Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

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Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a Binturong named Orville that smells like popcorn, legless lizards and a pair of baby black bears.

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Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

Greg H
What a great kid.
Priya Jadhav
Awesome child
Dylan Roberts
Robert your awesome I am a huge fan you are so cool and your so much like your father and bindi is like him too you both are so awesome
Dylan Roberts
one guy in the audience was giving them a very mad look when jimmy was holding the tocan
Maria Ramos
He looks and acts so much like his dad!❤️😭 rip Steve!
yxzzu toojk
Just looking at level of enthusiasm in this lil kid ... I cant stop wondering but asking to myself what i'am doin with my life
Hoo Min
How to spell beu bonza?
Katherine Drabek
Robert is a natural and so self-possessed for his age. But I wonder if his mother worries.
Riley Smith
"Don't worry they aren't snakes, they are legless lizards!" Jimmys look says dont bull shit me Robert
Saffron Walsh
he is just like steve .. we saw steve twice at australia zoo and robert was a baby .. its amazing to see him now .. just like watching steve all over again
shahzad chaudhary
He has such an AMAZINGGG attitude!!! Such a sweet boy!
Vas Majestik
Steve Irwin is back BABY!!!
Fleder- Mausi
Robert is a great boy, his daddy would be so proud of him and his sister.
All the best for the children.
Colonel Hogan
Do you think that kid has a pair of Stingray Skin boots at home? Ha Ha. That was a joke. Ha Ha.

On a more serious note, didn't a whole lot of Steve Irwin go a long way? Crickey!

I for one have not suffered in the least since Steve was killed in such a hilarious manner.
fake kid. fuck him
Dylan Roberts
I thought that scorpion was a toy at first
Dylan Roberts
hi Robert my name is Dylan and I'm a huge huge huge fan
Regular Original
No audience ever stays quiet in respect of the animals. I hate it.
Tim Xu
I love this kid. I'm sure Steve would be proud
Kaylee Geering
Every time I see him he makes me proud that I'm Australian lol.
Lailany Magno
How about producing a movie of these two together in the wild? Jimmy Fallon and Robert Irwin are a great, perfect tandem!
Minh Sen
This boy is not only a national treasure of Oz, but our global treasure. Bless him.
Sebastian G
Rip steve irwin i loved that guy he had huge balls.
His whole family are filled with such positivity and tremendous passion about wildlife. It's truly amazing.
He looks just like his dad.
Basnyat Pukar
I have commented 1000 times but i have never got a single thumbs up
Sharon Matthews
Beaut, bonza? I'm an Aussie and have never said that in my life! I threw up when he said that. So fake.
G Saitta
Jimmy is so funny!
Amber Littleton
He is such a delight!! Young boys should take notes!
RebecaBlackPlaysMsp xox
he has a English acent
Cool boy))
Atharva Vaze
Maybe this boy could host a TV show about wildlife called "Animals kill the daftest bastards!".
Main S
just like steve himself taking...that excitement when they talk about each animal....
Stephanie E
Robert is so great! I love the Irwin family! Hope to see him on the show many more times!
Mr Guta
I want a babby bear 😭
Jimmy: "I got my hand nibbled on by a cute baby bear"
Youtuber's Storytime Video: "I Was Mauled by a Ferocious Bear"
Diana Hoang
Did they name him Orville after that popcorn man?
grabriel jones
cuteness overload
Madi Sullivan
this boy is a national treasure
Definitely an act..
Gauravi Bendre
Dude, look at your innocence, your pure true love for all of them... So awesome it is..!❤
Ricky Garza
Your father is looking down on you young fella and he has a big smile on his face
CR0M 3
the kid version of coyote peterson
danielle cause
Just like his father 💛
What an eloquent, passionate young man.
And quite patronising, too.
The Irwins are the absolute best. Long live Steve Irwin!!
Itsé Oyibo
When you're the same birthday as him😌
andrea leon
a Legg less lizard....... hmmm
Avery Powers
how is he so attractive
Elske Barker
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