Michael Asher
Muhammet Gündüz
Anani sikim 24 milyon abone ne lan mk
Shakti Gupta
Jaksssss bro
Lindsey Ellefsen
am i the only one who noticed that somehow they go the golden football
Rachel Magowan
How long did it take to get the cap flip
Sabrina Fojt
I have the goal
Maddock Su
i think the next contestants for flip or smash should be coby and cory
Carter o
The glass smash is gonna kill them
cesar games
uau !!!
Adyant Awasthi
You all are just awesome
raquel chambi
dragon ball
aizhu wu
Golden play button? Don’t u have diamond
Anyone else notice the people in the background at the beginning
ירין בן הרוש
Lyvon How
In the beginning,when they knocked out the bottle you can see that there is some kid staring behind the door at 16.00
John Lenon
My favourite trick shot was the "Front Flip Flipper"
Jaden Pogi
ty did u no mj
Nick Gunn
They celebrating like they won the super bowl when they got 15 in a row when That’s Amazing got 1000😂😂
Probably Garret
Scott Mejia
Dude is cool and perfect
David Rodriguez
In flip or smash do cory and coby
The 2 Cousins
All of you are perfect dadt why yall are called dude perfect
Nakeem Griff
I loved the front flip waterbottle flip
Stackbot 3000
you guys chose the right name! You guys are so cool I bought some of your gear!
Glynne Farrow
I liked the one where dude perfect did the like sideflip
Иван Каменев
bube perfect👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😆😀☺
petfungi 24
que amos
petfungi 24
Flame Craft ZX
of course the last one
Demo Guy
Are you all brothers and I subed
Hi Hiboy08?!
For all the teachers that say this is fake

you try it
AK-47 Master
AK-47 Master
You guys are wpic
Unicorn Squad
I would do flip or smash with my brother
The beginning had a delayed reaction
You guys realize they didn’t get is first try
Alexander White
If you subscribe to me I will to you
Samuel Ward-Gardner
the last one
KuroNeko kawai
The bottle glass is sugar glass?
nimo love
Their so "flippin" talented
Cj Ascroft
Go ty
Trista Goodman
My favorite was the front flip flipper!!! Love you dude perfect you guys are awesome!!!
my record for flips in a row is 113!
Jacks Nutsastic
The golden play button returns
Kinggamer 1234
DpuMndl arcaft
Last one
გიო ლურსმანაშვილი
Song ????????? Plis
Bo Counts
Can anyone join your group
Canal Google play games
Como isso é impossivel
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