One Of These James Comey Explanations Is Not Like The Others

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Someone in Trump's administration contradicted the White House's account of why James Comey was fired. It was Trump.

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Youare the weakest link, goodbye.
God I loved that reference
Benjamin Dover
"Magically delicious."

...You've gotta be fucking kidding me John. Please say something relating to the joke, or nothing at all.
Pio Day
Trump is just... This is... Nonono...
Christian H
I am from Germany and since The_Donald is your president, I follow the news about him quite frequently. And the best way to do this is (by far) to watch Stephens show :)
Fatima Mendez
Those dance moves!!! Come to my wedding!!!
Stef Koch
oh Stephen , i love the fact you laugh at your own work!!! Your on fire , yaaaa, yaaaa.
I had nothing to do with it, I swear...
I tried to enjoy this but I couldn't crack a smile at all. it's the same tired jokes and insults since June 2015. everyone just laughs along because they want Colbert to be relevant again or they just spite Trump.
Frank U.
you are awesome!!!
jacob parkes
KNews & Entertainment
The President of America is now just one big (or several thousand) joke. It still amazes me how you went from Obama to...this!
Luluș Ione
I am (non american here btw) confused. Are those things he really actually said? Because ...then he is such a caricature!
cuckdogs, all of you
Mike Wazowski
Drumpf is an orange ass crack clown
John PLS SHUT UP. "Magically delicious" isn't Captain Crunch's slogan. At least get it right if you're going to break out in yelling fits
Audrey Scott
Man I love this dude!!😂😂😂
Cory Steed
Senility must be like a 12 year-old girl, lmao. Go prime the pump.
Liam Twomey
Little known fact: General Tso, Colonel Sanders, and Captain Crunch all enlisted at the same time; the former's much more rapid advancement was a great source of tension among the three.
Nag Rajan
What is the reference to Mulaney's speech at 4:50?
LordDragul Smitty
chocolate cream pie... he's apparently literally screwing black people
Trump is freaking child.
Lasanya Dish
stephen is dah best...i'm glad he's beating out Jimmy Fallon
William H. Baird
Brilliantly funny!
...except that General Tso WAS a real guy... I like Colbert but do your research; that joke was just embarrassing
Dolce Luxe
"Tell me more tell me more did you have lots of fun?

Tell me more tell me more will they kill Kim Jong Un?" 🤣
Tyler McCaig
magically delicious...
Sandra Walker
Beto Fernandez
this made me laugh so hard I couldn't stop
Beto Fernandez
andré popovski
😂😂😂😂 the entire segment was so funny. But I lost it when he started singing 🎵tell me more🎵😂😂
Ray Quinn
commander and child. it's funny because it's treason!
Ray Quinn
Republicans are abandoning ship. If you're smart you would do the same. Or you can go down with your turncoat cowardice Trader draft dodging bankruptcy filing con artist. AKA Orange twitler
Trump's words about meeting the Chinese sounds like a first date. :S
richard ramfire
Colbert is brilliant. Please dont stop. Forget the winers on twitter
Ralph Bernhard
See Mr Rosenstein...what happens in the jungle? You get thrown to the lions...
Carol Vogelman
How sad and frankly depressing it is to read a video header referring to "childproof your house" and just assume it refers to our president now occupying the highest chair we have!
We need a Colbert song-and-dance compilation. It's too good :).
My question is, With the workout routine he has with his constant mental masturbation, how does he accomplish it with such tiny hands? Is it always his hands on approach or does he outsource?
Myfujacc Myfujacc
I always thought that G.W.Bush was the most ludicrous president in US history.
Turned out I was wrong, Trump can beat anyone.
No wonder neo-soviets pushed to get him elected. Sad
Bruce Cameron
Who will be the last republican standing?
Seth Friedman
Trump fired Comey for not going after the criminal psychopath Hillary Clinton.
Seth Friedman
Why is SC afraid to debate Alex Jones ?
donneRak 1080p
i dont like liberals either but trump is horrible. i hope he gets impeached asap
3:15 Lucky Charms are magically delicious...
Brandon Hall
I understand that youre a comedian and that this is the late show, but you should consider mellowing the satire in your monologue just a tad. People do take you seriously and you do present facts sometimes
Trump did make up the the phrase "Bigly"!
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