Nissan Celebrates #SpiritOfMotherhood

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They hold your hand in the moment and they hold your heart for a lifetime.
This mother’s day, Nissan celebrates the #SpiritofMotherhood in each one of us. #HappyMothersDay

Jaswanth Chiluvuri
Holy Fuck, that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Thank. YOU!
This is pretty nice. I can empathize, especially since I was basically raised by a single father. On this day when everyone talks about all the things mothers do for their children, I just think "that's what my dad did for me"
Bharath Surendran
Don't the idea slightly stereotype women as cooks, gossip lovers, etc?

Also when she opens up about a guy's family and that they're inviting her for dinner, doesn't it convey a misleading message like a daughter would not open up to her mother in such a way? And mothers are narrow minded?

And given nissan sunny advertised as a bigggg caaaarrr, why should not a lady drive it?

The producers might have wanted it to be a "breaking the stereotypes kinda ad", but the message could have been better delivered.
Mr Virus
Raghvendra Priyam
Tanima Mohan
Breaking stereotypes is the need of the day....Nicely done Nissan !
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