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The story of one man's unshakable belief in himself and love for his family. 
Watch the official trailer of Tubelight.
Produced by Salman Khan Films, starring Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu and Sohail Khan, Tubelight is directed by Kabir Khan. The film will release in theaters this Eid 2017.

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Mominur Rahoman
Banti Barman 7694957335
He Salman
kuddos Kuddos
place riles the movie
Shabnam Idrisi
Arjun Sinha
Salman Khan to remove andpoprr to hear from them and the room is to remove and dispose and flim Tubelight
Arjun Sinha
The same and send you very soon to remove and dispose and the same Day shipping and handling to the room
Sylu Star
oh my god
Zaid Haris Rao
Iโ€™ve watched Tubelight today and cry ๐Ÿ˜ข on no stop
Shadab Ahmed
Souvik Mukherjee
lajabaaabbb film sir
Naman Dalal
Worst acting by salman khan
Rajinikanth Prince
kya hogaya sallu bhai
awesome trilar
Harsha dancer rizo
Peter Parker
Great movie nice story but some people don't like this movie becz this movie is not spicy entertaining movie .
vivi liu
beautiful movie,watched without subtitle.very emotional towards the end... indeed No-one wants war, peace is every step...this type of positive media influence needed~
i watch tis movie
10 times besti movie
I am Glibster
The Entertainment Channel
Sharjeel Akthar
motherfucker rapist sala
mohammed abdul Quader
Boss, gollar gollao liya udhar, hope you will give us smash hit with pitbul
Que pelรญcula mรกs mala, es lo mismo que la basura de Mi nombre es Khan.
Arif Shaikh
Srk b acha hai lekin Sally Bhai ka jawab nai
ู…ู„ูƒ ุฎุงู† ู‚ุฏ ุนุงุฏ ู…ู† ุฌุฏูŠุฏ
homemade films
2:08 shruk khan ???
pooja singh
Salman Bhai aap Sabki help karte hai, mjhe bhi apki help ki Bahut need hai, kya aap meri help karege Bhaiya, Main Apko response ka wait karugi Bhaiya..
immi emmu
Salman khan movie leave your brain home and watch the stupidity.
Muhammad Febriansyah
this movie make me cry
Sunita Nirala
gta 5 gta 5
Tuljai Multiservices
its wrost movie of salman i have seen
Sagar Maskey
Nice movie
Andy P. Hoffman
Yeah this movie was great. All the critics can go to the BMV.
Upendra SIngh
Steven Lee
Indians lost this war! Long Live China! Long Live People's Liberation Army! My grandfather fought in this war and shot over 300 Indians and received a medal. Proud to be Chinese and grandson of a Hero!
Aijaz Ali
Salman ji me Aap milna chahata hu
Nidhi Goyal
I love this movie.โค
Amay Editz
This movie is even worse than Finding fany lol
Dibya Raulo
I saw srk in 2:08
Srk the best than salman
Ubed Khan
Love This movie I see this movie 4 time
Bantu Yadav
bahut mstt movie h..
Altaf Hossain
Yogesh Dalya
เค…เคฌ8qxqbl,เค•เคฌเคช เคซเฅเคฏเคก
arnika Kabir
bhaijan i love your all the movies you are the best actor in bollywood.There is no one who can beat you.plz give us such good films.Love from Arnika to salman bhaijan from bangladesh
Mahesh Soma
bakavash move
Rehab Ward
i will never watch tubelight cuz i will definitely cry after watching this
yaay 2.08 the king khan finally appears hehehe....
samrat dutta
ghatiya flim aur ghatiya actor of all time hindi flim industry.
Nabid Aziz
worst movie ever....waste of time
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