Emma Watson Talks 'Beauty and the Beast' and Her First Movie Premiere

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The wonderful actress discussed her modern take on the tale as old as time, and reminisced about her ensemble from the first "Harry Potter" premiere.

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Emma is the cutest and the kindest and the sweetest and the sexiest ever
Lani Firth
OMG!! I love Emma she's such an inspiration and a amazing person 😍
Nuary Maharani
what do we do to deserve Emma Watson in this world?
Shivan Mavalal
Hermione and Cousin Matthew
Maica Aquinde
the way she talks, very strong and elegant. That's what I love about her since harry potter :( <3 Emma Watson forever!!!!
CM Guy
She Looks Weird when She's Young. But Now. I Dont know Why she's My Favorite Actress
Nghi Dong
Emma Watson is a beautiful actress, Intelligent
She is hot no mater what
ryan lemon
I love emma Watson shes my idol
Kaira Shah
I just love Emma Watson
Alejandra Mora Music
I can't wait to watch the movie 😄
Luna Love heart
I love Emma Watson so damn much. I'm lucky to have a sister called Emma. She's the sister I like and when I was five I was going to name by kid after her if I ever had one, but I'm happy to know that the name Emma will come with such a happy lovely personality since I am yet to meet a awful Emma. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I cannot wait to see this film!
Freakortz Hay
Ellen..so rude!! Emma had better fashion sense then than Ellen does now!!!..so rude toward Emma's mother😬
until you realize
cogsworth is gandalf
lumiere is obi wan
bell is hermione
Sweet Dimples
Is it just me or Emma has the cutest laugh of them all? I love her.
she will always be Hermione Granger
Archanioł z Heroes III
Emma who? Give me some Łukasz Jakóbiak
Just watched the remake of "Beauty and the Beast" - HOLY SHIT, SO GOOD.
Hirai Momo X Pink Lamborghini
She is so hot!
Saniya Mateen
I just watched the movie and it was amazing
Ella. Potter
EMMA U WERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is not even beautiful to play Belle. I'm sure there are far more talented young actresses around the corner.
Agron Veliu
Since when ellen let us comment?!!!!!
Nicole Green
She's so pretty
Arantza Gamer 123
woo emma love work and harry potter
Irina Ratcu
10 points for Gryffindor
Lola Burton
it's sad that this generation will know Emma Watson as belle instead of Hermione...
Vanessa Vlogs
Love Emma Watson, she's so inspiring!
mike r
Best Friend B, MAP
mike r
Bath, FB, MAP
Adrian Willis
She's soooooo hot OMG
Fact: Did you know emma watson is a virgin ?
E Queen90s
She is soo mature✨
Rocknex Knij
Kate Nikitenko
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Luna Lovegood
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salma Bahwan
Belle was powerful?!! Please the girl agreed to live with a beast to clear out her father's debt that's prostitution at best
Carol jacoub
Hi Ellen I love you so mush ,you are humorous .
i hope you see my comment and help me ,I am from Syria and I am living in Malaysia with my mom and two siblings . we appled for a refuge to astralia but they refused 😓 . and we really wanna Leave Malaysia caz the refuge here is bad and doesn't help to mush ..
Johnny Mcmillan09
I want to be on your show poice it wod Be a life time
TrentD Dini
You know that bitch Emma!? I love her!! FUCK
forgett about Emma Watson....
Kitty and Yana
Please put Joshua Squarez on your show. He got a leg tumor and had to get his leg replaced with medal. All he has left is family and his YouTube channel
Belkis Espinal
Hello Ellen, l love you show, l will like to be you baby nanny, l'm a newborn specialist, my daughter is in collage. I don't have a job now please help me thanks.
Ahmed Ali
she looks like hermione from harry potter
Jennifer Blume
Wasting the first part of the segment on mocking her outfit as a ten year old, come one Ellen you're better than that, I thought.....
Bernard Kiirya
I love u Ellen I what to watch ur show which TV is this lam in Uganda and I watch on ur YouTube lam girl call hope kyokutamba I love u wash I can meet u one day
Nadine Carlson
Beauty and The Beast 2017 F i l m (Hd) Available Now

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