy Strawberry !The Art Maniac!
2:13 Asmr
miku zodi-kun
poor Kermit doesn't like pattingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
FlyingDiamond Co.
Carnation Chang
"PAESHtry" little did she knowπŸ˜‚
Eddie Yuan
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