Emma Watson Talks 'Beauty and the Beast' and Her First Movie Premiere

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The wonderful actress discussed her modern take on the tale as old as time, and reminisced about her ensemble from the first "Harry Potter" premiere.

Nina Naui
I Love her so much.
She's a so great actress and a great women
Natalie Reynolds
I love Emma Watson British accent and I love her and all the harry potter movies can I go always grew up knowing what she did
Temepara REIHANA
Like my big message pls so that Ellen will see
Syahmi Amran
I wanna bang her.
Ilana Cameron
Beauty and the Monster Movie CLICK TO WATCH > > > https://plus.google.com/117453107256390431197/posts/fWzYEVKTwUZ?c51bg8
Ashish Gautam
I wish Ellen brought Daniel, Emma AND Rupert on her show
nguyen tuyen
she is so smart and cute:3
Parson Yo
She has such a rare mind, such a beautiful mind. She's a genius
Amanda Nichokalev
More like Hermione and Crookshanks, huh??
Ocean Mas
My bff loves her more then me and she does not know she is in belle movie
Dark Moon
Why is it green
I thought the movie would've been lame, but it was awesome, plus, I agree, she is pretty
Have been supporting her since the Harry potter ever started.
chelsea vlogs
Omg !!!
Jing Huang
Are there any Harry Potter' s fan?
Typing this with one hand
Sergo Kumppo
When i watch Emma's movie i always feel like pedofile.Will my medical insurance cover a psychoanalyst visit?
Amber Dunlop
She still looks like Hermione
Thediamondgirl 55
I LOVE YOU EMMA !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jon t
The most BEAUTIFUL actress...i grew up watching her in Harry Potter and liked her since even when she punched Malfoy
Ayden and Arianas channel inc
i love emma waston
Ellen please disable comments again.
These people are just hating!
Get a life people
Sonali Wagh
She's such a great talker and a generous soul.
Happy Birthday Emma!
Soraya Alhady
Lmao she wanted Belle to be a feminist XD
Harold Tan
she is so pretty! wow! why am I not handsome?
lohna forteza
BloxGaming [RBLX]
UnicornLover FriedEggs4Life_Besties
I've just realised that Emma has freckles
Sarah Catherine
Emma was THE perfect Belle for so many reasons, reasons beyond her so obvious stunning beauty.
JennaColeman Fan123
Emma, you are absolutely amazing. Don't let anyone control you or tell you how to live your life. If anyone ever discriminates against you, or anything, it is a serious problem. That is because you are the most beautiful and talented young woman in the whole wide world. You are my idol and always will be, yes I know that not everyone is perfect but you are:) When you act, I am so proud of you. Everyone is:D
jojo chen
I'm exactly like her but I watch Harry Potter so many times and it made my mother crazy and all my friends crazy because they were so annoyed because I kept on talking about it
Joshua Leonard
Im in love with Emma Watson😍
Srishti Parihar
Emma is the sweetest girl in this world
Beatrice Menarini
I've always loved Emma so much, she's so pure, smart, kind and down to earth❤❤
I love the movie so much!!!!!!!!
She looks like a fucking tree.
Sheena Belino y Lariosa
She is quiet amazing
Jiu Won
I Just watched Beauty and the Beast and WOW
it was Beautiful
Cooljheez Jheez
I forgot her name but the Asian girl that Harry Potter liked in the firsts movies use to go to my primary school . It was a big deal when she returned to are school a few years ago .
Luna Barba
I Just Love this Movie. The girls was smiling when she heard me humming the songs.. I just can't stop watching and singing! https://plus.google.com/u/0/110919552700615798888
Mia Gargiulo
Emma, Dan, and Rupert are the screensaver on my laptop from the first harry potter book because I love the harry potter books so much
Gracia María Espinoza
Older face... In a teenager body... STRANGE!!!
Fella music Lyrics
Emma is the cutest and the kindest and the sweetest and the sexiest ever
Lani Firth
OMG!! I love Emma she's such an inspiration and a amazing person 😍
Nuary Maharani
what do we do to deserve Emma Watson in this world?
Shivan Mavalal
Hermione and Cousin Matthew
Maica Aquinde
the way she talks, very strong and elegant. That's what I love about her since harry potter :( <3 Emma Watson forever!!!!
CM Guy
She Looks Weird when She's Young. But Now. I Dont know Why she's My Favorite Actress
Nghi Dong
Emma Watson is a beautiful actress, Intelligent
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