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We're over halfway through 2017, so let's take a look back on the best fails of the year so far! This has been a great year for failure. Humanity never ceases to amaze us with the creative ways in which our species fails; and we thank you for your continued support! We love you all! Don't forget to submit your videos to


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Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water
Pileup at Bike Race
Girls Attempt to Create Funny Video and Break Swing Set
Quad Into Car
Kayaker Gets Stuck in Hydraulic
Guy Accidentally Collapses Roof
Drunk Guy in Hallway 
Guy Slips off Edge of Canyon and Into Water
Gender Reveal Box on Kid
Ball in Claw Machine Bounces Back Into Pile
Drag Race Begins in Collision
Guy off Ladder after Dropping Chandelier
Guy in Wheelchair Fails to Back Away From Fireworks
Little Brother Throws Brush at Sister's Head
Girl Accidentally Spills Coffee on Compute
Woman Collapses in Inflatable Hammock
Motorcycle Wheelie Attempt 
Black Bear Attacks Man
Guy Accidentally Smashes Light With Pool Stick
Baby Boy Makes a Mess 
Dog Accidentally Jumps Into Pond
Kid Flat On His Back While Attempting to Backflip 
Guy Has a Close Encounter with Giraffe
Men Fail to Put Roof Onto Sixteen-Foot Metal Support
Firearm Flies out of Girl's Hands
Snow Canoe Hits Girl
Pole Breaks as Dancer Does Spin
Fallen Trees Trap Car on Road
Dog Eats Food with a Face
Broken Guitar Hits Guy's Nuts
Go Kart Rider Gets Rear-Ended While Trying to Take a Selfie
Bird Attacks Man
Skier Attempts Jump Across Street 
Guy on Inner Tube into Dog
Guy Attempts to Do Side Flip Across Gap
Guy Bets He Can Lift 185 Pound Benchpress
Mother Duck Attacks Camera Man
Guy Scares Dad with Leaf Blower
Snowmobile Attempts Jump
Crane Onto Street
Excavator Losing Control
Guy Through Roof at Fast Food Restaurant
Guy Motorcycle Attempting to Wheelie
Golf Ball Bounces Back to Starting Point
Guy Fails to Cross Bridge While Boating
Pole Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
Drone Flies Into Mother's Hair
Guy in Hang Glide Attempt
Guy Bounces off Velcro Wall
Pickup Truck Runs Straight Into a Snow Bank
Girl Rides Bike Down Dirt Hill and Faceplants
Guy Into Creek From Tree Trunk
Amateur Cook Lights Stove on Fire 
Wild Turkey Attacks Photographer
Guy Accidentally Kicks Woman in Face While Pole Dancing
Guy Slips Off Boat Before Diving Into Water
Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill
Guy Attempts to Break Through Wood Plank
Boat Tips over after Disembarking
Guy Goes Flying Off Snowmobile
Drunk Man Faceplants into Laundry Basket
Duck Walks Across Wet Concrete
Glider into Tree
Moped Rider
Guy Flies off Launched Snowmobile
Guy's Head Gets Stuck Between Train Doors
Crowd Gets Hit by Firework Embers
River Zip-Line Tree Branch Fail

Which is your favorite so far?!
David Michael
the ford was being driven by a texting driver, and his last text before the hospital visit was "i hear ford has a new heated bumper for the winters, to push it off the road, in-case i break down again honey".
isaac thesiow
Who paused at the girls panties at the first part??? Don't lie....
Farihah Hisham
Farihah Hisham
3:08 that grandma is to heavy
Keshav Mishra
6 .08
Jack Metal
6:10 Had me crying with laughter xD
Alyson court as The real Claire!
That one biker in blue got by a bike. Ouch.
shodan zuniga
the sea lion is not fail it could have won the grandpa is fail.
shruti shah
holy shit what kind of a music festival?!?!
vlogs for vlogs 912
Some of the fails in this video is scary
Nesta mlambo
When you try to run away from school
Valarie Malaer
who thinks at 2:33 that that was so cringy
Oisin Maher
That's a nice car 12:51
Are they idiots or what??
Sophie Le
The first ones kinda sad
Ben Watts
not fail!
Joseph Perron
That guy trying to do a flip with the schedule was not a fail
Andrew Colin
0:05 when you are at a hotel and you need a water bottle and you are suprised of the price
12:17 Real life has different physics than COD.
11:36 when I try to make a tin foil boat
no way
The 4 last minute was so good
( . Y . )
Kids are so fuckin annoying
Vattana Ou
I’m so scared where a few trees down on their car
Killergamer _hq
Outro song?
Shortys Gaming H2O
8:55 mins in😂😂
Merick Holt
547 R.I.P. dog 🐕
Sebastian Ramirez
6:43 I actually felt that a little bit
Zane McGhee
Very few of these are actually funny
MrMatth 95
9:00 I will think twice after leaving a video.
Ivan Spanko
I like when girls talk " i make pooldance, is only sport for me" - and in every f*cking video is every girl half naked and wear high heels
Isaiah Cervantes
Siscar Pedro
Rockstar now sponsors bicycle races???
Ben Schamp
When you recognise where the man really hurt himself and feel special
Matthew Baker
im tired of the dumbass cowbells i hear at races
OTC Gamer
Nice! Next you should make almost epic saves and then they actually fail! :D
emmanuel John
0:45 lucky that a Bear speaks that language.
Emoji Girl!
T. Lol_*
06:52 made in chine
Paul Martin
I'm surprised that pole dancers still don't get their poles REALLY attached to the ground. And the ceiling.
Leila Baker
The first one was actually horrible and sad
Mike Philip
Sorry John I haven't Seena
Mike Philip
What do you say when John Cena can't find his wife....
ISqeedx YT
11:50 Misson Failed We will get the Weed next time
ISqeedx YT
Any1 here from 2017?
Adam Jr Auerbach
2:35 The brother wanted her sisters to just shut up lol what a savage
I meant 0:03 OMG 😮
0:3 OMG
Song name please 7.00
Dash Nkls
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