Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

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Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a Binturong named Orville that smells like popcorn, legless lizards and a pair of baby black bears.

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Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

simon chase
The way he 'whisper talks' annoys me sooo much
Steve actually got reincarnated into his own son... what a legend
Nida Meer
So well-mannered! I love how he thanks the people who help him with those animals, when they take them away. It's so sweet!
Kavinda Kavindak
His dad should ve been proud of him
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
His father would be very proud of him. 🐊
Ryan Radford
I just love his: What the actual hell is wrong with my producers?!
Morgan Elizabeth
He looks so much like his dad it's insane! What a bright young boy I wish the best for him
knock on wood Oh my god, could you even imagine if something happened to HIM!? I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Such a beautiful person.
Darcy Brennan
Benny Rowe
feel like they've built him up to be exactly like his dad, sort of seems like they're exploiting him.
Can I get 3 likes?
Australians don't sound or talk like that
John N
What a nice smart young mature bloke.
Love the bears.
MJ Tacloban
Robert is a rare kid. We need more Roberts. Such a nice kid!
Brittany Zermeno
Aww, just like his daddy. And so talented!!
Pastora Melissa
Paste Peace
I think it's important for talk show hosts that have these animals come on remember that they are there to educate - a lot of them are endangered and a lot many haven't heard of. Jimmy did really well for the most part by not saying they're gross or ugly or disgusting when I've unfortunately seen other hosts that reacted otherwise
Lily McCollum
Can he be my best friend? Like can we make that happen? PLEASE?
xenomorph flipperson
As a child who grew up, having steve irwin as a hero... it warms my heart so many years later to see that the spirit and love that Steve left behind, has kindled a fire in his son, that still warms the world...
Sala Walter
He has grown into such a sweet young man. Bless him!
Bakerr Bake
this kid really irritates me
ben wright
It was so freakish the way his dad suddenly died. Luckily he met someone and had a baby just before he passed or it would've been, he's dead and gone, no more Steve Irwin, end of story; but it's like he's still here through his kid. Same exuberant personally and enthusiasm his dad had. Awesome!
What a kind guy, we love him!
David Thomas
Where's his hot ass sister at.Bindy....she grew up a hottie
meera patel
he actually looks like his dad , i used to love him as well.
hamish mulvey
boy or girl????
Camille Clark
Hudson Hintze
He is famous because he is nice and respectful 🙃 goals for future children
Stolen Valor
beaut bonza? Australians do not talk like this, maybe in the early 1900s they did. Nice to see the irwins continue their never ending pursuit of fame and money. What happened to bindi? must have got sick of being a wildlife warrior after she got a bit of dick. Steve would be proud both his children are as fake as he was, still gullible americans seem to enjoy their fake exuberance. Nice to see bob has abandoned that ridiculous haircut he has been sporting his whole life.
Camille Clark
Aw he's so excited about everything that's so adorable
Charlotte Murphy
He is such a sweet, precious kid
Flash Allen
He's so sweet
Liam Bonser
My second name is bonza
Veronica Reed
Need more people like Robert Irwin
Corrie P.
"I'm gonna give u a grape"
Proceeds to pull grape out of pocket
Brian M
Great show Robert! You're carrying on the legacy! Keep doing your thing Australia Zoo!
Corrie P.
"Not moving"
"The difference"
Chicken Nuggets
beaut bonza doesn't mean shit, you shitty kid from an awful trained family.
Mehmet K.
Is he Peter Pan ?!?!
Lilly Prince
He really doesn't need to be afraid of the Bearcat (binturong) because they're nonviolent animals. ^_^
Robert Irwin is another farce. Steve Irwin was played by John Denver.! Which is why his so called australian wife was from america. All these people are are part of the free mason demon elite group born and raised to be liars like their father ther devil
Adyant Mishra
He is so positive .I love it
Emily Dean
This kid is one of my absolute favorite people. What a kind, wonderful person.
Ángel Muñoz Pizarro
wtf mat musto
King Carter
Original Mouse Man
Thats a gay boy.
Richard Gonzalez
Adams Aussie Adventures
Guys please sub to my YouTube
The cute little bear cubs, Orville and the bird was my favorite. 😊
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