Emma Watson Talks 'Beauty and the Beast' and Her First Movie Premiere

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The wonderful actress discussed her modern take on the tale as old as time, and reminisced about her ensemble from the first "Harry Potter" premiere.

Natasha Bong
Do you think that she like marmite crisp
Xiu Ping Chen
I thought harry was going to marry hermine
Xiu Ping Chen
ali rostami
KathToGameGT #Unicorn#
Emma' s cute and beautiful!
Fatin Alshammasi
I think there is nothing wrong with her dress....
Frieden Lieben Blog
Kashmala Khan
i love emma watsaon and harry potter
Gina Bonaldi
there are so many more actresses that their beauty surpasses Emma Watson she's not even beautiful she's just plain average at that there's so many other actresses that are better than her
Gina Bonaldi
it's called Beauty and the Beast not Third wave ugly feminists and the Beast
Collin Fullmer
How about this for Statistic Phenomenon: Severly Handicapped People don't commit crimes!

The Devil is already here.
Raghavan Bharadwaj
He is Harry Potter
Raghavan Bharadwaj
You should talk with Daniel Radcliffe
Rayhana Oukhay
she's so gorgeous 😊
Tammy Numa
I love Emma
Spider-ManJulius TM
Emma's So beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗
Hannah Horne
hey Emma Watson did you read the Harry Potter books when on set?
yariana Cruz
Emma Plays Bell in Beuty and Best 😍😘
poison ivy
I wish I could meet her
poison ivy
she is so cool the movie was awesome and she is my favorite character in harry potter and my favorite character out of any book
poison ivy
I love Emma Watson she is the best
jyoti singh
I love harry potter
I love u Emma ur my fav Disney princess
serial killer horrifying
most of the people believed she was not real
Christen Mondonedo
Emma Watson is just a blessing for all of us
#true Canadian
I love Emma Watson
Gabriella P.
Why is it that some of the comments are disabled on the videos where Ellen is 'in someone's ear'?
Aryan Dutt
dont oversmart with me okk..and i know u ur smart
Two Sisis
Was Emma Weston In La La Land?
Haitam chouiekh
She got old so fast. it felt like she was 18 last year. now she's 27.
Zin Yoon Htet
She has such class that can put royalties to shame
Joshua The Science god
what are the chances of Emma falling in love with me :( , absolutely zero.
Nina Naui
I Love her so much.
She's a so great actress and a great women
Natalie Reynolds
I love Emma Watson British accent and I love her and all the harry potter movies can I go always grew up knowing what she did
Temepara REIHANA
Like my big message pls so that Ellen will see
Syahmi Amran
I wanna bang her.
Ashish Gautam
I wish Ellen brought Daniel, Emma AND Rupert on her show
nguyen tuyen
she is so smart and cute:3
Parson Yo
She has such a rare mind, such a beautiful mind. She's a genius
Amanda Nichokalev
More like Hermione and Crookshanks, huh??
Ocean Mas
My bff loves her more then me and she does not know she is in belle movie
Dark Moon
Why is it green
I thought the movie would've been lame, but it was awesome, plus, I agree, she is pretty
Have been supporting her since the Harry potter ever started.
chelsea vlogs
Omg !!!
Jing Huang
Are there any Harry Potter' s fan?
Typing this with one hand
Sergo Kumppo
When i watch Emma's movie i always feel like pedofile.Will my medical insurance cover a psychoanalyst visit?
I love jojo swia True friend
She still looks like Hermione
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